Heirlooms are kind of useless in Shadowlands

Getting people to current content faster will keep them subbed longer.

Reason: People join the game when they do more often to play whatever the current content is.

When they find out they may need to spend a bunch of time just getting there, they will be more likely to quit.

Sure, getting a boost will get them there faster (which is why they include free ones with new xpacs), but speeding up leveling to get them to current faster also does that.

This is why they’ve done a level squish, along with taking the XP bonus from heirlooms (which not every player has) and baking it into the game for EVERYONE to access, and amping it up even more.

Mildly annoying, just join team Recruit-a-Friend like me whenever you need to level an alt since RaF still has its 50% bonus :slight_smile:

I’d much rather have a faster leveling experience across the board WITHOUT looms + xp pots + rings + serenity buff etc, than have slow-*** leveling without all those things.

Items that scale with you will always be useful, and I definitely got my money’s worth out of all of the ones I bought.

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Could have just made an heirloom toy with the heirloom xp they removed on it and everything would have been fine, wouldn’t be 4,265 threads on this. But here we are

Then not everyone would have it again.

The XP bonus being part of the game was where they wanted to be. The XP bonus was a band-aid fix for a growing problem, that is now finally being fixed.


Didn’t they say these bonuses weren’t finalized back when they made the post about it as well?

I guess that was just a line to trying to minimize complaints at the time since zero iterations have been made and we are 2ish weeks away from pre-patch.


Who cares?

I thought we were speeding up leveling for new people? SL changes does that, heirloom toy gives people the xp buff they feel they lost back.

Not sure what we are debating about now. For the record I believe both versions hold merits. The heirlooms giving bonus experience definitely being the more consumer friendly of the two.

As for the later part of your last post, I’m willing to give up the experience boost to make it available to everyone. Never believed in the “Me first” mentality.

I don’t care about losing the XP part of the heirlooms but the new bonuses are boring af. Of course, I can’t have any fun bonuses because “then everyone won’t have them” weeeeee


If I had a Curious Coin for every time they pulled that trick…


Yeah, they didn’t actually want feedback. I don’t mind that XP buffs have been removed from heirlooms as long as leveling speed was maintained or shortened—which seems to be the case—but I certainly didn’t want the bonuses they added to be nearly absolute trash. However, if they actually had iterated on the bonuses or engaged the community in any meaningful way about the bonuses even if they didn’t change them, I’d be less disappointed.


If the bonuses proposed had not been dumpster tier I think people would be a lot happier.
Give us a speed boost, even if it only works outdoors.
Give us a chance to heal when hit.
Give us an absorb shield.
Just copy the inner ring azerite traits and you have the perfect bonuses.


Oooh. Heirloom gear becomes remnant Azerite gear. I like that.


It isn’t, because then people have to save up and buy it, so then not everyone has access to it.

Removing it and baking it into the game is a MUCH better solution.

More importantly, getting people through old content faster will keep them engaged longer, which will ultimately keep them subbed longer.

I can understand why people aren’t happy with them. I think they will work out better than people think though. Especially the level ding bonus. I have a feeling in the new leveling scheme, that will happen more than people think it will.

Nothing veiled at all, I told you in my next post before you edited your reply.

In my experience, most level ups happen after the fighting is over.
At a quest hub, when the last boss of a dungeon goes down, etc…
The 5 set bonus will largely be nothing, and if you play with warmode on it might even kill you in some hubs.

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That’s now, like I was saying.

In the new way, leveling while fighting (or going from pack to pack) might happen more often.

I don’t know because I haven’t seen that part yet.

However, considering how people have talked about how fast leveling is in the Beta, I think we have a pretty good idea of the speed of leveling, and how likely it is that leveling will happen out in the field.

They do need to be repaired

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You don’t have to remove one thing to add another thing.

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That is not a good faith argument. The last few expacs have come with a boost so they can play current content from day 1. If they want an army of alts, they can level them.