Honor cap from rank 13 to 14 is 419000 not 500000

Everyone gets a trophy.

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What nekrage isnt getting is that the cap is designed to limit progression at whatever point on the curve they desire… Currently that is a cap of 500k to limit rapid progression from rank 10-13. The purpose of the cap is to limit rapid progression not to determine the minimum required…at rank 13 you have surpassed the portion of the curve they have artificially limited with their desired cap as there is now only 1 more rank of progress to be made. THE CAP IS TO LIMIT RAPID PROGRESSION TO ADDITIONAL RANKS SO WHY WOULD YOU HAVE THE SAME CAP WHEN THERE IS ONLY 1 MORE RANK TO GO?


The ‘cap’ in vanilla pvp has historically referred to the amount of honor one needs to get their maximum progression for that week.

Stop, you’re spitting too much logic for him to grasp

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and it still is… for rank 10-13 its 500k now. and for 13 to 14 its 419k. 13-14 is limited by 3 weeks duration of 419k and 10-13 is limited by 500k maximum. If someone is arguing that its too easy to hit 14 then the argument should really be focused on the minimum. If someone is arguing it is too fast to hit rank 14 then they should be focused on the caps. They could make the current cap 10 billion and it wouldnt change the fact that you can hit rank 14 eventually by hitting the minimums each week, of which the last minimum is currently 419k


Or they could make the cap 500k as stated.

13-14 could be:

  • 4 weeks of 419k honor
  • 3 weeks of 500k honor

However for plenty of reasons discussed above, those are not what is seen.

I just don’t understand why you come into a thread that is 100+ posts and claim ‘What nekrage isn’t getting’ and then proceed to give a unrelated rant of information that he definitely is aware of.

If blizzard says the cap is 500k and players at 13-14 (which should be by far the hardest grind) have a cap of 419k - then the issue should be raised.

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No one asked.

Get back into the snow mines.

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13-14 could be 4 weeks of 419k, or 3 weeks of 500k, or 3 weeks of 10 billion… they picked the numbers and made the curve haha. people just dont seem to like the fact that the highest cap is currently set to limit progression at lower ranks. Nekrage has stated many times he thinks this is “not working as intended.” All of the provided math would suggest this works exactly as intended. Their intent can change at any point though and one day they may decided the minimum at 13 should be 500k or 750k or 1 mil.

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That is the same thing as he said. YOu just restated it in a different way and are oblivious to this fact.

Can you stop talking about things you obviously don’t understand? It’s 2 weeks at R12 with 500k cap, 1 week at R13 with 500k cap, and 1 week at R13 with 419k cap.

It takes 2 weeks at R13 to get to R14 so the total honor required is 919k honor.

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yay someone else noticed

That is just the semantics of having landed in the higher percentage of rank 12s before entering into the 13s. It has literally nothing to do with the weekly caps. Still 8 weeks minimum of reaching a cap in either instance

It’s not semantics. It’s how the system works if you are doing max honor each week.

You are talking about thinks you don’t understand.

It takes 2 weeks to go from R12 to R13 minimum
It takes 2 weeks to go from R13 to R14 minimum

rank 11 and 99 percent with 500k gets you to rank 12 and 74%. 1 more week gets you to 13… it therefore takes 1 week to go from 12 to 13… see the semantics?

Not anymore they hotfixed this bug.

You don’t understand what you are talking about. Just stop it.

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got a link to the fix?

It’s literally stickied bro.

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then post the link here since i cant find a word about them altering the rank 11-13 progression

unless you are referring to the dishonorable kills which has nothing to do with the math lol

It was fixed a while ago. See Sept 8 hotfix.

You are behind.

The change has the effect of making R12 take 2 weeks and R12 take 2 weeks.

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that LITERALLY has nothing to do with caps lol