Honor nerf by a factor of 10?

Any news on blizzard addressing this issue? If not I would like my money back from subbing early for pre patch…

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and a refund for the bait and switch boost


I’m getting around 220 honor for winning AV. It takes around 20k for each weapon. Each game takes around 15 Min’s plus a 15 min wait in queue that’s 30 min’s for one game meaning you’d need close to 100 wins “WINS” which equals 50 hours of str8 pvp just to buy one weapon…!!!


lots of my guildies are now canceling because of this, pvpers got screwed by blizzard and so did casual gamers.


I literally couldn’t agree more. i was looking forward to running bgs and getting decent enough gear to go into TBC with… But bend me over right?


Norunkai fair comment but a 90% nerf…911…Fun police here(Andycloud)"Yeah lets stuff up a fun patch that lots of people took time off work for…beep beep beep"Sir are you still on the phone?

Wait for the class hotfixes on top of the honor nerf plus the Classic trinket hotfixes.Blizz dropped the ball on this one


I remember showing my buddy my HWL set during prepatch that I farmed having never been higher than r8 in vanilla.

The first thing you all fail to realize is that this “nerf” was not put in place to spite the players. It was put in place to mirror how the honor gains were back in TBC. Just look at clips from back then and you’ll see very similar low honor gains. So while, yes, it was a nerf… more importantly it was a FIX.

The second thing is that tbc prepatch is NOT there for the purpose of people getting geared af and leveled to 60 by the time June 1st comes around. And this #somechanges have greatly benefited belf and draeni players… back in original TBC you had exactly 0 days to level your pallys/shams before tbc launch.

I swear tbc is currently full of retail andys who are used to Blizzard catering to their every single slight inconvenience

Which part of me agrees with the honor gains being similar to prepatch we also had 42 days then vs the 12 days now on the prepatch to expect to grind the same gear we farmed back in the original prepatch which yes its still possible just 3x harder than it used to be.

You’re glossing over the fact that there were multiple weeks for us to farm that gear. Prepatch has been ~13 days. Your argument goes out the window when you realize that fact.

No one is asking for welfare epics. We want a fair remedy.
Within the first few hours many players were able to honor cap and will take that honor for level 70 gear. This is going to create a huge imbalance for people that werent able to take advantage of the pre-nerf honor gains. I dont want their honor taken, I want the chance to catch up fairly. “2x” honor is a spit in the face.

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Even if you have no life its completely not even close to viable. Like, I play WOW a ridiculous amount and its way over my head. I cannot understand how someone thought “100+ hours for a weapon in a video game… sure this is fine!”
This is one of the worst oversights (or moments of incompetence) from blizzard in a while.
Boost honor about 500% for the rest of the week and save some face with your customers.

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