[H][Mal'ganis]<Fallen Empire> T/W 8-11PM CST 3/12M LF core raiders - paid transfers

BFA CE guild just transferred to Mal’ganis - 3/12M + pulls on hivemind after 1st week of mythic. Our raid environment is laid back and fun. Need 1 tank, 1 heals, 2-3 dps.

BFA Progression: Uldir 8/8 CE, BoD 9/9 CE, EP 6/8, NWC 3/12

Raid times: T/W 8-11 PM CST

Fallen Empire is a CE guild from Thunderhorn with over 12 years of raid experience looking to keep progressing on Mal’ganis. We’re a two night, six hour guild so personal accountability, motivation, and focus are key for success. We’re recruiting for all roles. Previous CE or mythic experience is preferred, but any strong player is encouranged to contact us.

We’re a semi-hardcore group of friends looking to have fun while progressing at a serious pace. This is a game, not a job. That said, we look to clear the tier as quickly as possible, so we expect you to be adequately prepared, able to take constructive criticism and to conduct yourself appropriately in raid. We also enjoy pushing keys.

Interested? We’ve just started mythic progression and recruiting for core positions. Due to the unusual circumstances surrounding the coronavirus lockdown, we’re offering paid transfers for raiders to start this Tuesday, March 31.

Contact Wek at Dr. Wek#1632 (discord) or Slayna#1159 (bnet).


Still looking.

Great group - join them :smiley:

They pew pew hard

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Still looking for more! Gearing up for mythic!

Times are good for me. Here’s some info I am on mal’ganis also

Hi there, here’s a brief description of me and where I have came from.

Been playing wow since 2nd day of vanilla and have raided hardcore from molten core to uldir came out in BFA then took a break and went to pserver to get ready for classic. Played there till I got bored a few weeks ago had 4 60s with almost full molten core gear and just missed playing retail and doing 45min molten clears gets boring lol.

Retail I cleared all content at a higher than average time and most before any nerfs with personal parses in top 100 us. I have been a guild master most of my wow career on Dragonmaw and Mal’ganis.

Current characters -
I have about 25 toons over level 100. About 15 at 110 and 5 at 120. When I quit I was doing mythic 10s and 355 ilvl when that was good hah.

Shaman - 455 (main for 15 years mostly )
Druid - 440 (main off and on)

I am okay with maining everything in 15 years I have played everything at a high level. Looking for the right guild that times and days work as well as personality

8pm to 1am Pacific any day. Cannot raid before 7:30 at the earliest

Here’s a bit about me feel free to post here or add me I am looking for a home to stay till I quit wow and after 15 years not going anywhere. I am looking for semi hardcore that raids 2 to 3 days and clears heroic and pushes mythic quickly.


Thanks for reading I’ll be on all night also. Will transfer for the right guild

Still looking for more!

Come have fun with us.

Come to the great party.

Hi, I’m Paul.

Mythic is starting next week - let’s do this thang

Looking for DPS ready to start mythic prog.

Still recruiting - need a few more players to round out the team.

Come get some purples

Bumping time.

Still recruiting!

wek wek wek >w<

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