High Elf Allied Race Megathread (Continuation)


Actually I have proof it was on Sylvanas’s command.

“Baine is wary of us freeing him, as Sylvanas was expecting us and we’re falling into her trap. Sunreavers surround us, seeking revenge on Jaina for the Purge of Dalaran. However, we are able to escape.”

Magister Hathorel: Ah. Right on schedule as Sylvanas knew you would be.
Jaina: We do not wish to end any more lives. Let us take Baine and go.
Magister Hathorel: No, Traitor. Lady Proudmoore. Do you remember me?
Magister Hathorel: I am Magister Hathorel, one of the many innocent Sunreaver mages you sicced your Silver Covenant dogs upon.
Jaina: There was more violence than I had wished, but it was the Sunreavers who betrayed us, first.
Magister Hathorel: A few who were following the orders of their lawful Warchief. As I do now.

Looks like you were wrong here.


What I mean by that is I don’t think it’s likely that once bfa is resolved the Sunreavers who sided with Sylvanas will turn into some Sylvanas loyal guerilla force like the Dragonmaw Clan did for Garrosh.

Basically I don’t think they’re in so deep that Lor’themar would have to chase them down like the stasi.


So you don’t know how they will conclude this then?

Because like I said, even Lor’themar’s own words show that it may not be all Sin’dorei that stand with him. As some of the Sunreavers show, there’s some loyal to Sylvanas.


The other thing is I’m not sure how much I buy Sylvanas as some kind of champion of Death. We have an ongoing subplot Horde side with Bwonsamdi being a servant of some hitherto unseen Death boss and his attempts to convince the player and Talanji to kill Sylvanas (for a very rich reward, he offers to free Talanji’s line from their binding to him) because the undead keep souls from flowing to them.


Well, no one know how they’ll conclude it other than Blizzard.

What I’m saying is that I don’t think the divide is strong enough to create a blood elven civil war.

(Alamara) #2849

Sylvanas does care about balance, while both Bwonsamdi and Lich King do.

For this champion of Death thing, refer to my theory on Sylvanas’ endgame.


Booo, booo. Peace bad.


I could see this happening. I could see vereesa, the story prop that she is, in the process of stopping her sisters from killing each other is killed. Each sister blames the other, driving a wedge between the two. This would make the 3 sisters comic even more sad and relevant as its the last time they were together. Or maybe her death will be something that brings them together and stops the fighting


No, but it’s not just balance. By raising what she kills their souls go to Sylvanas, not to Death.

If anything she’s sticking it to Death.

(Alamara) #2853

Bwonsamdi said she takes things too far, and, besides that, she also keeps the souls she takes for her own.

Exact words:

“I be all for war and death, but dat Sylvanas… she be tippin’ da scales too far. Balance be important! Besides, dat one got a nasty habit of keepin’ what she kills.”


That’s what I mean, Bwonsamdi doesn’t look out for human or elf souls so he shouldn’t care what Sylvanas does to dead humans or elves to the point he offers his place as head loa in exchange for her death, so it stands to reason that he does it at the bidding of his master.

(Alamara) #2855

Bwonsamdi takes whatever souls he finds in his grasp. His old pact with Vol’jin allowed him to claim souls of whatever Vol’jin kills, for instance.


Do you think sylvanas would raise vereesa(little moon) as an undead… or what if bwonsamdi got her corpse first and did a derek proudmoore… so many possibilities if she dies in a silvermoon wf. Theroreitcally ofc

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Someone is eager to bait people into a pointless argument, it seems.

Ignore it.

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Guilty as charged.

(Bloodfall) #2859

Battle clashes between Helfers and anti

Reno is setting there, enjoying some pizza with his little picnic set out

Blood splills all over his food

Reno: How rude! Could you guys duke it out a little further? Not too far I wanna watch.

(Renotarshil) #2860

And be careful around the Plastic Trees.

(Alamara) #2861

I still remember people saying Vereesa was the dead elf on the burning Teldrassil images.

I wouldn’t be surprised if she ends up being the last Windrunner in BfA’s conclusion.

(Renotarshil) #2862

No reason for any of them to die.

(Bloodfall) #2863

Blood elf: sneezes

Lorthemar: Excuse me, did you just say “High-chu?” Who do you think you are? No, you know what? Get your family and get out! You are banned from Quel’thalas!