Holy Priest LFGuild

Char: Shayera

Class: Priest

Spec: Holy (also will do Discipline depending on what the fight requires)

About me:

I’ve recently returned to WoW after a 10 year hiatus (quit when Cataclysm came out). Before that I was raiding in a guild called Meridian on Ghostlands (before they were on Garithos) and I had like a 99.9% raid attendance over like 4 years. I was in the main healer group and have been playing the same holy priest since like 2005.

I joined Meridian when the BC expansion came out and our guild was server first on just about every major content release. We did all the BC raids and WOTLK stuff (including heroic Lichking). During BC we were like top 40 in the world for kills. Before Meridian I was in a vanilla guild called Vindictive and we did all the AQ40/Naxx content back in the day. I was basically just hardcore raiding. I have over a year on played time.

I did a ton of PvP stuff back in the day too. Arenas I think my best score was in the 2300s. I have over 100,000 HKs on all my characters combined, and I want to get to 250,000. lol I’d probably have close to 500k if I didn’t stop playing.

I quit playing at the time because my priorities in life changed and I got burnt out of the game after having basically done raiding non-stop for 5 years straight. I’ve been drawn back by nostalgia and want to get back into raiding again. I’ve been grinding my butt off doing this LFR stuff, mythic+ dungeons, etc. just to get my iLvl up and min-maxing my build/stats.

What I’m looking for:

  • Alliance guild: willing to change servers.
  • Looking for a guild that’s doing raiding content with long-term focus towards Shadowlands. Progression doesn’t really matter to me at this point since we’re so late into the expansion.
  • Looking for guild I can grind out Mythic+ dungeons with so I can slot up to the iLvl 465+ stuff.
  • Time availability: I’m available weekdays after 7 p.m. EST on most days. Weekends pretty much whenever.
  • Optional: Wouldn’t mind a guild that has people into PvP as well.
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You may not be ready for our progression currently but we would be happy to have someone who is committed for SL!

Feel free to hit me up.

Hey we have a guild in stormrage with all you are asking Bnet Thugnificent#11223
Discord Thugnificent#2056

Hey there Shayera,

Disorientated may be what you are looking for. We currently have a mythic raid team and will be adding a heroic team for Shadowlands. Check us out and let me know!

I am the GM of Disorientated here on Stormrage. We are a Mythic raiding guild that plans on achieving Cutting Edge Starting in Shadowlands. We are currently 5/12 Mythic (achieved with only a few weeks of Mythic raiding), with sub 30% pulls on Drest. Ra’den will be our next target. Mythic raids are Tues and Wed 7-10 est. Come Shadowlands, we will be adding a third raid night for progression.

We will also be putting together a Heroic AOTC team for Shadowlands as well. If you are interested, hit me up in game or on bnet (Ryouice#11303). You can also hit up the raid leader Battleyoshi on bnet as well (Zhredder #1995). Hope to hear from you soon!


Crimson Brotherhood is meets all of your wickets but one. We’re always looking to add quality players to our ranks. We do mythic. We’re raiding right on into shadowlands. And my 135% mastery pvp set for sub would love a healer. Check us out.


good luck on your search

Vindictive is a skullcrusher based guild. We are a fun group of players with varying game interests. Our raid schedule is set on Friday and Saturday nights to work around m-f work schedules. We are a helpful group and always willing to pitch in and help others. We run mythics and keys together, but we also encourage you to play the game the way you find fun. We also PVP as a guild on Sundays.

Raid Times: Friday/Saturday @ 7:30-11:00 PM EST

We are currently 3/10N (mostly because we have only run the raid twice)

We are currently recruiting for all DPS classes (except paladins).

To discuss your application, add me on discord: Leilani#0751.

Hey we are in need of a good priest for our mythic raid team. Check us out here!

Eternal Order | Alliance | Sargeras|

RAID TIMES: Wednesday & Thursday night at 9:00 pm EST


We are 10/10 Normal and 5/10 Heroic at the moment. We will be pushing into mythic raiding at a semi-hardcore pace. We want CE by the tiers end.

Our core raid team will be pushing progression at a steady pace, but without you having to kill your schedule. We have dependable, talented core players that will help us get through the content and put it on farm mode. We will be doing normal, heroic, and mythic tier raiding.


We want 1 hunter, 1 rogue, and 1 warrior DPS and we want 2 healers for our mythic raid team roster. Other exceptional classes or roles will be considered.

Hey! We are a semi-hardcore guild that completes the content in a laid back environment while being serious-minded about progression. Mythic+ keys is something we love to do and are always looking for more players to run them with. Our guild is extremely social and we like to communicate with each other outside of raid times.


Our guild has adults 20-35+ with lives outside of World of Warcraft. Real-life comes first. We believe you can enjoy raiding without the constant activity outside of raid.


⦁ Players who bring a positive attitude to our laid-back community. We like to have fun while still being focused on content completion.

⦁ Dedicated players who can commit to long-term raiding and are able to maintain high attendance as much as possible. We understand occasional absences might happen!

⦁ Players that arrive raid ready with a strong ability to play their class, understand boss mechanics, and a willingness to improve.

Gear Requirements:
As this is the end of BFA, we currently have no gear restrictions to join


Awesome! Contact Brobøt (me) to learn more. Please feel free to reach out to us, ask any questions you may have, and find out if we are the home for you!


** Brobøt **

BNET: Br4wn#1859

DISCORD: Brobot#8506