Honor nerf by a factor of 10?

dw im sure its all correct based on their reference client



But that’s just it. I wouldn’t be surprised if honor is correct now, but back then they gave us more time than they are giving us now. MUCH more time.

time for what free rank 14 gear?


It’s not free if you’re grinding the honour. It’s just not unhealthy to try and get a few pieces, except with this honour gain.

LOL yes because 170 hours is free. GTFO

I got the tiger in my first ZG, but because I was raiding I guess it was not free.


what should it be then? i didnt know the pre patch was meant to be deck out in rank 14 gear.


Similar to the previous prepatch. That’s all I’m asking at least.
They gave us a long prepatch that allowed people to spend their time gearing up for TBC release.
I know because I specifically remembered doing it.
Make it half of what it was before the fix.
Because at the rate now, if you play horde you would have to farm AV at a 50% win rate for 170 hours, so if you began right now, bout 12 days! That’s over 14 hours a day. . . Mind you, that’s JUST for the weapon(s) Not the set. Just the weapon(s).
And that hours per day for 12 days is the same rate if you were starting from honored going to exalted for the winterspring mount in Vanilla which is known as one of the largest grinds in Vanilla.

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You’d have to be really sweaty to get that much, but what does it matter? Prepatch also didn’t let you level Draenei/BE, didn’t let you buy a 58 boost, didn’t give you a store mount, and we didn’t have all the changes between 2.0 and 2.4.3. It was also 6 weeks.

What does it matter if people get a bunch of R14 gear? It wouldn’t even benefit me.


what should it be then?

I already answered.

Even then things would take a long time to get, but a LOT better than before. That would turn weapons down to 34 hours instead of 170 for horde.

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ok thx for the info. i didnt know the pre patch was meant to be deck out in rank 14 gear for TBC content.

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Half of what? you didnt answer it

Well here’s the thing.
It wasn’t “meant to” do it but it changed how honor/pvp gearing works before TBC launched. Thus it allowed people to do exactly that prior to TBC. People like myself chose to spend time getting the gear rather than preparing alts for TBC or enjoying the prepatch content.

“what it was before the fix”?
That’s 5x what it is now.

what? you never showed any numbers what so ever.

keep trolling, good bye.

lol the salty tears. remember when you tell players “mabe the game isnt for you” guess what right back at you. You all cleared classic quick and bragged now look alittle difficulty and what now its overtuned for you now lol You wont stop playing so stop crying

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show something like this. you type a bunch of nothing.

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its ruining the game


none of that is even from prepatch so its irrelevant

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