Horde Que Times

That sounds like a you problem, never have that issue myself. Most its ever taken me is maybe 30 if there was no guild tanks on.

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I’m done going in circles with you. I’ve ripped you apart time and time again but you don’t listen, you deflect, and you are uneducated to the point where you can’t even refute my main argument. Good day.

I’ve had a great day. About to log into the game and do some battlegrounds with my instant queues.

Alliance get fast queues too what do you mean? Also alliance paladin’s got seal of blood.

Why do I care about farming? lol

Yeah that’s so easy to say for you, our situations are entirely different.

Considering your server is at least 42% horde instead of zero or 1 percent horde, you might not have that problem. You do know that there are other servers, players, and experiences besides your own, right?

Wait. you probably don’t. You think your myopic experience is reflective of the entire player base.

please buff rogues, I cant afford to wait 90 minutes to join a group just to be kicked due to rogueism, this is seriously ruining my game experience, all i wanted was to play with friends…

Ah ok, we have someone who buys gold. Now I’m starting to piece it together.

Thank you for confirming it is indeed, a you problem.

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You could have at least google the words before you responded. I would have waited bro.

What really upsets Alliance more than anything is that they won’t get to run constant premades against Horde pugs any more.

I just ran one.

I have been telling my friends all day just wait a little longer they will implement it. They’re saying nah were out. This is so dumb to implement it and then take it away.

Oh so there are Horde pugs then, that’s kind of weird because all you people have been whining about on the forum is that every Horde group is a premade now.

What exactly do you mean by “you people”?

We get fast queues but a much lower winrate. We got SoB, you got Seal of Vengeance - it was a mutual trade off.

If all you do is play BGs, maybe you should have gone Ally.

Why? Six hour queues are longer than one hour queues.

Nice meme.

I meant IRL situations not in game situations.

Had I had known the queue situations would be like this, I highly would have considered it. I did not play very much of vanilla pvp, mainly because there were no arenas and since PvP was my main activity it was a big turn off. It wasn’t until I went through the god awful leveling experience to 70 that I realized bg queue times were this atrocious. So you can see how rerolling was just a big slap in the face with the limited time I have. I had also seen many popular streamers and complaints about the queues and I thought blizzard might do something so waiting to see if they addressed the issue was smarter imo.

fast queues with lower winrate is still more honor per hour than waiting an hour to win 1 game, and winning that one game was still a gamble because I still fought plenty of alliance premades that were almost always instant losses.

They just xfer off and you get a dead server

I agree they should have tried one way Horde to Alliance faction changes first. I’d even be willing to pay if I had to. However, I don’t believe that many will be rerolling just because queue times have changed. Just like most people aren’t rerolling Alliance just because of queue’s. It’s a huge grind that the average player isn’t doing over again.

We both work full time. I don’t have kids, if that’s what you’re referring to.

I’m not sure if you read the forums prior to this, but it was a very common thing to see Alliance players warning Horde players of long queues. This happened all over the internet on various platforms for discussion.

The resounding response from Horde players was, “BGs are irrelevant and don’t matter in TBC”. Whelp.

The blue honour set is actually not that good, and high end PvE gear can matter more for burst comps. Keep in mind that while we play more games, we lose more games - much more. The occasional premade you run into doesn’t change that.