Blizz 8.3 Response to Essence Grind

I think this is all I have read so far in the last 8 weeks. Please let me know if there are more. Alone neither of these things are great. Together makes them more effective. But is this enough for our community?

From what I can tell the more recent changes are based on the idea that it would help players transition from 8.2 content to 8.3 content. This did not come from a desire to make having alts more friendly for this expansion even though that is a side effect which may or may not be significant enough for you or me. So I still have concerns for the future. What do you all think?

Personally I support this other posters ideas.


I think Blizzard is stupid on this matter. I think alts should have had a bonus catch up to half the time required to get them on alts…see MoP reputation bonus and Valor Cap Bonus.


Considering the massive amount of crying over essences, when in essence, it’s the only grind because gear and neck level are basically handed to you in this game…Of course it’s not enough, people want 445+ ilvl, level 70 neck, and rank 3 essences handed to them on a silver platter when they log in.


Why. You have/had no bonus catch up on gear and set bonuses.

That is a good option and I do wish they added that. Personally I see it like this for essences:

  1. Reduce the essence grind by 1/3 for every character that has a rank 3 essence. Basically meaning that once you get 3 characters at rank 3 everything would take 1 week tops to obtain. This is only for essences. So If you have 2/3 characters done it would take about 2 weeks tops (2/3 less needed for rep). So that you still need to farm but the overall benefit is that you would have an alt buff once you do the grind 3 times that is account wide.

  2. Rep Tokens/Tabards

  3. Flat out account wide (however Blizzard have already stated that they are totally against this)

My biggest issue with this is that once you do the same content over and over and over again you just want to play with your friends doing the things you and your friends enjoy. Having these essences time gated and my play time forced to a daily grind in a part of the game I do not enjoy…away from my friends… that is what I dislike about this. People do not like to group up to farm world quests for 8 months. People do not like to farm islands for 8 months. Sometimes we just want to pvp or M+, or Raid with each other. Yet this initial daily grind for power in content that is not challenging taking my entertainment time and giving me time watching paint dry for a premium of $15/month.


Making them account wide in 8.3 would be too-little too-late as they probably will end up like the Legion artifacts in 8.3.5


I disagree. Shadowlands wont come out for 8-13 more months. That means that we can have a year of a better game.


8.3.5 is literally less than half a year away from when 8.3 comes out.

Correct but 8.2.5 did not mean the end of Season 2. Just like 8.3.5 will not mean the end of Season 3

Yes I do…it’s called being in a guild that has an alt night…walk in…walk out with gear.


I did the nazatar raid a few times and ended up getting a rank 3 essence for every spec even healer which i never even touch, didn’t really seem like it was hard at all.


It will be when EP is no longer “current content” and most groups will just dry up. You hardly see any groups for BoD even though that can drop a mount on all difficulties.

They made the rank 3 Rep essences come from Revered rather than Exalted.

You know what Revered is compared to Exalted ? Half.

As in : Half the time, since it’s half the rep.


Except it’s not just for alts…


And ?

It’s still half.


it’s not enough to make me unshelve my alts, no.

I refuse to rep grind on alts. I will happily and without complaint do it on my main, but I’m not doing repetitive dailies on every character I might wish to run m+ on. So, they’ll sit.


Cool you entirely missed the point.

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He isn’t wrong, the amount of rep you need from neutral to revered is 21k in total (3000+6000+12000 = 21000). The amount of rep you need from revered to exalted is 21000, the same amount of rep from neutral to revered. So the time required to get rank 3 of the rep essences is half. blizzard is also reducing the amount of mats you need to buy them as well. Mainly the mechagon ones.

Note that rank 4 is still from paragon chests since they only provide a cosemtic upgrade.

But out of curiosity, what was your point?

He wanted it halves for alts on top of it being halved for mains. Meaning : It should be rank 3 at honorish for alts.

AKA : they give an inch, ask for a mile.

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I think that alts are not mains. If you want an alt equal to your main then put in equal work.

alts =/= main