[H][Midgard] Social/Leveling guild[CST Focus]

A handful of us have gathered together and determined something. Sometimes its hard to join and feel part of a long-established guild. We’ve met and played with some great people; however whatever guild it was, it just wasn’t “The One” so to speak. So, we decided to create one ourselves.

We’re mostly older players looking to put together a like minded folks who are patient and work well with each other. So if you’re a new, returning, or perhaps unsure of your gaming skills we could help each other out.

The concept of the guild is simple. Explore content with friends. While we’ll never be a progression raiding guild, or push high keys, we would like to experience some of that content in a no pressure, easy going manner if enough people are interested. Although raiding will never be a focus.

This way we can see some of what the game has to offer that we otherwise might not have had available.

What we’re looking for:

People who just want to play without pressure
People who treat each other with respect
People who are willing to help others

We do ask if you join, to make an effort to get to know your guild mates, join discord, and contribute feedback and suggestions. We can create and shape events based on suggestions.

Update With a new expansion on the horizon we do plan on trying raiding. This is just to explore content, not to hammer out progression. Same with dungeons. Grouping without negativity while we explore and learn new content.

What we want to provide:

Frustration free guild groups
Help and assistance when needed
A clique or favoritism free roster
Nice people gaming with nice people

To continue growing this guild will require some commitment and patience. We’re small, there might be times where you are the only one online. We don’t intend on becoming a large guild with frantic activity at all time. Rather we wish to be a smaller tight nit group where there are no strangers.

Again, we do use discord. It is where we list our events, rules, and use as an offline social hub. So to see events etc, you will need discord. However voice isn’t required if you aren’t so inclined.

Get a hold of me on here or message me with any questions. It may take until evening after work before I get back to you though. Also be patient when applying through guild finder.

Wildhunt#1445 Battletag
Wildhunt#0213 Discord



We’re still building up our membership. Come hang out with us. Roll up a character, bring your ALT’s. However you enjoy playing.

There’s 18 of us now of varying activity levels. So growing daily.

Is anyone on during the day? I am in central time zone and only play daytime

I think so, I typically only play evenings during the week but I’m on vacation this week and there were people on with me yesterday when I was noobing around! You’re welcome to make an alt and try us out. I saw you posting on the thread someone made about a girl’s guild on area52, we’re not an all girl’s guild but we do have quite a few females. We may actually outnumber the boys lol.

Oh, I don’t care if it’s all girls lol. I was interested in the area 52 because they were extremely casual as am I. I am not a raider.

It logged me in under an old alt… trying again…Oh, I don’t care if it’s all girls lol. I was interested in the area 52 because they were extremely casual as am I. I am not a raider, but I don’t want to sit alone all day in game either :slight_smile:

If recruitment is still open, I’m headed to Hyjal now with my mage. A friend of mine is on that realm and I thought I’d do some searching and see if I could make it home. I sent a friend request to your BT :slight_smile:

Still bringing in good folks. All we ask is you are kind, helpful, positive, and get to know your guildies.

I joined this guild last week and have to say its been awesome. Midgard might be small but the community is super friendly and welcoming. Its a breath of fresh air to join such an awesome guild, no pressure atmosphere. It’s been a long time since I’ve been part of something as great as Midgard, in the time of super mega guilds where you’re a number in the crowd or hardcore high pressure guilds, Midgard feels like how the community was when WoW launched. If you’re looking for a great guild to call home, come check us out.

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I’m interested! Just dm’d you on discord

I might be interested but wanted to know what raid days are you planning on doing? Right now I am available Mon - Wed and Sun. Thu - Sat I am available every other week. Here is a link to my post if you want to know a bit more about me.

Cheers! :slight_smile:

Well we aren’t currently raiding, but will do so in a laid back manner once the expansion comes. Although it looks like most in the guild want Fridays and Saturdays.

Nice name btw.

Thanks for responding Eberwolf! Yeah, I wasn’t expecting much raiding now but wanted to get back into it come xpac time. As it stands now I could only make every other Friday/Saturday if that is the direction the guild is trending. Not sure if that would be okay for you guys since I would be missing every other week.

Thanks for the name kudos! I am a bit of a metal head per say. :wink:

And an old school metal head even. RIP Lemmy.

We roll pretty casually in the guild. Real life stuff happens, so its more of a “We’re glad you made it” type group. There’s no pressure to make an event, and no judgement if you can’t. So if you can only make it every other week, then every other week we’ll have a spot for you.

That sounds cool! There might be times I can make it more often but if you guys are good with that and don’t require mandatory attendance, I wouldn’t mind giving it a go. Let me know if you want to talk in person or whatever and maybe we can hook up this week!

Very old school metal head but also love some new stuff especially more of the progressive stuff (Polyphia, Dream Theater, Animals as Leaders, etc.) but love me the old Motörhead, Black Sabbath, Dio, Rainbow, Deep Purple, Rush, etc. :slight_smile:

Add me and we’ll get you in.

Wildhunt#1445 Battletag
Wildhunt#0213 Discord

Will do! Thanks again

Looking for more with DF getting closer.

Currently running SL normals to get our fresh alts to 60. Come on in for some fun times and get the character you want to play for Dragonflight set up for the pre-patch in 11 days!