Honor cap from rank 13 to 14 is 419000 not 500000

Look if you don’t understand something you need to stop pretending you do.

There is literally a ranker addon that says what I’m telling you. Download it and have fun being proven wrong.

I’ve also done the math in a spreadsheet.

yes we all have ranker. and ranker lists the caps out as blizzard created them… the dishonorable kill change did not alter the caps for any rank

Read this…

*Developers’ note: In higher ranks, players have been intentionally earning dishonorable kills to lower themselves below their current rank threshold in order to gain credit for an additional Rank, thereby allowing them to gain progress more quickly than a player who is just above that next Rank threshold. You now first earn up to the amount you’re missing from the Rank you start in. There should no longer be a benefit from lowering one’s rank via dishonorable kills to earn progress more quickly.*

You can’t use the bug anymore of being slightly below R12 to get extra credit and get more progress.

They specifically fixed that bug.

It’s not possible.

You are wrong.

i read it. the cap for anyone in rank 10-12 has not changed from 500k despite that change correct?

No one ever said the cap changed.

The final R13 cap is 419k because if you do 500k you go over R14 CP by some amount which is not needed so you can just do a lower cap of 419k.

The max cap is still 500k but you just don’t do 500k because you don’t need to.

Why is this so complicated for you?

rank 10 and 0% with 500k takes you to rank 11 and 74%. Rank 11 and 74% with 500k gets you to rank 12 and 74%. rank 12 and 74% with 500k takes you to rank 13 and 34%. using ranker CURRENTLY

You don’t do 500k at lower ranks either bro. You don’t need 500k until like R12.

go plug in the math for ranker right now starting at 500k rank 10 and 0%

you will see you enter rank 12 one week and are 13 the next…

ok you lost me here. 500k gets you extra progress at rank 10.

You can not start a little under R12 and get extra progress anymore. They literally fixed this.

It’s a minimum of 2 weeks at R12 and 2 weeks at R13.

not according to ranker… lol

No it doesn’t. YOu care capped. You progress is just based on how many ranks you earned that week.

So Frost, just curious, are you arguing that the system is working as intended? Or arguing that it’s not?

go into ranker right now and test for yourself

It’s working as intended.

I don’t have to because I understand math and you don’t.

So at Rank 13 33%, 419K each week is intended? If so, that’s great!

Yes it is. Well it’s 500k the 1st week and 419k the 2nd week bro.

jesus man, you told me to use ranker and now you say its wrong.

All I needed! Thanks