Horde Que Times

I’m Alliance and i’m for this change. Don’t know what the holdup on blizz’s side is all about.

Agreed. Which is all horde have been doing, demanding retail changes in TBC.

And it worked.

So the moral to the story is, play horde, complain incessantly, and blizzard will add retail changes just for you.

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Exactly…the taste-test is the hook, and now every single horde PVPer knows how yummy instant queues are, and no longer have them, yes, they’ll be willing to pay for a transfer. I kind of expect a free transfer window, but to places you wouldn’t want to go! haha so yeah, you gotta pay for primo real estate.

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According to the Alliance complaints the last few days, lowering Horde queue times are unacceptable. Horde has to have longer queue times than Alliance or it will “cost an entire faction”.

The same faction BG queues are what you call, a quality of life change. Letting those of us who work for a living a chance to play PvP. You can’t get home from work and queue for a bg as horde, it’s unplayable to wait an hour for one game. So blizzard made a change to let those people have a chance to be able to play the game.

Retail changes are the god awful gameplay changes that I would never agree with, ability pruning, simplifying of classes and abilities, borrowed power, removing pvp vendors for a cash grab and then finally reimplementing them, or just down right handing you things. There’s a big difference between letting people play the game and removing half your abilities to give you the dumbed down baby version we have as retail today.

And we both know blizzard will NEVER do the right thing and do FREE faction transfers for a limited time because that will make them no extra money.

In before some idiot tries to claim transfers and the like cost blizzard money to execute. Just FYI they don’t.

So you agree that Looking for Dungeons and Looking for Raid should be added as well.

yeah man when i saw them announce the boost, I knew they’d have some kind of follow for their cash shop. They did this crap at the start of other expansions, too…i can’t remember which, but it was like they overtuned the F out of dwarf racials, everyone rolled dwarf, and not even a month into pvp season they nerfed them hard and buffed horde…and we all xferred from horde to alliance and back to horde.

Please quote a single person making this argument. Alliance are angry because the solution benefits one faction at great cost to the other. There are better ways to lower queue times for Horde.

Fully agree.

either transfer to alliance for BG ques or go back to retail. TBC does NOT need to implement retail changes. that is why most of us are in classic to begin with b/c blizzard has dumped so much crap into retail it isnt fun anymore. every single horde player wanting to PvP knew EXACTLY what they were getting into. you would have to be living under a rock to not know about horde versus alliance PvP and the huge que times horde gets. dont ruin the game for one faction just to appease the retail crew. they can go back to retail if they want those changes.

No because that is a handout, more retail garbage I don’t agree with. Yes and you will probably say “bUt SaMe FaCtIoN bGs ArE a HaNdOuT”. No it’s a system change that lets people play the game. You can play the game just fine by running to the dungeon, that does not hinder your experience as a paying customer.

System changes that allow customers to play the game they are paying for are fine in my eyes.

To which benefit are you referring, I wonder? Could it possibly be lower queue times?

Such as?

Like Looking for Dungeon and Looking for Raid. Or do you mean that only pvp players matter?

Well if you had read what I said, you can play the game just fine running to the dungeon yourself. You can’t play the game just fine by sitting in a BG queue for an hour.

That was WoD, man what a crap show… funny how people remember WoD PvP fondly yet at the same time it was so crap because it was not only a buffs / nerfs rollercoater of a crap storm, but it was 100% the most horrid slew of nerfs / changes to classes I have ever seen.

Their justification was “we have too many keybinds and people don’t use these spells”

And I was like “then don’t bind the stuff you don’t use ya idiots”; I didn’t say it so nicely originally and got a long vacation for it.

Something I have noticed about the community now days, and it’s probably always been this way to some degree…
Players don’t actually care about the state of the game or other classes or anything that doesn’t directly harm their enjoyment; they are strangely scheisty over it and when you discuss the roots of the problems that are oddly simplistic to fix / eliminate they freak out.

Example, I play the two most powerful racials for a rogue; will of the forsaken and perception, they are kinda game breaking in their own way; sure there is a margin for countetplay and I’m adept at that because I know the limits of the abilities and how to play them effectively in a few different use strategies to force my enemy to use CD that I want him to spend or to land kills that would honestly be very difficult without… anyway, these are things that could be removed from WoW and would not harm the game, I’m willing to give them up because I understand they are actually the source of problems that extend far beyond the alleged flare they add to the game; call it a butterfly effect or whatever, but it’s the small things that seem to make the bigger problems… so subtle the little things are; and I suspect blizzard knows it and manipulate those forces…

Everything from the broken longer than stock OOC timer to the global I need to wait for Cloak to work, to the fact that racials are creating issues no matter how small and seemingly insignificant to the mega servers creating a culture problem, to CRBG will fix faction stacking, to layers are the answer!

Mismanagement at every single level; and what’s funny to me…

More care for class and game mechanics are given to the game on private servers… Vanilla Classic has / had issues 100% and blizzard is kinda sorta started to admit to mechanics errors in Late game Vanilla Classic as well as TBC beta long after the community straight up told them they got it wrong!

Example, community told them they got frost nova and roots wrong and blizzard said “nah” and the fan boys were backin them hard core… after months of hounding they “found the error”

Turns out their foolproof scripting to translate the database to retail lingo doesn’t work all that well… you can see the errors easily when you play private servers because the TBC / Wrath private servers had suck PvE scripting but their PvP was spot on; no one cares as much about class mechanics working properly as a PvP player… sure there are some nuanced PvE guys but they are rare birds indeed.

Anyway the private servers are actually really good for PvP, I played on the Wrath servers and TBC servers while playing original TBC and Wrath because it was a good way to test out gear and items and re-spec strategy without spending tons of gold, the know how I got from that testing 100% translated into retail TBC and also Wrath back then. It was a very nice tool to have because it removed a lot of guessing and mistakes made in theorycraft; and the best part was I honestly couldn’t detect a difference between the private and retail games of the day…

Fast forward to modern days and there are some sharp difference between the OG client on private and this clown show; but hey I can adapt and have, tho it’s annoying to me when I see people’s blind backing of the blue that’s obviously rooted in their own strange fears and selfishness.

Sorry for the long discussion; wasn’t meant to be so, just is.

Running to the dungeon does absolutely nothing without a tank and healer.

That is so random and off the point lol.

How so? PVE players can easily wait 1+ hours to find a tank, if they find one at all. That prevents them from playing the game.

Blizzard needs to fix it by add cross realm looking for dungeon.

We’re back to this again lol. Link me some actual data that this happens on a consistent basis and I might believe it. Otherwise we are just back to our personal experiences with that to which I say, I doubt it.