Honor cap from rank 13 to 14 is 419000 not 500000

This is no secret anymore. Chances are they will ‘fix’ it with the reset tomorrow so make sure you hit that 500K. I sure did.

no it can not be done in 8 weeks even if you cap every week 9 is the min

its the same time 3 weeks for both

Ranker is showing 2 weeks at 12 and 2 weeks at 13

Yep, but the last week is 419k cap not 500k. I don’t see the issue. Who cares.

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According to who?

according to who?

The meta will keep being AV because the average player doesnt wanna deal with premades. Specially wsg premades, they far from anythign remotely fun, several terrain exploits, some still hiding behind the bases, an absurd amount of gimmicks and consumables.

WSG can be extremely unfun, i did hate doing it while grinding to rank 13. I dont blame anyone whom just prefer the afk pve race as bad as it is.

Seems to me like if it is 419k for r13 to r14 it is because the expected honor for a person at r13 is 419k so it gives you your bump in CP if you achieve that. Because there is no rank higher than 14, you cannot get an extra bucket.

This is counterintuitive because when you are r12 you need to get the r14 expected honor to get the honor from that bucket, which is 500k.

Which is to say you get your current next rank (r+1) bucket if you exceed your current ranks minimum expected honor. In this case r14. But you get your r+1+1 bucket. when you exceed that ranks minimum expected honor.

That or it is an off by 1 error on some array :slight_smile:

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I think it’s because the buckets were supposed to be used as a mechanism to stop people from progressing too quickly at lower ranks as opposed to being a barrier into r14 from 13. That being said they should have made the CP gains more linear so that 500k isn’t pointless in R13.

So this makes sense to you? Lol.

It’s 2 weeks at rank 12 and 2 weeks at rank 13.

I don’t see an issue.

Why does it matter if the 2nd week at R13 is slightly lower cap?

Are you this bored and out of content that you have to post about things that don’t matter at all?

Its because you’re comparing apples and oranges.

You’re looking at caps when the issue you have is with the minimums.

What is the minimum at rank 10 11 12 13

If you are Rank 13…your cap is 419k. That is the CAP. There is nothing more to gain by going higher.

It takes 2 weeks at 13 to get to 14 bro.

So the cap is actually 919k.

Simple maths.

Please answer the question.

What is the minimum honor needed at rank 10 11 12 13 and 14

Can we just remove the PVP rank requirements altogether and allow everyone to buy r14 gear? It’s already a joke with the 500k and now it’s a 419k cap. Might as well just start handing it out.

So your source is yourself? The current calculations work according to the original numbers from Blizzard.

Imagine thinking this is expected behavior? Laughable.

I mean it is, they published the math for it.