Honor calculations

Damn, why can’t we have more posts like this? This is a great example of how a lot of things should be addressed.

Thanks for your work on fixing it, means a lot to a lot of us.


What you did not state is whether or not you’d recalculate RP from week 1 on. Some people missed out on Standing 1 because of this error.

Doesn’t really matter if you put the kills and honor back on the tab when the weeks have already been processed. And I know you aren’t going to go reprocess them from the hellstorm that would be people complaining about losing rank.

TL;DR: Your RP up to this point that was lost to this error is still lost unless they recalculate all previous weeks of honor (protip: this means people will lose RP and cause a s*** storm, so they won’t).

Everything else in that blue post is pointless.

So are we getting 3 weeks of the UNCALCULATED honor given to us on Tuesday? Stop being so cryptic blues.

That’s certainly a relief. Back to poopsocking.

Can you fix the bug already? mages are blinking when they have silence and stun at the same time

Please do not calculate the missing honor right before a reset. Rankers among servers are working together to rank more efficiently and to avoid drama.

Yes people deserve their missing honor, but not at the risk of ruining a community organized system. Give the honor people deserve at the beginning of a fresh week, not the end.

Thank you

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I’m a ranker and have been completely screwed by the missing honor. I’m missing 50k at minimum. Terrible idea.

Everyone I know stacking brackets doesn’t want this right at the end of the week. You can screw over more people at the end of the week than the beginning of the next.

This is true. The change needs to come for next week. This week is beyond repair.

Nah they don’t need to cater to people worried about brackets this early in the honor systems life, fix it asap

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So what about all the honor that was missed out in the previous two weeks?

Your honor is gone. Whatever they re-add will only be cosmetic on your page. The last 2 weeks have already been processed. Honor means nothing: RP means everything, and they won’t recalculate RP.

They won’t give back missing honor in future weeks (e.g. next week). It’s unfair to just start a week with honor from previous weeks for everyone else.

As I said, TL:DR: The RP you have missed out on in the first 2 weeks is gone.

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So the approx 50k honour ive been farming this current week that isn’t showing is also gone? Im missing like 1k hks

Your honor this week, according to them, is fine and should be fixed on Monday.

In before it isn’t.

Also if it isn’t, there’s no way they’re going to go back and recalculate week 3, so that’ll be 3 weeks of RP RIP.

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ah sweet, yeah my first few weeks seemed fine actually just noticed basically ever time i log in today the number has changed each time and its missing a truck load.

Ranking on Horde Skeram must be so difficult! It would be a shame if your ‘system’ (LOL) got screwed over!

Will the honor/RPs from first 2 weeks be restored?

This is impactful for a lot of players who put in the extra hours trusting that their work will be reflected in the weekly standings.

The miscalculation affects not just this coming 3rd week but also the first 2 weeks since honor system release.

missing over 60-70k honor now, it just keeps climbing, I really hope you’re right blue, but in the end the system SHOULDN’T ever display the wrong info, and makes no sense how you guys broke it… The guy who knows what he is doing is on vacation I take it and you’re just stalling trying to tell us everything is okay… Some of us put in a lot of time over the holiday and to get screwed is going to be a bad day for us… Hope it has everything included by Tuesday…

For the many out there that “hate” blizzard as much as I, I wouldn’t give them the benefit of the doubt. The blue is just doing his job but all they care about is saving face to keep collecting your money.

I mean, yea you are talking about the top 0.3% of honor earners, that are colluding so they don’t have to work as hard.

And I agree with you, its better to have it on the beginning of a week instead of the end. However, 99.7% of the population just hope the fix goes thru and resolves the issue, no matter when it gets posted. :anguished:

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