Honor cap from rank 13 to 14 is 419000 not 500000

As if the honor cap isn’t low enough, it seems it may not be working properly from rank 13 to 14.

We have players posting screenshots of 419k honor and obtaining the maximum CP towards their rank.

Any planned fix for this?


Why am I not surprised at at all.



I was 11 @ 40% and got 470k and am currently 12 @29.8% If that was the case and i didn’t need to get 500k I would have been at 64% by the calculators.

Or are you saying specifically if you are r13 there is a difference and you only need 419k once there?

Correct. It’s ONLY for rank 13 to 14. So the honor cap actually drops to 419k.

So rank 10-13 is actually harder than 13-14.

Obviously this isn’t working as intended.

I can’t help but laugh at people that want to keep this hush hush. I see it in every game, every alpha and beta test “don’t report this so we can abuse it when the game launches”.


Who are you talking to

You obviously.

You’re the only one with access to fix this. Any plans?

Like most here.
Screaming into the void.

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Explain why you care, I’d love to hear it :rofl:

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It’s a bug. It’s unintended. I report bugs so they get fixed.

That’s all.

" :rofl: "

I don’t think we know if this is a bug. I think there is actually plenty of data this is as intended at every other rank. At every other rank, earning the amount of CP equal to that rank still shows you making progress instead of staying flat. Earning the minimum honor for you current ranks CP is enough to get you to 0% of the next rank.


It’s a bug.

The system is designed to increase the cap as you progress through the ranks.

Why would 500k be the cap at Rank 10, 11, 12 and then suddenly drop at 13?

reiase the cap back to 2million.

put some hair on your chest amirite


Somehow this isn’t even slightly surprising…

Smol company from indiana


Its painful to see.

tbh its still a degenerate system that requires quadruple the amount of hours vs what it takes to gear pve.

They should lower it to 400k tbh

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I can’t believe people are asking for it to be lowered instead of increased.

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well my good fellow. Majority of adults work full time. With the ques the way they are right now you need to spend over 8 hours per day to cap.

In fresh? Okay it probably should be 500k because ques for everything will be popping like crazy. But av que was 15 mins for the majority of today with almost every game being 20-25 mins. Do the math.


Nekrage is a streamer, he gets more content with higher caps.

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