Hey I'm paying...why am I NOT playing?

Thunderlord was a full server but we never had this issue.

Wow…you all have no freaking idea how any of this works. Change to server pops and faction balance will not happen over night or over the course of a month. You are delusional and crying quite loudly over something you can fix yourself.

Either reroll on another server, stay and suck it up cupcake or quit playing. Those are your 3 options.

Stop crying because Blizzard won’t pander to you. It’s immature, selfish and incredibly short sighted.

Grow up.


I said lower, not low. Reading comprehension is your friend on the internet.

No semantics here. There are plenty of high and medium population servers with little to no queue. There is no queue because their populations are LOWER then the full servers. Character transfers are available now. I suggest you take advantage of them.

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Mcbone, Blizzard has a history of pandering to immature people. If you had any sense at all you’d know this. Jokes on you.

Plenty of other servers to roll on.


You paid for the Retail. Classic is a bonus game and it’s free.

People requests for Classic no-change. There were high server queues in Vanilla. With no changes, you would have the same experience as before in Classic… high server queues.

The one you paid is Retail and there’s no queues in there.


Pretty sure it’s Blizzard’s fault they can’t run a 15 year old game, considering the vast improvements in technology in that time.

To blame players for having the bare minimum expectation that a multi billion dollar company can handle a 15 year old game is absolute garbage- you’re white knighting to the extreme when any logical person can see this is a problem entirely of Blizz’s making.


Maybe you shouldn’t have chosen a giga server hmmmm?


Your opinion means very little to me.

I love all the people sitting on their high horses, spouting off that you should just re-roll, quit, or suck it up and wait. I just can’t see how this isn’t Blizzards fault for having far too few servers at launch, yet there are people so adamant in their feelings that Blizzard can do no wrong and it’s the players problem. Some people did re-roll in the beginning and their new server got hit with queues. Once I read that, I abandoned the idea of rerolling because I was not and am not going to keep starting on fresh servers.

When Blizzard allowed us to reserve names, that should have painted a picture of how many people were going to play. That day, they should have started the process of spinning up new servers, so to speak.

Without naming servers, how did the last batch of server transfers who left to avoid the queue turn out? Well, now, some servers are so unbalanced that fellow Wow players are referring to them as PvE, instead of what they really are, PvP.

Personally, I am in this for the long haul. I never want to end up on a dead server again, so I will suck it up. I am already too invested in a server with friends and guild mates. Sure, for the time being, I’ll level that dang Alliance character, but that will never be my main server.

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It’s actually very simple, the server is full.


Bull. I was on feathermoon and we had queues back in 04/05. Thats not even counting all the times the servers straight up died and we got refunded sub time.
I’d tell you to come to my server since ive never seen a queue there, but frankly your attitude reminds me of a spoiled child

It did, and they did. Which is why on launch day they added more servers and continued to add new servers in the following days/weeks


It’s been blizzard’s fault because they made no provision for making sure servers were reasonably balanced as people joined them on day 1. That was the only time this could have been dealt with without pissing people off.

A subhuman calling others subhuman for wanting to play Vanilla and not a revamp…thank yourself for being so simple minded

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Your tears feed us. Your opinion on Blizzard is null and void.


Funny. If a lawsuit like that succeeded the first thing I’d sue is the IRS for making me wait for my return. Or my bank for making me wait in line for my money; they are stealing interest while I wait.


Just like to point out I joined a server too that was full. I transfered today from Skeram to Heartseeker Horde. With my came 5 RL friends cause you know we actually talk to each other and we all got to a new server and lived happily ever after with no ques! Quit crying




You are correct.

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