Holding people accountable in 2019

That loot scam policy was from retail for many expansions if not all of them before BfA got rid of it with personal loot.

Comments on wowhead/thottbot from 1.12 and up to even WotLK say it was still lootable by anyone regardless of Master loot.

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I know the “loot scam” policy was in place from vanilla up to the implementation of personal loot.

We do not know, however, if that policy will be in place in Classic, especially if Blizzard did make a statement that they would not be getting involved in loot issues.

Think about it.

Even if they only took action in cases in which loot rules were clearly, explicitly and fully explained, CS reps would still need to investigate every loot ticket.

Even if they simply opened the ticket and saw that the ticket was regarding a “misclick”, they still had to open that ticket.

It takes even longer to investigate those tickets in which the person filing the ticket claims that Johnny took an item in violation of the loot rules. The CS rep has to go back and check the logs to verify if the loot rules were clearly, explicitly and fully explained. Even if the CS rep determines those loot rules were not clearly, explicitly and fully explained, he still had to spend that time investigating.

If Blizzard did issue a statement thatvthey would be getting involved in loot issues, why would they have a policy that would almost certainly require investigating every loot issue ticket to determine if that ticket fell under a very specific and extremely rare set of circumstances?

You do realize that policy does not stop the loot tickets and they still have to check every ticket. Just having a blanket statement that they will not intercede in mislooted items makes it so they can have a quick response to the ticket.

However it is dumb to think that there scam policy which has been around since launch would not apply to classic.

We shall see.

Blizzard seems to want to minimize any CS involvement in Classic and bringing that policy to Classic (especially when they added loot trading specifically to reduce the CS workload) seems counterintuitive to that goal. This is especially true when the circumstances in which they would get involved are so specific and extremely rare.

Once again, I am not arguing against Blizzard getting involved in what you refer to as “loot scams”. I’m simply saying that I would not hold my breath waiting for them to do so.

That’s for Classic, not Vanilla though. In Vanilla, the most common GM action taken was moving Raid level gear from one character to another. Constantly.

While that does not specifically use the words “loot scams”, it does seem to me to be pretty clear about non involvement.

That is just my opinion, however. Your opinion may differ.

All we can do is wait to see how far that policy will extend.

I agree. The policy will be that Blizzard isn’t trading any items. Scammed or not. Just like they typically didn’t transfer scammed items in Vanilla. Raid Loot transfers were given between two legitimate and congenial players, usually because of a master looter failure, or something else. I had one GM ask whether it was a mistake in bidding, or a mistake in looting for an item, and while it was a mistake in looting, he said he probably wouldn’t have transferred it if it had been a mistake in bidding. (The item was usable by the original recipient).

That is for loot trading… which is what you could do till the trading was implemented and what I did a few times in vanilla and tbc. Which is open a ticket and say hey I got this item it was supposed to go to X. From my experience these tickets needed to be opened by the person who got the loot.

Loot scams are different, that is a person scamming someone else which is still against Blizzard policy on the support website.

But did they give the stuff back? My experience from Vanilla was that if you got scammed, the person might get banned, but you didn’t get your item or gold back.

According to the article on trade scams they cannot guarantee item restoration, and they also make a note that “this may not result in the restoration of lost currency or property.”

However it seems like they do try and reverse any scam transactions.

The only interaction with reporting a loot scam, I got the pretty standard response that the loot rules were not properly established because they did not specify how the winner was to be determined.(didn’t say highest roll wins) so it was not considered a loot scam.

Which is part of why I want to make sure that in classic people understand what it takes for loot rules to be properly established so you have an Avenue to distbute any scams where someone took something against the loot rules that were established.

“Trade scams” are vastly different from what you refer to as “loot scams”.

I would expect that Blizzard would still intervene in the case of “trade scams”.

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yes, its allowed, grown people are allowed to decide who they play with !

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Actually that is very smart, we could make a Hashtag on IG called WoWninja and use it to post screenshots of their chars so people know. It could work you know.

“Idun ninja looted X, be careful if you decide to raid with them. Here are the screenshots.”

That is not harassment, thats a public service announcement.


If Blizzard won’t let you do it, somebody will let you do it elsewhere.

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This as well.

There will be Server/Realm Discords, and if you are on the naughty list, people will know it.

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You just justified ninja looting. This is why we have ninjas.


@ threads were commonplace on vanilla wow realm forums. Those are threads with the sole intention of calling someone out. If that’s against the rules now then trying to protect everyone’s feelings all of the time is way too high of a priority.

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BoEs are free roll, any high value BoE item if not reserved before hand is all need, regardless of who can use it.