Horrific Visions Updates Coming with Weekly Maintenance

If there’s no cap on the number of vessels you can have, there doesn’t need to be an increase in the cap of coalescing visions. With portal rooms in Dazar’alor and Boralus getting to the Heart Chamber is extremely easy.

What they were getting at is the bag space the vessels currently take up. Hopefully they’ll be stackable after tomorrow’s maintenance.

Edit: Got logged out right after posting this comment and I come back to find it has the edit flag on it, lol. So here’s an actual edit. :stuck_out_tongue:

Can you improve the rewards from the bonus events in the invasion area, i feel 12 visions for doing these is such a low reward and often time not worth doing, also fix the ulduum accord paragon cache turn in, as currently there is no1 to turn it in to get the loot box and chance at rank 4 breath of dying ess.

I guess I don’t see a scenario where someone is running out of bag space from all their vessels and hitting the 25k cap at the same time. Unless they’re skipping HVs because “Stormwind is hard.”

Increased drop rate and unlimited vessels are likely intended to get players using the keys and running HVs more frequently, not for players to bank up 20 vessels for the weekend or whatever.

If your goal was making tedious things a little less tedious… congrats, I guess.

Next time, though, please try to make the busywork a little more fun, okay?

well looks like way less grind and timegate… interesting even tho my cloak is only rank 6 since I returned 4 days ago, looks like positive changes.

In fairness, Stormwind does suck compared to Orgrimmar.

Speaking for myself, I’ve only run the Horrific Visions if I have to for the ranking quest and/or spend down my vessels. As the unique flag is gone, the latter is no longer an issue (thank goodness).

Been a rough ride this xpack on QoL. Really glad to see this. It’s a decent start but a lot of other QoL needs to be addressed heading into SL. Thanks!

Are these still a thing? I really hope they are

Also, can we please get the cap on Coalescing Visions removed too? There’s no point to capping the currency when the keys are uncapped as well. Also also: Make keys stack plzkthx.

PS: VERY nice changes. This is an extra 1.17 keys per week, and as such, you can now push 6 keys a week!

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At first I hated Stormwind, now I like it. I have no issues doing either vision with my fury war or ele shaman.

All great steps in a positive direction.

Any chance the vessels can become stackable like potions?

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SW is definitely harder than Org though, especially the boss, but they’re both still not that bad. A handful of specs can already full clear 5-mask, probably any spec if you’re geared and good enough.

Can you guys please do something about the loot from horrific visions? I’m tired of getting the same dang boots over and over and over. How about adding in some trinkets, rings and weapons?


Every dps class and several tanks have now done it, also from a danger perspective orgrimmar is harder than SW. SW is tedious and some things take time / patience, but nothing’s going to kill you. Can’t say the same about Org.

Just the type of game play that works for everyone, huh?
Horrific Visions.
Don’t like 'em.
Proving Grounds 2.0, with SOOOOOO much more RNG variables attached to them. Those of you with good gear and good DPS have fun. I’ll just kinda hangout where I’m at cloak level wise, just like those buffs/perks offered on the ship. Got to the section that requires you to complete Island Expeditions and reached my end-game with that as well.
I’m not saying to lessen the difficulty, I’m just saying that some carrots aren’t carrots to everybody. And the more I go chasing after ones that appear to be tasty, the more bitter they taste from having to get this so I can go do that, but I can only go do that if I have some extra of some other things to help. Chasing the chase.

I was only concerned with comparing the difficulty / explaining people’s feelings that SW is more difficult. I genuinely enjoy both for the dfferent challenges / optimisations they present. In describing Stormwind as “tedious” I was more trying to put words to the feeling those who dislike Stormwind get as they traverse it, and in some way sympathise with those feelings, whilst also trying to separate that from difficulty.

Don’t do what you don’t enjoy, and since that’s something you sound like you’re already adhering to all I can say is keep at it and keep doing the things you do enjoy.

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Haha, for me it’s legs. Full clear, 445 legs. 1 mask, 450 legs. 2 masks, 455 legs. Got several 445s that could use upgrading, but since I also got 460 legs from both heroic Wrathion and Skitra this week, legs aren’t one of them.

Ah well, hopefully better luck tomorrow. Rings/trinkets/weapons added would be nice, too.

Itd be nice now that we can obtain more to have the vision keys become stackable. With bags filling up with multiple sets of azerite, consumable, various crafting or quest items, free space is a hot commodity. Now that we can hold a non-finite it would be nice to get them stackable.


Great, now make them stack!

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This is great, but you guys need to fix these quests!

Spending 30 minutes looking for that last cache or that last elite mob is complete garbage.

It is far too common to get stranded with that last key objective that ends up just wasting a whole bunch of time, and then I just end up dropping it.

Enough is enough, these quests are literally broken some days.