Horrific vision changes (THANK GOD)

Removing the Vessel cap is probably my fav change, just wish you could stack them so they didnt took space, but hey really good change


Why would you make a thread about the thread Blizz made instead of just commenting on the thread they’ve already made about it?


Because this way the comments are guaranteed to be read, rather than perhaps read and perhaps not in the endless commentary of a “blue post.”


I hope they make essences account bound next week just for the reaction


“Thank god” isn’t necessary commentary from the peanut gallery. The thing about stacking is the, like, 4th comment. It’s just a “look at me” at this point.

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Cause that would mean im following logic which is against the rules of the general forums

How you like my completely stupid reason?

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i was just talking to the guildys about this. The Hearth Of Azeroth level w/ essences should be account bound. lets get a petition going to make this a reality.

I think you should make a thread about this thread. use that thread to spread awareness of this thread’s existence.


I’m not sure why they removed the cap on vials; if you have 5 then it’s clear your not running the visions and letting you have more is just kind of a waste.

Idk maybe some people dont like one of of the visions, or the afflix of the week so they are saving them for the next one, or they dont have to time to use them at the time

But at the same time it doesn’t make sense to let me people stocpile them ad nauseum, particularly when people are going to be looking at at least 2 every tuesday by just spending an hour or two on the invasion points and trading the wakening stuff for another.

Pretty much this. If you make a post any further down than post 11 you might as well write it in your dream journal instead.

Post #12

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Or you can avoid the content and just do something else.

The fact the highest ranks no longer require an obscene amount of ribs is my favorite thing

Encouraged me to try riskier mask runs

Actually, storing Vessels is better in the long run, because for later cloak levels, you need many full clears just for one upgrade.

Not really full clears since you dont need to get the main boss

Yes really full clears because you must do every side-zone.

But not the main boss, which is part of a full clear


Unless they change it the last ranks ask you to do Lost areas, not the main boss