[H][Hyjal]<Emotional Damage> LFM Season 2! Wed and Thurs 6p-8p PST...AOTC/KSM Focused...Merger Ideal!


Emotional Damage is a reunion of guild mates who have raided with each other first two seasons of Shadowlands and most of BFA. Many of us want to remain more casual and just do Heroic raiding content, so we rejoined as a separate guild for DF instead of doing CE content we no longer wanted to pursue. Many of us have mythic experience in raids, and a few of us even server first achievements dating back to Wrath of the Lich King. Super fun and casual environment with adult atmosphere.

We went 7 of 8 in heroic for season 1, and half our members got Aotc working with other guilds due to our healing core leaving the game temporarily for IRL reasons.

Outside of raid, we would also love to have any players who are heavily interested in Mythic+ as we all love to do keys daily - all roles will be welcome here, including casual players who may want to try more difficult content later on. We also have plenty of members who do low to mid keys (especially on alts), normal raids and other activities! Several folks do keys even into the 20s so there is content for all skill levels.

We hope to see a very active presence herein the guild with the loot options and crafting being much better than previous xpacs, and especially going into Season 2 with new raids, dungeons, and Forbidden Reach content to catch up.

Current Open Roles:

Most positions OPEN…
Pref Classes - Boomkin, Mage, Evoker
Full on Warlock

All Positions Open (Looking for 2 more ideally for our team)
Pref Healers - Disc Priest, HPal, RDruid

Several Positions Open
Preferred Roles - Demon Hunter, Feral Druid, Rogue

1 Spot open for full time raid tank

All quality players will be considered, please provide access to logs…

A guild merger would absolutely be welcome! I’m sure other guilds are in the same boat. Would likely need to come to Hyjal as many of us have lots of connections here with players still playing not in our guild, but do raid with us as our raid crew.

Our raid times are:
For Season 2 we are going to be Wed and Thurs from 6 to 8pm ST to start the season. An extra 30 min may happen if a boss is close to being downed.

Alt-raid (Optional & Normal)
TBD for Season 2 - Most likely once raid is on farm, second night of the week we usually do ALT raids to start the night and then continue prog later, or sometimes start prog for about 30 min to an hour and if no progress is made, hop on alts to do normal/heroic for the rest of raid time. We might even do Friday/Sat alt nights this raid tier and leave tues/thur for just mains. Nothing is set in stone yet, but alt raids will happen.

Outside of content droughts, we have people on throughout the day doing keys, mog runs, achievements, farming and other activities, and a handful of people who are always looking to do high keys and occasional events! Please feel to add and contact our GM Drag on Discord or feel free to log in on hyjal and any member can invite to guild! :slight_smile:

Contact on discord for any raid and mplus inquiries…
Please add:

lets goooooo!

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Season 2 looks so gud!

IN NEED OF HEALERS! Looking for more for 10.1!

Raid Tuesday! Yay! Come join us!

Come raid and mplus for season 2! Need moar!