Honor nerf by a factor of 10?

Show footage from a private server? T4, watershield, etc. Certainly isnt anywhere near TBC pre-patch.

this is even more proof they don’t test or play there own game.


Either way, even if the values are correct, we had 6 weeks (can look up the dates of the original pre patch on wiki) of pre patch back then to grind it out.

We have 13 days (or less if you count the BG crashing). It is not feasible.


The Honor nerf is a new thing introduced by blizzard, which never was part of original vanilla, never was part of the original pre-patch or during TBC launch, hence the absurd amount of marks and honor you need to buy gear was put in place just for a reason like this.

The argument to that people farm it more than before is invalid because you have the same kind of people today as back then who farmed the gear just like people do today, the only difference is that it’s easier to communicate and bigger of a community.


It not free… You still have to grind… stop being a troll… this forum is to complain about Blizzards power choice on Honor and your opinion is invalid… Blizzard is wrong… that is the only opinion… You can get 30 marks in 10 match’s… but the honor required to get gear would take you 100 games if you win each game assuming… Why even bother… I remember getting a few pieces before TBC playing casual… You would have to grind every minute of every day and you wouldn’t be able to complete a set… This choice is why Alliance has PREMADE AFK lose groups and probably why the horde are camping starting zone NPC’s…

want to skip the grind?
No problem!
just buy the HONOR BOOST only $9.99!!!


I bet blizzard stopped all the honor because they weren’t making any money off it… I wouldn’t be surprised if they do a 100% Honor boost for 30 days micro transaction… In fact I almost guaranty that is what we will see…


This makes little sense for Blizzard to nerf this. It’s not like their usual MO of artificially making the game last longer like in other aspects of retail (we’re all still going to be waiting on June 1 for launch) so it’s not helping them that way. This seems to incentivize boosted players to buy gold and get gear from GDKP runs in raids because they’ll never be able to get decent gear for leveling in Outland from PVP in less than two weeks. Kind of makes removing the honor rank for gear irrelevant.

The answer: I won’t. See y’all in TBC, because there’s no point trying to gear my shaman in BGs now.

Blizzard you need to buff this, your players were excited to have a week+ grind to get ready, now we are all annoyed at you and dont see a point in playing prepatch!

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Agreed, this honor nerf is a real dampaner on an already short/rushed pre patch experience. It was a lot of honor before the nerf but did it need to be nerfed by 10 times? Seems excessive for obtaining PvP gear that is going to be replaced when you hit 70. The epic PvP set / weapons is AQ equivalent which means by the time your 67 you will have almost replaced every piece. But than again I’m really not surprised by this, just disappointed. Guess I’ll hit that naxX GDKP instead…

“this is even more proof they don’t test or play [thier] own game.”


Blizzard CEO: Lets wait until the end of the day so all the nerds purchase the boost and store items, and then nerf the honor gains!!!
Gross Blizzard Employee Who hasn’t showered in 16 days : FANTASTIC IDEA!

-This is how i imagine it, lets hear your takes:


I pay 15$ a month to beta test a 15 year old game I feel like a chump :frowning:

then show what it was

yeah and you are forgetting you can continue to play classic forever unlike the past where it ended.

Alright buddy maybe calm down a bit. They messed up with the honor but nobody should lose their income for that. You realize developers have families to take care of?

Not gonna lie, this is pretty crappy Blizz

Well its rank 14 gear, even with the nerf this is like 5% of the actual effort it took to get that gear.