Hey, so I heard you like corpse camping

but the rewards for doing it weren’t enough. Well guess what gang? We started awarding you honor for killing that level 52 on the way to BRD,


Thank you for reaching out and fixing that thing that no one said was broken.

This, this right here is why alot of us didn’t want to see changes. Things like this get thrown at us without thought of the blowback or consequences.


I get the change inside of a BG. Makes sense as it creates more incentive to keep playing a BG rather than rushing to end it as quickly as possible, or afk out of BGs that are lasting too long because you aren’t getting honor from kills anymore.

But for the world, yeah, that’s pretty short sighted.


agreed. BG’s - fine. WPVP - why?


Yeeeeah, as one of the people using wpvp to supplement my honor gains so I can stay in B13-14 and eventually hit R14, this change helps me a lot.

Buuut at the same time, this is gonna feel bad for the Alliance I’m killing.


Spaghetti code detected… Easier to change value game wide instead of implementing separate values for BG and wpvp.



My server is somewhat balanced, slightly skewed Alliance but they aren’t as active in pvp like my horde counterparts. Things might be ok on my realm but it is still going to get ugly. On unbalanced servers? Forget it.

I just can believe no one in charge of these changes didn’t google jaywilson before releasing their “FIX” and learn from their past mistakes.

Literally a change no one wanted.

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I actually think that’s exactly why this is a game wide change, unfortunately. lol

The irate Night Elf speaks many truths sadly.


Wait, so these Horde zergers previously would say, “Hey, wait a second guys… we’ve killed Andrius quite a few times and he’s not worth much honor at all. Why not save ourselves 5 seconds and bypass him and look for fresher meat?”

I mean, the behavior won’t change at all so why are you crying?


Does it? I think all the other folks were doing the same thing anyway. Since standing is relative, nothing really changes.



I like it.

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Nope, this completely screws over all of the afkers and botters. Right now the kill honor to bonus honor ratio is about 0.5:1 on a GOOD day, and thats with prioritizing wpvp solo kills between queues and also killing players on defense in AVs while the majority of the Horde are on offense.

This change will likely make the ratio of kill honor to bonus honor more like 1:1, which should make it a lot easier for those of us actually playing the game to completely eclipse the afkers and botters in the standings.

It indirectly nerfs bonus honor without actually nerfing bonus honor.


It looks like WPvP is back on the menu boys


The more you think about it the more this change is actually smart.

You guys are fearing it will mean people will camp you more. When you’re being camped do you really think people stop when you’re not worth anymore honor?

Nah. This changes the incentives of honor in a way that botters and afkers have a hard time keeping up.


To the Gorge! HandsUp

Welcome to your new reality.

That’s the source of the misconception I think. Most people who aren’t seriously pushing rank mostly hard AFK, or do other PvE stuff between queues (farming gold, etc).

Only the sweatiest rankers pushing Br1/2 every week take the time to farm for HKs between queues, and it definitely helps cement their lead.

I should note this is a Horde only behavior. With queues being instant on Alliance, the best way to honor farm is simply to chain queue.

I’m already corpse camping alliance that peek at my lotus nodes. Now I get a little extra bonus for doing what I do.

That’s what I mean. All the top rankers were already do this. So, nothing changes for them really.

Unless maybe it makes it harder for bots to push into those brackets.