409 Vengeance DH

Hey Everybody,

I acquired Aotc this week, but my guild sadly disbanded after that. I am looking to do Mythic raiding and M+ content.

I am looking for a new home, and I am always prepared for raid.

Discord: jj#1140


We are currently looking for a few good dps to fill our roster. Please inquire below to see if we’d make a good fit for ya. I know u mentioned mythic raiding, not sure what our status is on that yet as our roster is pretty consistent on 15 raiders a week roughly, but im sure if we have enough bodies after doing recruitment, people would like to progress on it. Most of our team is comprised of former ce raiders and server first guilds. We even have a former elitist jerks member on board. All of us just looking for a low stress and chill vibing community without all the sweaty try hards. Please check us out below and inquire within if interested…

Hail champion! Sorry to hear that! that’s very poor timing indeed, We are looking to bring people in with similar experience, with the Caveat that we play Alliance on storm rage. We have a cross server community if you wanna stop by and check us out. We raid wednesday and sunday 8pm-11pm and have a ton of healers and DPS looking to push keys with the majority having KSM or close to it. If my guild sounds like a good fit by all means reach out, I will answer any questions you may have Bnet - Joseph#1688

buff guys only are high end M+ players looking to secure our Cutting Edge achievement + future raid opportunities. We are looking for like minded individuals to develop a core raiding & players that are interested in pushing 3K+ io. contact TheJuice#11691 or Steven#1927

I sent a discord friend request to discuss. Thanks!


Server Cluster: Laughing Skull, Elune, Cho’Gall, Gilneas and Auchindoun (Medium/High Population)

Raiding: :shield: :crossed_swords: :angel:

We currently are 8/8 Heroic and looking to fill the Core Raid Roster for Mythic progression. We are currently looking for like minded individuals for our Core Raid Team. No prior experience is needed as long as the drive to better yourself is there.

  1. Wednesday 7:30pm (EST) - 10:30pm (EST)
  2. Thursday 7:30pm (EST - 10:30pm (EST)
  3. Sunday 6:00pm (EST) - 8:30 (EST) optional friend, family and alts!

Mythic +: :shield: :crossed_swords: :angel:

We ask that our Core Raiders at least run a few 15+ keys a week to fill out some vault reward options. Mythic plus dungeons are obviously a great way to help better your toon during the raiding off days. We spend a lot of time as a guild running Mythic + keys. The main focus on keys are from +15’s - +18’s but we have a few core players that run +20’s as well. If you are interested in running Mythic + keys and not raiding thats fine too, we would be more than happy to have you amongst us!

To close things off we are always looking for talented players of any class and spec, so even if your class is not listed in the above and you still want to join, we would love to have you.

If you have any questions please feel free to reply to this thread or message me on discord at Regulate#1417