Hey I'm paying...why am I NOT playing?

It was clearly state they remove layering before P2… they wait at the latest moment to remove them from server like pagle that are clearly overpopulated and offered free transfert that you did’nt take for the reason you want. So that is! Why blaming the rest of the world when you have been enlighted and still think like a dumb.


The good news is the keyring is coming. Eventually. Lol.
Tell me. Does it toast your cookies to know the keyring gets a blue response but your hot topic is ignored?

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It’s not our fault Blizzard can’t code solutions properly let alone spend enough resources to find a solution that is easily managed to avoid exploits.

It’s unfortunate people think the way you do. Just because something doesn’t appear to “work” doesn’t mean it’s broken. What’s broken is how the solution was implemented and approached to begin with.

Fortunately, people like you aren’t broken. You’re just fodder.

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No this whole thing has been blizzard’s fault. They put out so little of servers from the start only to start pushing them out when people started to level and noticed there was more players than their crappy retail. On top of that allowed transfers on servers and then those servers became faction unbalance. Then you have those who are being crushed in pvp coming to the forums crying because its not fair. So they’re trying to fix faction balance while pissing people off. NO blizzard has brainlets who can’t freaking think properly and screwing people over in the process.


There is no problem so there needs to be no solution.
Everything is working as intended.
WoW Classic/Vanilla is designed for a limited amount of players per realm and certainly not for a number of multiverses per realm.
If a realm is full, the only solution is to wait in a queue or have a new (/less populated) realm.

There is no problem here.


I just remote into my pc before leaving from work, join queue. Get home and I’m in.


So lets say a server is 90% horde 10% alliance and is a pvp server. You want the 10% alliance players to leave the server? Because thats what will happen.

Now that server has dead WPvP because its 99% horde 1% alliance. On top of that the server would still be overcrowded.

I didn’t say that now did I? They should have let so many left in the beginning of transfers. You obviously can’t read properly. Good to know that is how most alliance players are.

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Exactly, server transfers have been a bad idea from the start and you still see people advocating for it.

Or maybe we want a game that can be played.


There’s always more than one solution but that doesn’t mean all solutions lead to the exact same result.

Honestly, single-minded trash like you really shaped the #nochangesheep so well. Assuming a queue will fix anything is like trying to play chicken against a train. Train wreck waiting to happen.

Who’s more stubborn? Paying customers or Blizzard? Blizzard gave in and increased server caps when all of the full servers didn’t see as much rerolls as Blizzard wanted. Let’s see how stubborn Blizzard can get when dead servers show up and most of the baddies who transferred come back to their original servers. Oh yeah, queues are going to fix that.

Bless your heart sweetie.

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Oh … why you think you are in a queue? Because the game is not being played?


Oh I’m saying server transfers for a severly underrepresented faction. Especially on a PvP server.

I would say if possible have if a server is 90% horde and 10% alliance that is a pvp server to have alliance get priority and skip ahead of the queue. The ideal server balance is 40/60 or better where no one faction is below 40% or above 60%, especially pvp servers.

Also this would work on PvP servers since you cant roll both factions.

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I’ve been playing WoW on and off since 2004…In all that time I have never encountered this. This pisses me off. Never in 2004 did we have this problem…EVER

I chose this server because my friends wanted me to come play with them. It was a high pop server when I joined but guess what, so was ever other server on the west coast and east coast.

In fact right now as I sit in que I can see a list of other server and their populations are also at High.

So don’t sit there and tell me to just move off the server. Doesn’t matter where I go, I’m going to be sitting in line.

Blizzard, you’re lucky someones not taking legal action against you for this.

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bring back layering.

Lower population servers are waiting for you.


The queue didn’t exist last week. You’re alright with regression?

Additionally, sitting is a queue is a drop in the bucket of flaws classic has.

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I remember in 04 having to server hop because of overcrowding. Nostalgia is funny where it tends to have you forget about the bad experiences like queue wait times and amplify the good ones.


You’re full of crap I just looked at the server list and lost my place in line. There are no low pop servers on east or west coast so pound sand.

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I didn’t talk about solutions and a queue being a solution. I said specifically that there was no problem and therefore no need to find a solution. The queue was there since the beginning of Vanilla.
You have a problem with queues thats all.
The only point that can be made is that at the very start of classic, Blizzard did not estimate player numbers properly and had to few servers to choose from. But that was fixed in a couple of weeks and while I do wait a bit in a queue, my server was up from the beginning and is not overcrowded.
Maybe some people did choose the realms that were bound to be full on purpose?