Heirloom Changes Discussion

Too bad they aren’t asking in a wider forum for input.

I agree that just a flat “speed buff” is preferred. But I suppose that has a big downside - feeling “slow” when you reach max and take them off… humm…

How about they reuse something else… like adding corruption to them. muhahah! Use that system peeps!

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It also didn’t make sense for them to scrap 2 features that were actually advertised on the retail box for Wrath, but they did.


What I wonder is why nerf the monk buff though? Just cap it at 50 and call it a day. It’s what made monk leveling so fun after all. :frowning:

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Who the hell was in charge of this Garbage? Pardon my french, i’ve played this game since vanilla and this is im pretty sure my first time posting on the forums. These changes actually annoyed me so much i decided to write my feelings about it on the forums.
Blizzard could do LITERALLY anything with this gear that ive wasted a little over half a million gold on. And THIS? This is the best they could come up with? Someone got PAID to come up with this? And then someone else got PAID to announce this? An executive somewhere read these changes and said “Yeah! Sounds good lets send this hot trash to the players that have wasted time out of their life earning these!” ? Is this the real world?
I honestly hope to god someone at blizzard reads this post and asks themselves these same questions because nobody in their right mind should have approved this hot garbage. They had to know the players were NOT going to like this at ALL.
No wait! It’s understandable. I’d Come up with this garbage on the company dime too if i was being paid the literal pennies that the game devs are being paid. God, what a joke.


It is amazing that someone got paid to come up with these “bonuses”. Dozens of better ideas have been presented in this thread by people taking 5 minutes out of the day to make a forum post!


With the quicker leveling experience, the fundamental problem to the long leveling process has been solved and we found that the experience bonuses that come from Heirlooms were no longer necessary and instead, made the new leveling experience feel very awkward with the extra leveling speed.

I ASSUME increased xp puts you at some weird place by the time you finish the new zone. Maybe instead of finishing where they want you to finish and transitioning smoothly into the expansion of your choice you’ll be a bit ahead and thus hit 50 prior to finishing the xpac :man_shrugging: I dunno.

What I do know is that people that want to level quickly don’t care which is why I advocated for an heirloom toy that gave you the xp removed from heirlooms so people that want to do that stuff can do it and people that don’t can skeeedaddle through it.


This is clearly just a giant F-YOU to players while Blizzard sits there laughing that they can punish players for playing the game. Even their arguments are stupid, that the gear allows players to level too fast, you mean exactly what the gear was made to do? If the problem is that the new content doesn’t work with it, then change the new leveling system to take longer so the intended time has the heirlooms. Or for god sakes, refund all the heirloom gear with interest because you’re screwing over anyone stupid enough to play wow.

This is the equivalent of selling people an expansion, and then after they pay for it, changing your mind and saying “Nevermind, we’re not giving you an expansion, but we are keeping your money, but hey, instead we’ll just give you patch 8.3.5.” This is a bait and switch to have people buy something then take it away and laugh at them.


Actually, yah. Add impassive visage and we got a deal.

EDIT: Oh I should learn to read lol.

I agree with people that the proposed set bonuses feel less than fantastic. However, the changes to heirloom gear do help level the playing field between veteran and new players which seems to be part of the motivation for doing this. I personally feel like heirlooms are extremely worth it and own all of them except for the few obtained via PVP and would like to see them continue to benefit my 30+ lower level alts through future expansions. It’s very nice to not need to change most of my gear or pay to transmog it so that I can feel pretty.

Perhaps an alteration on how these bonuses work could be that the bonuses either work for every player in your current group (not stacking) or give some other group wide bonus similar to how battle standards work. This would allow you to extend your heirloom set bonus to new players who do not have the bonus making it feel less bad to have someone without heirlooms equipped in your group.

Other ideas that may or may not have been suggested:

  • Movement speed increase
  • Teleport to the nearest quest giver
  • Mounts given water-walking to leave the equipment slot available for another benefit
  • Prevent being dazed while moving
  • An on-use function that puts you into stealth for a short time removing you from combat

I think my original proposal that the bonus benefits extend to all group members is likely the best one that will fit the intention of the heirloom nerf. We can only hope that Blizzard takes the time to review and consider our complaints and ideas before the proposed changes take effect.


I know, there aren’t enough Shadowlands systems in them. Make the set bonuses into talent trees and conduits, where you can use old currencies on unlocking the variable bonuses you can get slotted in the heirloom sockets… or something. /s

Anyway, I like the ideas of giving bonuses that make sense for someone who has already reached cap, and is trying to give their alts some cool things that they have earned over their time spent. Faster travel is great. Teleport to my corpse? Awesome. Flight Master’s Whistle/ Love it. Allow my flying achieves at 10? I’m sold.

Also, another vote for adding Wrist, Glove, Belt, and Boot heirlooms.


Rough stuff.

Even if they swapped it to increasing the rate you earn rested XP it would have to dramatically increase for this bonus to be very useful to me.

Thanks for hooking us up.

Like most others I’ve seen, I like the idea of having the set bonuses on heirlooms. It’s a cool idea, and while the ones initially given seem cool at first glance, they are quite lackluster when thinking about them.

Some potential solutions being as likely stated several times by now as replacements:

(2) Set: Rested experience consumed is reduced by 30%. (I don’t mind this, but as stated, for most veteran players, IE, those with heirlooms, it’s pretty useless in it’s current form. If you wanted to keep this. I’d suggest changing the 6 set to benefit it. Otherwise, some other general purpose bonus would be better.)

(3) Set: Increases your out-of-combat regeneration in the outdoors, normal dungeons and battlegrounds. (While sounding great from a classic point of view. It’s pretty much useless in the modern versions of WoW. I’d suggest move speed/mount speed or some other general purpose stat. Like versatility, or even health/mana when earning exp. (like the trinkets do.) )

(4) Set: Gaining a level triggers Burst of Knowledge, dealing Holy damage to nearby enemies and granting you 40% primary stat for 2 minutes. Defeating additional enemies extends this effect, up to 2 additional minutes. (This one is cool, but the duration needs to be boosted drastically. As stated prior, quests/dungeon rewards/BG rewards are what is going to level you most of the time. Which means you’re likely away from mobs where this benefits given it’s duration.)

(6) Set: Rested experience consumed is reduced by an additional 30%. (Given this is the 2 set as well. My suggestion as mentioned earlier, if you wish to keep the idea of less rested exp lost. Perhaps make this 6 set piece something like. ‘x% of quest exp gets turned into rested exp.’ be it a small amount would go far. Or, even as others mentioned, ‘gain rested exp at a faster rate/outside of cities while out of combat.’ )

None of these give massive boosts to gameplay, they’re not game breaking levels of OP, but they don’t need to be. However, the current(original at the time of writing), suggestions, seem weak at best, or nearly worthless at worst.

I think the only really acceptable way to decide what these bonuses should be is to have some poll to determine what everyone’s top 3 preferred bonuses are and then implement the overall top 3 chosen by the current subscriber base.

Then again, “you think you do, but you don’t.” :cloud_with_snow:

Honestly these set “bonuses” are just adding insult to injury.

I wasn’t all that annoyed with the change (personally) to begin with, but what they’re adding just seems more out of spite on their end lol.


They can’t be serious with these bonuses.


Would be nice for sure. But once you replace those loom boots with upgrades, it’s back to snail pace movement speed lol. Mages do have blink,or shimmer ya, but poor ole warlocks have to take a talent that can kill them, if they want any kind of mobility lol.

Health is just another resource pool for locks. Plus I think the fear of loss would be worse than the loss itself. It’d be neat to have in the open world, not so much in dungeons where a fuss will be made if someone isn’t in heirlooms.

Honestly it would suprise me if they legit couldn’t think of a good idea and just threw this bad one out there to gage the community reaction to it and then take one of the better ideas they see people posting right now to change it.

These are just laughably bad. Where is blizzards ingenuity? Heirlooms should be interact with leveling in a fun way that decreases leveling time slightly through utility and quality of life improvements. Run speed on kill, lowering hearthstone cooldown. Timed flight form on a cooldown etc

The logic behind these dont even make sense

You take out increased xp gain for a reason, then just put a worse one in, why? If they needed some ideas why not make a forum post to fish for some?


They are so bad it’s funny, but what is funnier is people thinking they will have their gold refunded. :rofl: come on, you know that’ll never happen.

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