[H][Midgard] Social/Leveling guild[CST Focus]

Still looking to fill our roster for Dragonflight!

We do plan on raiding and doing mythic+ content when the expansion releases but we’re not going to be hardcore about it and look for CE or world first. So if you’re looking for accomplishment without the stress of performing then you’ve found the right guild!

Everyone here is prepping for prepatch to drop next week! Excited to try out the new talents!

If you’re still looking for a guild that is just as excited about Dragonflight as you are and plan on raiding in the future, join us today!

Whew! Busy couple of weeks. Still a good time to level up any additional characters for Dragonflight.

Hi! I applied via guild finder. I just recently came back to the game, and I am a PvE Resto Shaman. I really miss being in a group, but I haven’t done dedicated heals in few years so I have been very reluctant to join a guild or even PUG because I know there’s a lot that I need to relearn. I’d love to join you guys! Your guild sounds like a good place for me to try really hard to not let every one die!

Hey there! We accepted your application to the guild. If you’re still interested in joining, go to your guild panel and accept our invite! Looking forward to seeing you in game!

Well prepatch phase 2 is here and we’re still looking for more future friends!

Come join us for the prepatch event and to test out the Evoker with us in Discord!

Hey everyone!

Still looking for new recruits and grizzled veterans for Dragonflight!

Come join a stress free and fun environment for exploring and learning fights!

I really like your guild description, sounds perfect for how my wife and I play. I sent you a guild request on WoW. My character name is Blastaa.

This sounds like exactly the guild I’ve been looking for as a returning player. Are you guys still recruiting?

Sent a discord request to Wildhunt

We are indeed.

Happy New Years. Looking for more patient, helpful folks =)