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That groups of AU draenei like the Rangari and the like, not only did not side with Yrel and her forces, but actively oppose them as much as the Mag’har do. They have even aided the escape of several orcs and even draenei from Yrel’s clutches. Because they were sort of outsiders in draenei society, they were better able to see the effect blind worship in the Light was doing to their people and knew they had to fight back.

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All Lightforge dranaei have glowing butts.

(Jakkø) #69

Adventurers require licenses to adventure. They’re basically privateers - baring letters of marque signed by the High King or Warchief, they have legal reign to go pretty much wherever they want, so long as they give their respective factions a cut of the spoils.

This is also why warlocks can have demons out in public and how death knights and demon hunters can just roam the streets freely without much harassment from the guards - being privateers, there is, legally speaking, jack all guards can do to arrest them unless they’re caught committing a crime.

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Not mine, but in the old thread someone headcanoned that orcs are secretly horrified by dogs and I love that.

Human: “Behold! I have made a golden retriever!”
Orc: “You ruined a perfectly good wolf is what you did! Look at it. It’s got hip dysplasia.”


The Kul Tiran Tidemother is Azeroth. For some reason or another, perhaps intermingling with the Drust and therefore having more “titanic” blood, Kul Tiran can sometimes display an uncanny ability to hear the words and thoughts of the nascent titan.

Azeroth is now really miffed that Azshara has usurped her place as Tidemother.

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Yeah, that was me I think.

I’m just imagining all the Orcs looking at Perky Pugs like “What is this rat-thing good for?” until somebody mentioned it was a dog, and that dogs were the domesticated descendants of wolves.

And there’s this pregnant pause as every Orc in the room turns to look at the speaker, squints and all of them loudly say “WAT?”

And there’s support groups as the Orcs try to help the Pugs get in touch with their ‘inner wolf’ and Shattered Hand agents are sent out to try and find the ones purposefully destroying wolves to make these ‘abominations’, all the while the Sin’dorei, Forsaken and Goblins are alternating between face-palming and desperately trying to not laugh.

And I’m laughing my head off as I imagine the day that a Pug manages to get a leg over a sleeping Worg and the pups come out, and the horrified, traumatized expressions on the surrounding Orcs’ faces as they realize they are going to have to rear and look after these things for the rest of their lives.

And thus the term ‘lap-dog’ became the worst thing you could ever say to an Orc.

That said, I wonder if, given that a Corgi is at least a ‘working’ dog, if they’d be more acceptable as a ‘baby’s first worg’ pet for a young Orc, or if there’s a cultural thing where Orcs and Pups are reared together to help form that life-long bond Raiders are known for with their mounts?

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While this would be super cool, I’m not sure Worgs live long enough for that. But fantasy.

Otherwise, I recall in the Thrall book Wolves chose their own companion, as opposed to it being them being reared together. That was, however, the Frostwolf clan - we don’t actually know how the Warsong clan does it, or the other clans who use worgs, so it’s hard to say.

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Are we allowed to revive this? Ah, whatever, I’m doin’ it. Because the Alliance need SOME kind of “morally grey” moment…

After doing the first wing of Battle for Dazar’alor on LFR last night, I found it a bit odd that there were Alliance Forces positioned in the Zoccalo. Not only is that the opposite side of the city from the harbor, which is much more strategically important, but that’s almost exclusively a civilian area. I suppose forces are deployed there to block off the city’s northern entrances to delay the returning Horde armies from Nazmir, but still, I was surprised the normally honorable Alliance would risk civilian casualties.

Then I remembered who, specifically, was operating in that area.

The Dark Iron Dwarves.

It makes sense at first. Their mole machines made them the pragmatic choice for reaching and securing the northern half of the city before the Horde could return from Nazmir. These are likely the same Dark Irons who’ve been managing the Xibalba outpost, waiting on the main attack for months so they can do their part.

Of course, the problem was that deploying a force with a history of dirty tactics to such a civilian-heavy area was a war crime waiting to happen.

Upon arriving in the Zoccalo, most Dark Irons chose to do what they do best, and generally act like a bunch of bastards. They terrorized the civilian populace, set fire to several carts and stands, and of course, they plundered the taverns for every drop of brew they could find.

For many traumatized Zandalari, the Dark Irons are the face of the Alliance and half the reason they would later swear loyalty to the Horde.

(Autai) #75

That there is a faith in the Light rift between Draenei and Lightforged.


It was pointed out to me by another player that Orcs were designed by the titans to fight plantlife so it became my headcanon that deforestation is sort of a primal instinct for them, hence their clearcutting ashenvale and torching Gor’grond in the alternate universe. They naturally struggle to co-exist peacefully with wildlands and are least destructive in plains, deserts or mountains where they don’t have to contend with their deep seated urge to chop and burn all the plant life.


Which is why it’s really dumb they didn’t have the Flowerpicker Clan in WoD.


I like to think that DK’s are too terribly common in an IC capacity. A holdover from a guild I was in some years back that had their own specialized subcanon. A lot of what they did made sense.


There are several reasons portals have not completely replaced conventional long distance travel.

One is a very common fear of portals. Mages are ripping the very fabric of reality to create them, and portals have been known not only to fail but also to be hijacked by another source, as we’ve seen with Oculeth’s whole shenanigans. Plus many common folk just don’t see magic a lot in general, so it is a little scary to them.

Another reason is that keeping a portal open can have drastic side effects on ecosystems. Not only people can pass through them, and if left unattended, a portal can release a lot of air from one part of the world to the next, causing massive temperature shifts. Not only that, but seeds and spores carried in the wind can cause extremely dangerous situations with invasive species, particularly in a world where plants can eat you.

My other headcanon comes from something that came up during an RP I had, and comes from what I believe might be an earlier headcanon someone else posted from long ago. Elves have really sensitive ears and are prone to straining themselves. As a result, they really, really like it when someone massages them. It’s like getting a back rub to them.

(Axiann) #80

To add to that, I imagine portals require a LOT of power and skill.

Power: the amount of energy required to rip the fabric of space and connect two points in the space-time continuum is great, and in fact grows greater the further away the other location is. Lore-wise, I imagine that’S why we often see two mage NPCS channeling portals we can use. Permanent portals exist, such as in Dalaran, to capital cities, but they are maintained and powered by an energy source of some kind, that needs to be checked on and re-charged, perhaps daily.

Skill: portal-spells are created using coordinates. I think there is quite a bit of proof of this in game. The most convincing for me is the portal to Old Dal. That particular spell was created when Dalaran was in Alterac. The spell leads to where the inner chamber of the Violet Gate once stood. And the spell still leads there, except the building, street and ground are gone. Lore-wise, the spell to Northrend Dalaran would now drop you high above Crystalsong Forest.

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Malfurion is dead. Xavius switched places with him and just wanted us to THINK we won!!!

(Axiann) #82

Another one I just thought of: major battles take as long, in-game, as it takes for all the LFR wings to open up.

So the Battle for Dazar’alor has begun… there’s chaos in the streets, all that fun stuff… the Horde have been called back from Nazmir to try and get the Alliance out… but it’s ongoing, and will be until the Tuesday when LFR last wing will unlock.

Same with zones and expac launches. We characters may get through 3 zones in about as many days if we’re paying casually, but it actually takes Horde and Alliance champions weeks… several weeks… to get through all those missions, battles, etc.

Might sound excessive to say that a raid takes about 6 weeks… but really it would be half that, because while expacs last 2 years for us, most last only one year lore-wise. The two-days to one, ratio can help to make up for the times when we are logged off.

(Olsev) #83

In all seriousness, it’s my firm belief that the Alliance keeps armed guards stationed at all their graveyards, for fear of Horde forces sneaking a corpse collector in that’s looking for spare parts or a quick army to raise.


Say, what do people think of resurrection in an RP context, anyway?

Kiur rose a DK once in a guild, ye olde’ tyme ago… And it was treated as a big deal. Took a lot of energy and power and proved Kiur is a very potent DK (as well as showing the guild that I’m a decent writer/player). It wasn’t even met with applause, but a lot of inner-guild debate and it was a great time and people OOCly approved.

However I do wonder, do priest-players have an easier time of it? Is it abused during events at all? How does one justify the OOC rule “this character will die, don’t try to res them” in an IC context?

(Jakkø) #85

I like to think of in-game resurrection spells as essentially resuscitation with magic - it only really works on the recently deceased, as in you’ve only got a window of a few minutes to act before you’ve lost them for good.

(Velothra) #86

Even this is not consistent. In Wrath you stitch someone back together and raise them. I can’t remember what other stuff you needed but they were outright in pieces and could still come back. There’s probably other examples. It seems to me like it’s totally in the realm case by case basis. In the meta sense, it depends on what fits the narrative better.

My headcanon with resurrections is that not only does it take a powerful spell but powerful and probably rare reagents. And even then you’re not going to get it for sure. Like I said it’s really a case by case basis.