Honor NOT being calculated 3-8 AM

I’d like to apologize for being incapable of formatting this in a more legible manner. Hopefully I can get all of this information across.

My friend and I have done a bulk of our play time during the hours of 3-8 AM PST. After much perceived loss of honorable kills disappearing and achieving extremely sub par honor returns every day and after weekly roll over.

I then proceeded to catalogue my honorable kills and honor gains.

My hypothesis being that in the time frame of 3-8 am there is a period where any gains are not being accounted towards weekly standing.

My findings are as follows.

Daily and weekly honor resets are happening at 3 AM.

3-7 AM I had achieved 47 HK totaling 3800 honor.
7-9 AM I had achieved 36 HK totaling 2800 honor.
12-7 PM I had achieved 196 HK totaling 7400 honor.
(All of this honor was calculated including diminishing returns)
Now if I total all of these honorable kills and honor together; 279 HK 14000 honor.

Now what happened during reset time of 3 AM you may ask? My total honorable kills were reduced to 213 and honor 9075.
Obviously 3-9 AM period had rolled over an extra hour but let’s still go with those numbers anyway.

Let’s take my total 279 HK and 14000 H and subtract my numbers I have gained during the period of 3-9 AM, 83 HK 6600 HONOR we arrive at:

196 HK 7400 HONOR.

Now obviously as previously stated I had gone over the 3-8 AM period by an hour with this sample. But it is closer to what was returned on reset than what I had gained.

Then subtracting just 3-7 AM gains leaves us at:

232 HK 10200 HONOR.

Even closer to what was returned after roll over.

I believe there is something wrong in the code in regards to when a day ends and begins. As current reset time for dungeon/raids is 8 AM, where as the old reset time and also the current honor roll over time is 3 AM.


agreed. i’m missing quite a bit of HKs/honor, from what i assume is during the early morning period based on the first post above. it can’t possibly be a diminishing returns issue, as i’ve been roaming various zones and never killing the same person more than twice, yet at least half of my total HKS are missing. FIX YOUR GAME please!


Definitely not a diminishing return issue. That would effect honor totals but would have zero impact on the hk total.

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For over a week between the hours of 3-8 AM PST every single honorable kill including the honor gained has been lost.

Now with two whole days of simply refusing to play in this five hour period, my honor is magically all accounted for.

This is still not fixed.


EXACT same situation for my group. Last weeks honor only calculated HALF total, every night honor resets to zero, we play between 2-10am at this point PVP is completely broken for my group.

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Yes this does appear to be my issue as well. I have lost kills (and honor of course) on a nearly daily basis. I do get a portion of my hks during the early morning hours. The loss of those kills could very well explain what I appear to be losing in my totals.


This is it. This is why we arn’t receiving honor during the night! I CAN CONFIRM THIS.

Incredible detective work, now to get a blue to see this.


completely ridiculous.


I have seen kills go missing but I don’t know if this was the cause. It quiet possibly could be.

This needs to be fixed, people who pvp during a certain window every day are completely screwed over and it’s ridiculous that these kills aren’t being counted.

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Yep, those of us who were trying to rank and on other timezones have had our entire progress deleted.

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the question is, if that data is lost, how do we get compensated? average honor per hk or the full solo kill amount? I know for a fact at those hours my kills were mostly 1v1s.

I don’t think anyone’s lifetime hk counter is bugged. should be easy to restore right?

We dont. Blizzard are sticking with “Its a display error” Its clearly not a display error at all. Spam the bug button until they fix it or it makes half the game unplayable.


I was wondering why my Honor estimates were so off constantly as I mostly play late at night. I was not getting nearly as much honor as I should have and when I would wake up early and play during the day I would get almost triple the honor.

I’m so glad someone figured this out. I’ve been having the same issue and that’s basically the only time I pvp. Something interesting I did notice though, my Lifetime HKs contains about all the kills I’m missing from my This Week’s and my Last Week’s kills added together. Where ever could they have gone? :thinking:

Can confirm as a player who’s timezone is mostly between these times. It hasn’t been recording at all during those hours.

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This makes a lot of sense I’ve also noticed this but hopefully when the end of week calculation is done it is correct.

I logged on a character on another realm for 5 minutes killed a mob and now my correct honor is showing i believe. worth a try

Omg i thought i was going crazy. I am having the same issue.

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Same issue from my last 2 week vacation in Japan.