[H][Hyjal]<Casual Damage> 7/8H LFM for AOTC and Keys! Raid 6-9pm PST Wed & Sat


Casual Damage is now recruiting to fill out our roster for a Heroic Raz kill! We are a guild of former CE raiders, with a few of us having done server first content as early as Wrath of the Lich King. We wanted a different environment which to this day, is much more laid back, chill, but also getting things done on a 2 day a week raid schedule. Most of us joined up together start of Shadowlands, with others well before that even. Our roster currently stands at around 12-15 raiders weekly, would like to bump up to 20 or more for a more diverse environment with all the raid buffs available.

Outside of raid, we would also love any players who are heavily interested in Mythic+ as we all enjoy doing keys on the daily - all roles will be welcome here, including casual players who may want to try more difficult content later on as we also do low to mid keys with alts and newer or casual players.

We also have normal raids saturdays before heroic prog continuation which is free invite for anyone wishing to progress in a raid environment, bring alts to get geared, or just socialize and have a fun time while blasting with mains.

Current Open Roles:

*Shadow Priest
*Deva Evoker
*BM Hunter
*Arcane Mage
*Fire Mage

*Holy/Disc Priest
*Resto Druid

*Feral Druid
*Demon Hunter
*Frost DK
*Arms/Fury Warrior

*Full on Tanks atm - however if you wish to tank for mplus, we could always use players who enjoy keys to fill groups.

All quality players will be considered regardless what is posted above…

Our raid times are:
Wednesday AND Saturday: 6PM - 9PM server time (PST).

Alt-raid (Optional & Normal)
Normal raids are happening on Saturdays to start the night, moving into heroic afterwards. Alts are all welcome to normal raids within reason of being geared. Mains to heroic only unless otherwise stated, we have allowed 385 ilvl alts into heroic as of now as we have everything but raz on farm.

Outside of content droughts, we have people on throughout the day doing keys on alts, pvp, world quests, achievements, crafting, and many other activities. Always something to do in Casual Damage.

Please feel to add and contact our GM, Draggato, on Discord, reply to this post here, or feel free to log in on hyjal and any member can invite to guild or answer any questions you might have! :slight_smile:

Contact on Discord for any raid and mplus inquiries…
Please add: