8/8H 3/8M DPS looking to reroll

Hey, 8/8H amd 3/8M former CE player looking to reroll to pretty much any DPS. Ive been raiding since vanilla and know the ins and outs of most classes and can play them at a mythic level.

I have a Warlock, Priest, and DK that are 70, the warlock being the closest to raid ready, but I’m willing to play any DPS that fits a need in the right spot. Im looking to raid on Tuesdays, Wesnesdays and Thursdays.

If you want to chat please leave your discord and lets see if were a fit!


Is a semi-hardcore progression-focused guild with a casual raid schedule. Currently, we are 8/8H and 1/8M and looking for more dedicated raiders from all walks of life with a similar mindset to bolster our ranks to continue our journey together and kill more mythic bosses.

Raid times:

Tuesday: 7-10 CST

Thursday:7-10 CST

What you can expect from triumphant:

  • Progression-focused team that focuses on end-game content
  • Free repairs and consumables
  • Nontoxic raid environment
  • Expect a lot of joking around between pulls but the game face on when the boss is pulled

What do we expect from you?

  • We do understand that emergencies and unforeseen events can happen, but we expect our raiders to be reliable and maintain a minimum of 85% attendance rate.
  • Have sufficient knowledge of your class and spec
  • We don’t expect 100% parses but we expect raiders to have a reasonable performance in raid
  • Someone who can take constructive criticism
  • A team player who helps and works with fellow raiders

If you are looking for a fun raiding environment that also focuses on killing big bad mythic bosses, Triumphant is the guild you have been looking for. So don’t be shy dragon slayers and let’s get going

More questions? Add me on discord and let’s chat


Hey there! Bold may be a good fit!
—About Us—
Formed on March 19, 2022, we are a fairly new Guild that has built a very active, fun, friendly, yet solid raiding environment. We are pushing for Cutting-Edge in Dragonflight but we are not trying to be ultra-hardcore about it. We believe that you can still achieve such progress while still having a fun time doing it. We do not want to burn people out on the game, kill the fun and enjoyment, or anything like that but we do need to maintain a high standard for our raiders. With frequent log reviews, open discussions about strategies, and a welcoming environment, it’s easy to integrate and be a part of the success! We also believe that everyone should get a fair chance to prove themselves. We are very transparent with trials (and even after passing and becoming Core) about performance, both in DPS/HPS and mechanics, so you know exactly what you need to work on. That all being said, though, we will bench and remove problem people as it becomes necessary. We look for people who care, are passionate, and take initiative. We also value your feedback to help make our team and our Guild a better place!

Outside of raids, we are very active and run plenty of keys. We have some people who like to PvP (though, not something we currently organize as a Guild but want to one day), do key sales, or just chat in Guild or in Discord. We’re very much focused on creating a vibrant and thriving community so raid logging is not an issue here!
We have THREE teams in our Guild. Two of them are Mythic/CE focused while our third is AOTC focused. Feel free to add the GM/RL below to inquire about the others!

We have THREE teams in our Guild. Two of them are Mythic/CE focused while our third is AOTC focused. Feel free to add the GM/RL below to inquire.

The Weekday team is CE focused on Tues/Wed from 8:30-11:30est and Thurs from 9-11 est. The Weekend team is also CE focused on Sat / Sun from 8:30-11:30 est, and the AOTC focused group is on Friday and Saturday from 8:30-11:30 est.

Currently raids are WD: 4/8M, WE: 3/8M, and FS: 5/8H.

—Not a Raider?—

We welcome all to join as socials, casuals, key runners, etc. There’s a place for everyone! Just message anyone in-game, apply in-game, or add a B-tag below!

—Can’t Commit/Raid Yet?—

If you are interested in raiding with us but are currently not ready for any reason, you can join as a Prospective Raider. Not being ready can be anything from not being geared enough, still leveling, being unable to commit to the schedule yet, etc. Once your situation changes, then we can begin a trial based on team needs. Obviously, spots aren’t going to be reserved until you’re ready, so keep that in mind!
—Basic Requirements—

18+ years old.
Commitment to all days (for whichever team you inquire about).
Active and run keys.
Willing to learn, improve, and take constructive criticism.
Always come to raid prepared.
Cross-realm/faction trialing is acceptable, but you are required to transfer and join once you pass your trial. No exceptions.

—Contact (B-Tags)—

GM/RL: Jäger#11356 - All inquiries
Recruitment Officer: Reluctor#1255 - CE focused inquires
FS Raid Lead: VictoriaKins#1971 - AOTC focused inquires

Hey there! We are currently 2/8M with Terros going down this weekend to make it 3/8M, sounds like our interests are pretty similar. We are Horde on Tichondrius and raid 7-10pm CST sat/sun. Add me on disco at Carb#7193 if you want to chat more!

8/8H 3/8M raid times line up with your T/W 830pm est to 12am add my btag fleet#1643

Lets chat.


Have discord?

Yup ND#0891

Got everyone added so far that I think would be a good fit. I don’t want to raid on the weekends so that’s out. I do play on the weekends but sporadically. I also am not really interested in big “community” type guilds.

Thanks to everyone reaching out thus far. Look forward to chatting!

we’re lfm ranged and would love another warlock. we also have an opening for an enhance shammy currently. lets connect! We’re proudmoore alliance.
we raid tues./weds/thurs 830pm EST to 1130pm est. invites start at 8pm est.

we’re progging on sennath. should die this week. #m 8/8H. our main nights are mythic only at this time.

bnet: luna#14515

Hi there!

At casual damage, we are looking for a few good dps to get to aotc and possibly into a couple mythic kills if the talent is there. if you are looking for good vibes, casual environment, and play with some skilled players, please inquire within the link below…

Hey luna, do you have a discord? I’m at work and chatting there works better for me.

Hey Juice, I’d love to chat with you to get some more details about your goals & give you the details about our team. My contact info is below. :slight_smile:

< Eternal Kingdom > [A/H] Proudmoore - US
Newly Launched Team Paradigm
Mythic Progression – 3 days / 9 hrs per week | Goal: Cutting Edge
Cross-Faction Raiding Team
Schedule: Tues/Wed/Thurs 5PM – 8PM PST (8PM – 11PM EST)
Recruitment open for all classes/specs. Seeking immediate raid-ready applicants to be part of our inaugural raid team!

Recruitment Contacts: Team Lead - Athiee
Discord: Athiee#7231 | Btag: Athiee#1576
Raid Lead - Holybirb
Discord: A_birb#0001 | Btag: Fizzy#12886

Team Page: www.eternal-kingdom. com/paradigm
Application: www.eternal-kingdom. com/apply-form/?team=pardigm

Let’s chat. Zeniff#2369

I lead a 8/8H 1/8M team starting to progress into early Mythic.
Not CE focused, more chill enjoyable raid team atmosphere.