Horde Que Times

Can’t play the game once again. Hopefully, the test gets implemented full-time here shortly. Best change blizzard has done for TBC and the reason I decided not to quit the game. Like others, I can’t afford to sit in 90 minute queue times while working full time and having other life commitments. BEST CHANGE EVER! Please add it back<3


PVE players can’t afford to wait 90 minutes to find a tank so they can do dungeons. The work full time and have other life commitments.

Blizzard needs to fix this immediately by adding LFG.


Hopefully they are working on an actual solution that lowers Horde queue times without costing the game an entire faction.


Your tears help supply the Alliance


LFG won’t solve your waiting on a Tank issue. Dual spec would be best.

But if you’re looking for a real equivalent to try and troll with, you’ll want every DPS to get a tank spec.


My tears end up supplying the endless camping and world pvp that the alliance suffers due to horde having these que times. Alliance literally cant even quest because they are being farmed for honor. This change is good for both factions. I have an alliance alt which is 63. I couldn’t even move on a 50-50 balanced server without being ganked and being forced to go into a dungeon. This problem is on both sides and is single handedly the result of long que times.

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You chose poorly.

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you can still reroll alliance and do a bunch of pvp with practically no queue times at all.


Absolutely wrong. Cross realm LFG in retail works just fine and DPS queues are rarely longer than a few minutes.

Blizzard needs to fix this in TBC.


Thank you for your cooperation.

Complete overexaggerating in attempt to make your point. The longest time it ever took me to find a tank was 30 minutes, it’s usually between 10-15min and I’ve done a lot of PvE.

Disclaimer: This will probably not be your experience if you have a low population with your faction on your server.

Yes, because your personal experience mirrors that of all the other players in the game.

PVE players just want to play the game. Blizzard needs to fix TBC by adding cross-realm LFD so they can run dungeons without having to wait.


They definitely were getting shorter with each expansion from what I remember! I highly doubt Classic has the same portion of the trinity as Retail, though, especially without dual spec or whatever you call what Retail has.

I love LFD, you meet a lot of really cool people.

Plus, no walking to the dungeon.


No it doesn’t. But 90 minutes? Come on dude that is such crap and you know it.

Also I can throw what you said back at you and say your personal experience of 90 minutes isn’t replicative of other people as well.

Citation needed.

LFG shoulda been in actually upon release of TBC classic, as it was introduced in TBC. Blizz is working on some changes to that original LFG b4 releasing it in TBC Classic.

I’m talking about LFG dungeon finder that was added in wrath.

That’s because you are horde

It really doesn’t bother me. Give Horde the queues back as long as they make it somewhat equitable for both sides.