Hey I'm paying...why am I NOT playing?

Curious that you’re so sure everything will work out wonderful when a lot of people who are disappointed didn’t realize their situation was less ideal than previously. Only weeks later did they begin to regret.

No doubt you’ve already prepurchased Shadowlands, because hey, it’s a Blizzard thing. What could possibly be wrong about it?

Yeah, and while they’re at it, I’m sure all of the legal hurdles the IRS can pull out on you would always stand up in court with our perfect judicial system.

Bless your heart.

The best part about this thread is the people crying about queues and too many people are the same type of people who cry “the servers are dying” when they don’t see more than five people in one of the remote zones or can’t get a pug group together in 15 seconds.


yes, it is your fault 100%…

there have been PLENTY of chances to free Xfer off pagle for months


Can’t fix the server problems so they just reduce the amount of that can play.

Also please ignore the fact that they increased the amount of people that could play on the servers first week.

That’s a good point, in this day and age we’ll need some streamer or richboi with a lawyer on retainer who just sues them to get them to fix this situation

It would easily turn into a Class Action

Because that was the deal. Layering for a very limited window. They warned you back in august this could happen and offered you an alternative.

Everyone was okay with layering? Get real.

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it wouldn’t bother me as bad if the servers weren’t melting. Crazy lag in org just trying to vendor/take a flight master. Takes 6 seconds for a spell to go through to try and buff someone. If alliance come to attack everyone just disconnects. They should’ve never let the caps be this high and they was wrong to only have 4 servers for name reservation.

This problem exists even in the modern game. Blizzard has even stopped city raids on the live game.

Im on Faerlina and endorse this message.

My own darn fault :slight_smile:

If I dont log in early, my current option is to reroll elsewhere. Nothing new.

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There’s a solution to your problem you just don’t wanna take it


Hahaha. Yea. There is an army of people who will advocate “No changes”, and you happen to be experiencing one of the perks of vanilla wow. Get used to it or take the free transfer to a less populated realm.

Being only lvl 26 I’m sure you can spend a few hours on a new server and Catch up.

You should quit. You should definitely quit.

I mean, if it can’t be a PERFECT game, why even play it? I agree that Blizzard should be a perfect company, and make a perfect game. Anything less is unacceptable, and must be “fixed”.


I would like everyone to join me in legal action against Blizzard for server queues. Hopefully it’ll be more successful than my lawsuit against Chik fil a for their excessively long drive thru lines.


For real, you get it too! There’s been so many opportunities for everyone to transfer and avoid this.

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I gladly wait in line at Chik-Fil-A because I know their food isn’t garbage like some of the other fast food places. :chicken:

Plenty of servers without a queue. So it is a good question, why ARE you not playing? Just like when you go to Disneyland, you can choose to wait in line or you can find a ride without a line. Sure it might not be as fun, but they surely aren’t going to refund you for having to wait around a bit.

I did the same thing back at launch when Mankrik had 60 minute queues.

Smart people think alike it seems.

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You are getting an approximation of the Vanilla experience.