Hotfixes -- Updated March 12

goes through forums and sees new hotfixes thread.

Clicks on thread and holds breath while reading

Sees that there is still NO class tuning

Yo Blizz, get off your lazy butts and do your JOBs ffs.
I can’t wait for Ashes of Creation to launch so I can be done with this game for good. I quit BFA but decided to give Blizz one more shot, i can now see that I wasted my time.


Maybe they are saving tuning for a hot fix/content patch hopefully?

That isn’t an excuse even if thats their plan. Makes entire specs/classes useless for a whole patch and Tier. They need to fix it now. Next major patch is like 2 months away at best. prob more like 3-4 months


are we getting any class/spec tuning? i can’t play this dam game as assassination


Amazing. I’m not sure why i even open their hotfix posts anymore since they prioritize such important stuff. I know why cause I keep waiting to see “we fixed our major screw ups we left in since beta and sorry it took so long but were lazy”:

  • Venthyr followers more powerful so they don’t need to be 10 levels higher than their quest

and most importantly

  • legion raid scales properly given it’s two damn xpacs ago and people want to farm transmogs and mounts

Doesn’t matter much anymore as sub is cancelled and have only a few weeks left on it. With them completely screwing me over for my entire christmas break plans to alt farm legion raids I think I’m over this game. Even if they ever do get off their asses and fix post squish scaling the way Ion promised why bother sticking with a game he’s only gonna screw up again next expac etc etc.

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The Torghast Bolvar quest catchup isn’t working. I finished rescue Jaina on an alt and Bolver doesn’t offer any follow up. Logged out, rezoned and everything.


That may be intentional. The notes say some of the weekly delays were removes, not all of them.

Still no PVP tuning. I’m starting to look at other games at this point, I enjoy shadowlands but I mostly PvP, and specs are way too busted right now. I keep updating general everyday to see if there’s a new hotfix for pvp and it’s just dead silence. Even frost PvE dps is terrible. Cmon blizzard, post some pve/pvp tuning already jfc


How long can you kick the can on actual class tuning, specifically pvp? Make sure you commit resources and manhours to things like pet battles and torghast abilities though. This is low hanging fruit, address things that actually matter.


Soo any class tuning incoming? Frost Mage is really bad in PvE and I have one finger on the “swap to Fire” button but had held onto hope that Frost would be addressed. Only thing holding me back is the fear of swapping Covenants and then there’s a tuning pass (and that I invested a lot of Soul Ash into my Frost legendaries). I really don’t want to switch Covenants given how much effort I spent overleveling my Venthyr followers to actually do missions. I will if I have to, I just would like to know if I have to…


He’s not wrong about wanting those specs nerfed in bgs tho and the pvp gearing sucks rn but it’s doable at least it’s better then boring pve but it could be better

so we are not getting any class tunning?
I guess it’s time to quit again :person_fencing:


Don’t forget the part where you nerfed the Night Fae power combo of Dreamweaver and Ardenweald Trappers into the dirt, now Dreamweavers buff has a four round cooldown and the Trappers has a whopping six round cooldown.

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Daily update on the latest hotfixes… and again… no update on Legion scaling.

I guess Shadowlands was a bit worse off from a month behind schedule, eh? :roll_eyes:


They just need to adjust the dmg modifier for legion raids - even if they over do it and they felt it was too easy, better than ignoring it and punching everyone in the face with their lack of acknowledgment.


Can Blizzard please make Legion raids easier for level 60s?
Shadowlands maxed characters should be bulldozing through Legion content!


Hear me out #blizzarddevteam, a few solutions to frost dk woes especially in pvp to help be competitive with this fast meta:

  1. make obliterate only cost 1 rune
  2. baseline 5% ability damage increase
  3. frost strike cost 15 runic power (or keep it as it is but make it same damage as obliterate)
  4. wraith walk baseline on a 45 second cd
  5. make pillar of frost a 30 second cd
  6. addition of a frost version of execute that costs 40 runic power per use and hitting the exact same as warriors execute, then allow KM to actually proc as a free execute (on a 50% reduced chance from current KM procs, then also change the obliteration talent to have a 50% chance to proc an execute instead of 100% during pillar of frost) instead of a guarenteed crit on obliterate

why haven’t druids and paladins been nerfed yet?


realistically the class with the ability “Execute” should be doing more execute damage than any other class