High Elf Allied Race Megathread (Continuation)

(Renotarshil) #2757

That’s because the Blood Elf campaign of the Human Campaign in WC3 joined up with Illidan.

(Alamara) #2758

Regarding that theory of high elves becoming void elves, how would you react if Vereesa’s Hearthstone card were a “preview” of how “high elf options” for void elves would look? She having Thori’dal could even be a hint of a future Quel’thalas story. Maybe Halduron dies or gives the bow to her for whatever reason.


Nooooo Halduron :frowning: I love him! I do also love Vereesa’s Hearthstone depiction though.

(Alamara) #2760

Halduron is a cool character, but, of the blood elf leaders, he’s the one with the most potential for dying.

I could see the new blood elf leader trio being Lor’themar, Rommath and Liadrin, thus cementing the prestige loss of the Farstriders in favor of the Blood Knights.

Also, Halduron and Vereesa are in good terms. I could totally see Sylvanas going Arthas and killing the current Ranger General, or Vereesa and Halduron teaming up and he gives her his bow (either upon his death or as a token of gratitude?).

There’s some serious narrative potential there.

(Renotarshil) #2761

But that would mean Sylvanas is evil and Blizzard told me she wasn’t.

(Alamara) #2762

“Burn it!”


Ren’dorei were Sin’dorei before becoming Ren’dorei.

(Alamara) #2764

I’m talking about my prediction, which you can find clicking here.

(Renotarshil) #2765

Tree deserved it.

(Lorithyn) #2766

Reading this made me realize it’d be best if the “Silver Covenant Spellbreaker” in the OP were removed. It’s uniquely a Blood Elf thing, and we’re trying to disassociate High Elves from them


That does seem likely. I think Sylvanas would be more likely to lash out at the people close to her sisters instead of them directly. She wanted to raise Vereesa before, and then planned to raise both in three sisters, but then didn’t, likely because of Vereesa’s apology. I do wonder if she would have done it without the apology though.

(Renotarshil) #2768

Yeah, Spellbreakers are like Blood Knights, pure Blood Elven culture.

Even tho we share Farstriders, I’d associate those more with High Elven culture over all. Blood Rangers?

I mean we have Blood Mages.


That is my home you’re talking about!

(Renotarshil) #2770

Have you seen what Trees can do in Horror Movies???

Only good tree is a dead tree.

(Alamara) #2771

I think she would.

The apology made her hesitate due to strong emotion. If not for that, I think she would have steeled herself enough to do it.


I don’t watch horror movies, so no.

I have watched Captain Planet though, and I may have to call the Planeteers on you.


I would think the Ren’doei would of tried to find a way back to becoming Sin’dorei, the Sin,dorei resolve thing playing into it instead of just joining the Alliance, It was a big deal to the Sin’dorei to rename themselves to become Sin’dorei because of all their fallen brethren and the reason they thought that lead them to situation they were in, politically and Heritage, Allegiance wise. People and Devs tend to forget that part off it why they did what they did… BTW Good Morning all. :slight_smile:

(Renotarshil) #2774

Then you won’t understand.

He’s our hero, gonna take pollution down to zero!

Ahem… Can’t help it.


If she has a touch of humanity left (or would it be elvanity?) it’s in regards to her sisters. I think you are right though.


DID what I could with what the tools the DEVs give us: