Headcanon 2⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

(Cannibal) #1

Remember that first one? That was a good thread. Let’s do that again.

What’s your favorite piece of headcanon that helps build out the world we love RPing in?

(Ellivara) #2

I usually use a magic system from one of my favorite series, since there’s little to no detail in WoW’s own. Makes it a bit awkward when I encounter other people who do the same with a different system. xD

(Milladee) #3

why is there a seemingly massive amount of space after the 2 in the title of this thread

(Cannibal) #4

Because Blizzard requires a thread title be at least 15 characters, and Headcanon 2 is four short.

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(Ursuola) #5

Night elves eat kimchi.

Living in Stormwind is sort of like living in New York in the Marvel universe. Nothing phases you anymore.

The subtleties of draenei gender would take a hundred-page dissertation to explain.

The Alliance as a whole has a “bill of rights” style document that most members are surprisingly good about respecting. Among other things, it guarantees a right to literacy; learning to read and write is completely free, which is why there are very few if any quests where literacy in Common is an issue.

(Azhaar) #6

This is actually canon, there’s a cooking daily in Darnassus about kimchi.

My headcanon is that night elves eat bugs. Kaldorei spider kabobs are a thing and obviously made from the great big giant ones, but it logically follows that they’re not squeamish about the smaller, more abundant, easily-gathered little protein sources squirming around.

(Ellivara) #7

Oh, I also headcanoned in a while ago as a running gag that there’s something wrong with the water people drink in the city. Thanks for reminding me about that!

(Enekie) #8

Monogamy is exceptionally puzzling as a concept to most Night Elves, it simply not making much sense with them being as long-lived as they are. Malfurion and Tyrande’s union is considered unusual, exceptionally strong and a little weird.

(Azhaar) #9

I hadn’t considered it but I kinda like this one. Add in a pretty gendered society until very recently and a significant chunk of them being comatose at any given time and “till death do us part” starts to look pretty unworkable in their circumstances.


I’ve never liked how bouncy Trolls are when riding raptors, but when I completed the 20 day quest to attain Venomhide Ravasaur in Un’Goro with my Goblin, I decided I “really” like the Goblin/raptor pairing. ALL of my Goblins ride raptors and my Trolls ride something else.

(Gentarn) #11

Oh boy, here I go again …

  1. Spells can be cast ‘as is’, but properly trained spellcasters know that using reagents and other ‘tools’ is the best way to make the spell stronger, be cast faster or otherwise adjusted to suit the spellcaster. So when a truly skilled mage comes at you and they reach for their reagent pouch, run.

  2. There are a number of Humans, Dwarves and High Elves who grew up in Outland, courtesy of the mix of genders in the people who went into Draenor to stop the Horde’s second invasion. Many of them only recently discovered Azeroth during the Burning Crusade War, and still struggle to accept that the green lands of Elwynn Forest, Stromgarde and Quel’thalas are their actual homes, rather than the fel-blasted landscape of Hellfire Peninsula. Many of these people ended up serving the Alliance as scouts or advance forces because of their aptitude for surviving in such a dire landscape translates quite well to infiltrating the lands commonly held by the Horde or other threats to the Alliance.

  3. Tauren of Kalimdor long assumed the Night Elves abandoned them to the Centaur out of some diplomatic issue or simply that Tyrande stopped caring. In truth, Tyrande was looking after the Tauren that she owed a debt to … the descendants of Huln Highmountain. On the Broken Isles. The Highmountain Tribes of Kalimdor shared no blood relation to Huln himself, and thus Tyrande merely extended courtesy to them and felt no remorse retracting her people’s friendship from them during whatever disaster that caused the original break between the Tauren of Kalimdor and the Night Elves.
  1. Side Note: Ironically, if you play through the Druid Campaign in Legion on any race other than a Highmountain Tauren, there is not a single Highmountain Tauren amongst the NPCs of the Druid’s Class Hall. Their connection to the Druidic ways are either their own, granted through their own connection to Cenarius and Malorne, or whatever disaster caused the Night Elves and Tauren to part ways in the Cenarion Circle originated ON the Broken Shore and the Kalimdor Tauren were simply left adrift in the fallout and, due to constantly being hunted down by the Centaur and their tradition of orally passing down their history or on long tapestries that would be difficult to pack up in a hurry with the Centaur bearing down on a tribe, the actual truth of the event has been lost to time for the Kalimdor Tauren and the Highmountain Tauren and Night Elves both refuse to speak of it.

  1. Goblin society is unfortunately based upon a history of slavery, and this has affected them even once freed from the Trolls who forced their ancestors to mine for Kajamite. During the long wait for their numbers to build up, for their weapons to be painstakingly built and hidden until they had enough power to overthrow their masters and said masters to grow sloppy and overconfident enough for the rebellion to begin, almost no Goblins had ever been introduced to a society that wasn’t either slavery-based or functioned in a normal, healthy way. For the Goblins, every relationship from national interactions down to purely personal ones hinged on who owned what and who owed what to somebody else. A tight, manically complicated web of social interactions based upon ownership, physical wealth, and a very fluid interpretation of what ‘contractual obligations’ meant, came to dominate their society. There was also no social stigma from selling one’s self into bondage, so long as you were able to negotiate the contract to ensure your eventual release. After all, the only thing a Goblin could truly own was themselves, and leveraging that to gain access to something that would allow them to own more goods, money and influence in exchange for a short period of service seemed like a good deal. Unfortunately, as the Kajamite began to run dry, those who kept their private stockpiles under lock and key soon became the smartest Goblins around, and were soon able to think circles around their fellow Goblins, amassing small armies of their fellows who had bartered and bargained their services to these new social ‘leaders’, either in perpetuity or with heavy consequences for failing to uphold those contracts. These ‘leaders’ would eventually adopt Human naming conventions for their new roles as leaders of their people, becoming the first ‘Trade Princes’ that rallied their indentured ‘hirelings’ and minions to new ventures and profitable deals, all the while allowing clear loop-holes that would allow intelligent or scheming minions to advance up the ranks, but generally not far enough for these ‘up and comers’ to eventually surpass their masters. Unfortunately for the original Trade Princes, they weren’t entirely successful and a great conflict erupted across Kezan as a new generation of Trade Princes, flush with wealth of their own and a burning desire to forge their own paths across Azeroth, rose up. Civil war blossomed just a few short decades after the Goblins overthrew their Troll slave-masters and Trade Princes, both new and old, found themselves and their minions evicted from Kezan and forced to settle across the Eastern Kingdoms and beyond, developing a complex and bitterly contested network of dubious partnerships and mercantile feuds across most of the known world.

(Eiridiel) #12

Tauren are a titan-forged race and related to doomguards:

Doomguards were once titan servants of the Titans, serving to police magic. As a result, they would be all over the place not just on Azeroth. There was a tauren-like race on Argus, according to dialogue. I think its possible that the race doomguards belong to might of been there, in an observing function or to police eredar magic, but were hunted actively by the Eredar. They may have been altered on Argus, or not, who can say? Those that were on Azeroth would of been effected by the curse of flesh and fell into decline, in time becoming the Yaungol, then the Tauren and Taunka. Their prior nature as policers of magic may be a reason why we don’t see them delve at all into the Arcane despite theoretical titan origins, favoring magics that depend on a relationship with its source (Shamanism, Druidism, ect.).

This is just an idea of course. Don’t believe it? Look close at a Tauren and a Doomguard, and small details like number of fingers.

(Sarestha) #13

The reason that many free-willed undead Forsaken, including Sylvanas, are ‘evil’ is because they no longer have those wonderful little brain chemicals flowing to produce emotion. Happiness? Sadness? Even guilt? Not always there, unless you’re specifically trying to feel them I guess. So if you don’t feel emotion anymore, becoming a genocidal maniac isn’t a hard thing. You really don’t care about it.

I don’t RP that for Sarestha directly… she still feels, in her way. But it’s why I think so many good Lordaeronians suddenly became evil maniacs.

Also AU Draenor is part of our universe now - the Dark Portal crossed time and space to bring it into our reality, which is why it has temporally aligned with us. It’s now a part of our reality, for better or for worse, and is no longer an alternate timeline that’ll just fade away.

(Mystfire) #14

My undead rogue doesn’t kneel to Sylvanas. Not on any moral grounds. He just has a problem with authority. And I like to think most rogues are like that in the forsaken. And that she doesn’t order them. She unleashes them.

I think some blood elves remember their time as Highborne. They remember magic changing their bodies into whAt they are now, and when they face night elves look down on them like the poor servant caste trying to feel important. I think Void Elves would be troubled especially cause their new allies used to be beneath them. And now the servants are the unofficial masters of the hierarchy.


There are no ducks in WoW. My headcannon for that though is that there -were- ducks a very long time ago, however they were so viscous, savage, demonic hellspawn that they were purposefully wiped out from existence. Not even the Old Gods or Void Lords could compare with the threat of the ducks!

Oh and that druids/shamans are used as industrial labor, with unions and all that. They keep the cities clean and work in tandem to feed the various factions to keep them from starvation due to the near yearly apocalyptic event. All done in the background of course.

(Azhaar) #18

Azerothian corgis were bred by gnomes as hunting companions and guard animals.

(Ellivara) #19

I’m getting my Gnome a corgi now. This is perfect.

(Gentarn) #20

I am still waiting on my Dire Echidnas for Hunter Pets that don’t look like the mangy, shameful mess that is the porcupine model that WoW uses.

That said, tameable Corgi when? If we’ve got Basset Hounds now, why not Corgi and …


(Ellivara) #21

War Corgi! We can have Corgi mounts, Corgi Hunter pets. It’s -perfect-.

(Nethielle) #22

Since Draenei are ‘goats’ I headcanon that they’re actually exceptional climbers and can perch in highly precarious places that shouldn’t be feasible given their size.

Draenei children are the WORST though. They’ll climb any and everything. Races not prepared for it will sometimes see Draenei Toddlers that have managed to climb into dangerously high places and panic.

Draenei adults however, don’t see what all the fuss is about.