[H][Mediocre at Best] 6/9M 2-Day CE Guild Recruiting LF DPS

Mediocre at Best located on Tichondrious is looking for more likeminded raiders to join us. The guilds core is comprised of Cutting Edge raiders. Our guild upon formation has not missed a single raid where we haven’t cleared the most difficult content available at the given time, and we are looking forward to adding more raiders to our ranks to take on the content like a well oiled machine.

Vault - 8/8M CE

Raid Days/Times:
Tuesday / Thursday 7-10PST

Currently looking for:
Tanks: N/A

Heals: N/A

Melee DPS: All exceptional players

Range DPS: All exceptional players

We’re a very laid back guild that prides ourselves on our good raiding atmosphere, we believe in creating a place where people can make mistakes without getting raged at by leadership. At the same time none of us enjoy wiping and we expect everyone to perform at a high level, applicants who are competitive and thrive off friendly competition are preferred. We’re also a very active guild outside of raid time. We have multiple raiders that are always pushing high keys and running M+

If interested, please apply below or add me using the information below and we’ll contact you.

Officer / Recruiter
Discord: tileSCUM (Preferred)
Btag: tileSCUM#1283

Remove PERIOD for .


Can I get a bump in the chat

Come join us for Dragonflight! High need for RDPS and DK.

Limited time offer to play a dragon with me on Tuesday. Reserved for the next mage or dh that reaches out to us

good afternoon I sent both people a request on discord. Would like to chat wtih you

Any ranged sweatier than me? :slight_smile:

High need for DPS with heals OS

any void tendies out there?

Still got room for solid dps


I’ve send a friend request to both discords and sent an application.

Still looking for a Spriest swing with CE experience (:slight_smile:

Still recruiting any exceptional dps!

Still looking for a healer or any exceptional dps!

Any pog dps out there?

Looking for some more gamers, healers hit me up!!!

Rashok @ 8%! Come join us and kill him!

Still looking for gamer dps to join the fun.


LF healzzzz

Still lookin for pumpers & healers :eyes: