Hey, so I heard you like corpse camping

They did also state in the same post that players will become honorless for longer so corpse camping wont be a thing unless you want to waste your time killing a player that gives you 0 honor.

Really looking forward to trying to salvage the inevitable player loss from world pvp Armageddon 2.0. We barely survived the first go around in my guild, I really question if we’ll be able to weather it a second time.

this decision is just pure unadulterated stupidity and short sightedness.

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Yea. None of the changes really affect the top rankers. It’s more so beneficial for the casual PvPers and detrimental to the scripters/botters.

Even making pre-mades harder to pull off for Alliance won’t really affect the Alliance Helmets. For the most part, they’re currently capping super early in the week. It just means they’ll have to grind a few more hours, if they don’t find another avenue alltogether, like what Horde pushers are doing with WSG between AV queues to supplement bad games.

That doesn’t deter anyone, you’ll just be chain sheeped until the debuff is gone.

All the more reason why I’m leveling a Warlock and Mage for instance soloing/grinding purposes. The precious few nodes to compete for on a high pop server is bad enough without the wPvP interruptions, and if AV queues thin out for Alliance in favor of WSG, Horde will have even LONGER queues for it and even more free time to roam and hunt for HKs.

Would rather take the time to get a Mage into the 40’s to solo ZF safely than run hours of laps in Un’Goro getting next to nothing from mining.

I mean, on whitemane they do. The realm discord is full of “sorry, just need 1, 2 etc more kills on you to cap out then you can go”.

actually this does happen.

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Brother, that’s not camping, that’s kill sharing and that’s a bannable offense. Report those players when you see it.

You’d just be removing the numbers next to AV Q’s, it’s not that hard.

There’s no excuse. It’s just another bad choice Blizzard is making. ON PURPOSE. I keep tellin’ you all that. Lol All of this is intentional to ruin Classic.

More people on the servers = More money they spend on server upkeep.

Less people on Classic = More money Blizzard saves.

They did the same thing with Diablo 3 when they went from 12+ million active players down to less than 1 million within the first 8 months.

Actually they reverted a change, so your #nochanges bullsiht remains intact

But it’s 1.12 to have it diminish at 10%.

25% diminish was a change from the 1.12 state.

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This actually isn’t a change. 1.12 had a 10% DR on honor value for kills.

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classic def does not enforce nor punish those rules.

Remember when i told you #nochanges in action? That is exactly what this is. This is a “change” that really isn’t a change because this is how it was.

This isn’t a change. I think you rather misunderstood what a change meant in the context of #nochanges.

The queue nonsense is a change. 10% DR on HKs is not.

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Exactly, it is a change, that isnt a change. #nochanges in action.

Like you said:

They made adjustments to the values but it isn’t a change because it is in line with some patch that existed in Vanilla.

Welcome to the new era of #nochangesinaction.

You did it :slight_smile:

Maybe, to me no changes means they release it and that’s it. No need to tweek and adjust and fix everything every other week.

That is literally how we got retail and i dont want retail 2.0

Yea…this change seems completely out of the blue and unnecessary. I feel bad for you alliance players. Yikes.

As I suspected, you really don’t know what #nochanges is about.

No changes in this context means the game is accurately recreating vanilla. It doesn’t mean no changes from Classic’s launch.


Fixed that for you.

Don’t fix what ain’t broke.