Honor Requirement Changes for Specific Essences

We’re currently working on a hotfix to update the Honor requirement necessary to unlock the Artifice of Time, Blood of the Enemy, and Sphere of Suppression Rank 2 and 3 Essences. We are in the process of applying the hotfix to make the following changes:

  • Artifice of Time, Blood of the Enemy, and Sphere of Suppression Rank 2 now requires 10,000 Honor (was 15,000 Honor) and Rank 3 now requires 30,000 Honor (was 50,000 Honor).

  • Developers’ note: We fixed a bug that incorrectly allowed Honor rewarded from quests and mercenary mode bonuses to contribute toward the “Battlefield Brawler” and “Battlefield Tactician” achievements required to unlock these Essences. To account for the quests and mercenary mode rewards no longer contributing credit toward these achievements, we have reduced the Honor amount necessary to earn these Essences. Rank 4 for these Essences will remain unchanged. Players who are now at or above the new Honor value will need to earn some Honor for the achievement to update.

As always, this change is a work in progress. We’ll let you know if we change plans, and you’ll see the final adjustment in the final hotfix notes.

Thank you!


I think this is a great idea and is much needed! thanks blizz.

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Great response to the situation!
Will still end up being quicker, which I am in favor of, as this is one of the longer if not the longest rank 3s in the game, right?

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think you guys can make a solo q for pvp islands? IMO that’s the most painful thing to get for blood of the enemy


If it’s to account for the bug fix why would rank 4 not also be nerfed? Makes 0 sense. Another example of Blizzard making a good decision just to stumble on their way there.


Thank you so much!

Because rank 4 isn’t a necessity. It’s just cosmetic stuff to work towards.

This is great, thank you!

It is not. This is just a grind. Most rank 3’s are straight timegated e.g. Ripple in Space requires 5 weeks worth of Call to Arms quests.

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Ya, sorry I mean to say that per hour of effort, this is the longest one.

This is punishing for exactly the same reasons that spurred you to make changes to Rank 2 and Rank 3. I understand Rank 4 is cosmetic, but this is in effect a change that punishes players that would start pursuing it later this patch or in the next patch.

This kind of stupid line drawing just makes the developer making the decision look fickle and like they’re trying to look a bit hardcore about this. It just looks needlessly arbitrary.

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Rank 4 means nothing though.


How about making essences more alt-friendly? I’ve barely been playing alts this xpac because of the essence grind required…


Maybe I’ll finally be able to get a group to do those PvP Expeditions. :sweat_smile:

No one wants to do those.

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It means something to some people, otherwise it wouldn’t even exist. There’s no logical reason to exclude it from this fix.


I have 4800 honor and that took me forever lol. 50,000 honor seems out of reach for most players i would assume.


It may mean something but gives no tactical play advantage.

As has been said, that doesn’t change the logic of applying the fix to it. They’ve taken away a big source of honor for players, this punishes anyone pursuing this rank who didn’t do it before.

Simply because they address the most important ranks that give tactical advantages doesn’t mean they should be praised for stopping 2/3’s of the way when changing a simple number for Rank 4 would have provided a total fix for all of them.

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Agree to disagree.