Here we are..season 3

Season 3 and we still don’t have armory. Absolutely pathetic that they said they were “working” on it 2 seasons ago lol


not something I’d be mad about, like it’s just a good to have.

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Your retail realm has an armory.


what would you use the armory for? how will it improve the gameplay experience?


Actual tbc had armory. We have objectively less available information than we had 15 years ago. Quit white knighting for this company you guys are pathetic…


Soon™ :clown_face:


The fact that Armory data is so readily available has changed retail heavily from an in-game perspective.

Don’t be so sure that the Armory would be a good thing in TBCC.

Im gonna be honest. Of all the problems that faces classic id put armory at the very bottom.

I hope one day its the worst thing we face, but right now its beyond meaningless.


yea can’t inspect HKs either. Lmao

Also org horde warbringer is invisible unless u loop around the pillar on the right side of the door. (Thx to my pro guildy for showing this) how does this even happen

It’s just like… a feature of the original TBC.

Is the hidden HK number on inspect bugged it is weird that when inspecting someone it’ll always show 0 lifetime HKs.Not that it really matters or affects anything.

It’s true, Holly Longdale did say an online arena ladder was being implemented and we wouldn’t have to use 3rd party sites anymore.

Original tbc had an armory. Way to look like an idiot though.

It will greatly improve arena experience believe it or not. Seeing who is playing against who being able to see if people are win trading and just seeing specs and items used by other players.

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The original macro system that basically allowed one-button rotations for a ton of specs was in Vanilla WoW but it wasn’t brought back for Classic. People were using it to automate decision making to an excessive degree, and Blizzard got rid of it in 2.0 and it never returned. Blizzard made an intentional decision not to bring back a system of the game because it ended up harming the game more than it helped.

My guess is that Blizzard saw what happened to Retail WoW with the overuse of Armory data and decided to shelve it or deprioritize it.

What is so bad that happened with this armory data? lol “oh no there is so much information here this is terrible!” Why would that be a thing

Yeah I’ve literally never heard anyone make this complaint before. Armory being abused lolwat


you reaaaly dont know why those macros dont work anymore do you ?

Considering post PVPers also PVE you can easily find more information on warcraft logs

Pve logs show nothing for pvp… lol what

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you can see people’s ratings and arena teams with wins in
Can see the pve gear, enchants and kills and performance in warcraft logs
What more do you really want to see?