Honor nerf by a factor of 10?

“dude this is bull. its going to take like 90 hours for 2 weapons. 90 hours in 2 weeks? little off the mark.”

90 hours of honor farming in 2 weeks is essentially like having 2 jobs for the next two weeks, why would anyone want to grind 90 hours of honor only to need to grind 60-70 leveling, the grindy grindy mess this game has become, oh lawd

That gear is not for your new alts to get a weapon for their quests, rank 14 gear is only for the most dedicated players. People spent months playing over 12 hours a day to even have a chance of obtaining it, and you want to grind it in 2 weeks. This is classic bois return to retail if you want to be spoonfed.

try harder next time

You understand how ridiculous that is? The gear wont mean sh*t in two weeks. Who cares if everyone grinds out leveling gear…

No, because people did put an enormous effort for that gear, it should be special and rare always, regardless of the stats, I tought that´s why we played classic. I do understand your point tho, but I don´t think its healthy for the game. It shows no respect for the people who did put in the effort.

lv 11 sure is hard

I just dont understand why you guys play classic if you expect everything to be easy and doable in 2 weeks. Even back in WotlK rank 14 gear was a pain to grind… And made no sense stat wise

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on og prepatch was easy and doable on its 5ish weeks to get a semi full set
but now even with 2 weeks a single piece is gonna take so long its just not worth the effort


It´s never been worth the effort. That´s the point / A friend of mine did grind that set in the original TBC prepatch, man he played every single day for weeks and I dont think he got the weps.

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Thats a flat out lie. Back in the day I was able to average a piece a day at least.


There were actually quite a few people who farmed the entire HWL/GM sets in vanilla prepatch. With this “hot fix” it becomes almost impossible to even farm 2 1H weapons, or 1 2h wep. ESPECIALLY considering we were given significantly less time to play this patch as compared to its original vanilla counterpart. Overall nearly killed the reason so many people had logged back on and were concurrently queuing…


Completely agree. This is beyond nerfed

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this is so sad im about to ask for a refund


Agreed! Honor absolutely needed a nerf, but factor of 10? WAY TOO MUCH BLIZZARD! Factor of 5 would have been more reasonable

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Blizzard fix honor !!!

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its take like 33hour of arathi basin , if you win them all ! to get 20k honor and buy the high warlord weapon ! good luck !!

Way to ruin the game. Explains why we have less ppl in bgs now.

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nerfed the amount of BGs running by a factor of 10 also. or more LUL

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“dude this is bull. its going to take like 90 hours for 2 weapons. 90 hours in 2 weeks? little off the mark.” - Fállén

You’re correct Fállén from Area 52, Blizzard is way off the mark on this one

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Any time I’ve mentioned the shortness of the pre-patch I’m met with torches and pitchforks. Ya just can’t win around here :frowning: