Horde Que Times

Link me actual data that horde all experience 90 minute BG queues like they claim. Not a few screenshots here and there, but “actual data” that you seem to be fond of.

I mean is the blue post from blizzard themself not enough? Surely they must know what they are talking about, lmao.

The first statement they said they saw bg queue times go way up, they are the ones with the data so they must know, lmao.

Yes they are. And they are the ones who added looking for dungeon midway through wrath because their data showed that players did not like waiting around in capital cities trying to find tanks and healers.

So, your point?

LFD is just as vital as same faction BG due to player demand. But of course, horde have to cry for it in TBC Classic before it will happen. :wink:

what about rogues on either faction trying to get in groups/raids

IKR? Buff rogues in PVE! Horde, we need you to crusade the forums for blizzard to fix rogues!

I agree 100%, I found this weekend was fun to play this game again with decent queue times for BGs. Now it’s back to ridiculous queue times again.

I have already removed my subscription payment, if you re-enable this, I will continue to subscribe, otherwise it was fun while it lasted.

An alternative is to give horde a free faction change so we can keep our characters and maybe balance out the servers a bit.

You just keep deflecting and not responding to the point I’m making. Same faction BGS were added to TBC Classic so players can actually PLAY the game. LFD Was added in Wrath, not so people can play the game, but as a convenience. You can call this same faction bg change a convenience all you want. Fact of the matter stands, you CANNOT play pvp with hour long queues. You can’t. Goodbye. The end.

However you can play dungeons just fine, thousands of players do dungeons every day. “bUt I’m WaItInG 90 mInUtEs FoR a TaNk” Play on the plethora of medium+ server populations then because there are only 4 servers that have a low population count.

You know what i told my children when they created a problem for themselves … solve your own problem and quit asking others to do it for you when there’s a solution whether you like it or not.

Nothing was stopping you from playing the game before, not even the long queues. You could do any number of things in game instead of standing in front of the battlemaster. Just because you play the majority faction which largely outnumbers the Alliance when queuing doesn’t mean you should also have the same speed of queues.

No, LFD was added so more players could do more dungeons… just like HvH for more Horde to do more BGs.

Yes you can. You just don’t like waiting.

Except you’re whining about waiting in a queue but now tell others not to whine about not being able to find a group.

Maybe you should have rerolled Alliance if you wanted fast queues? Oh wait, Blizzard favours the Horde.

Also, plenty of those servers are Horde dominant so the minority Alliance faction is still small.

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Wrong. You most certainly can. There is a lot to do in TBC besides BGs. You can do all those things while waiting in the queue. Same faction battlegrounds are completely a convenience (for horde only), period, the end.

False. You can’t do dungeons or raids while waiting in queue, what if the queue pops in the middle of the dungeon. Oops sorry guys oh well gotta take the queue? Most rep grinds involve doing dungeons so that applies to that statement. I mean you can try wpvp but it kinda sucks rocking my 60% flying speed mount, can’t even catch a player on a ground mount lol.

Read and re-read Espuria’s post until you comprehend it. Espuria has much more patience with pedantry than I do and broke it down quite well.

You can do everything in the game except a dungeon or raid while waiting in the BG queue.

My years in customer service dealing with stupidity and entitlement has trained me quite well to deal with Horde players.

I don’t know about you, but I work for a living. Coming home and only being able to play 2 bgs a night because I’m sitting in queues the entire time before I have to go to bed is not playing the game.

Expecting fair queues for a game you pay for is NOT an unreasonable assumption.

You guys said the same thing so that is my response to that.

It never takes 90 mins to find a tank

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I don’t know about you but I work for a living. Coming home and only being able to play 2 dungeons (if I’m lucky, usually 1 or none) a night because I am sitting waiting for a tank or healer the entire time before I have to go to bed is not playing the game.

So do I. I worked full time while dealing with 6 hour queues during Classic launch. It’s not hard to find time to prioritize, and it’s not hard to understand there are downsides to playing on a mega server - and on the majority faction.

It’s your choice to sit in front of a battlemaster instead of doing any number of things while in queue.

You pay the same amount Alliance players play, why do you get preferential treatment but we don’t?

Farm, or do anything else that doesn’t require a group.

According to Horde players the sole reason they ganked and camped and controlled the world was to get honour.

Because you’re really bad at speaking for yourself.

Absolute lie. Sometimes you cannot find a tank at all and have to abandon the hope of a run, at all. And you know it.

Less patience for pedantry. I already explained it. Google the word and you will see what I mean.