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(Ariiah) #43

I’ve actually considered the possibility that Kuuden himself was once Man’ari, though …whether I’ll actually go that route or not I’ve left up in the air for now. A lot of his history is deliberately vague, he doesn’t know his true age, that sort of thing. So …it could happen in a stunning reveal! Or it won’t.

I already have a Void Beast trying to be a real Draenei, so :stuck_out_tongue:

(Jakkø) #44

This one’s more of a chronological headcanon - sequence of events and all.

After doing the three primary storylines on Zandalar, the Horde Champion was called home to Orgrimmar to go on a quest to recruit the Mag’har. After that was done, they returned to Zandalar to find dire news - the Blood Trolls had regrouped and were now launching a massive attack on Zuldazar’s northern border.

Cue the Zandalar Forever scenario. Blood trolls invade the city of Dazar’alor and destroy the Great Seal. Though Rastakhan slew Zul, the attack didn’t really end there. Mythrax still stood, and was getting ready to finish off the city…

When an Iron Star collided with his head.

Suddenly, Iron Skyreavers swarmed around the giant like wasps, hurling fireballs at him. Wolf Riders poured into the streets of the Zocalo and beat back the blood troll army, gronn-mounted artillery harrowing the retreating blood trolls. It was even too much for Mythrax to withstand, as he too retreated back to Nazmir, gravely wounded.

The Mag’har had arrived, and saved Dazar’alor.

Not only that, but they continued chasing the blood trolls all the way to Nazmir, and served as the tip of the spear as the Horde began laying siege to Uldir.

(Versca) #45

This is a concept I might role with for my Draenei priest, I’m also scraping off from someone else’s headcanon from a thread long gone.

Though I don’t know if the cats outta the bag yet regarding this knowledge but I headcanon up until the events in Legion the Naaru’s void form was a guarded secret among the Draenei. Though rumours of it have circles about it’s a mostly taboo subject. I imagine that it’s simply not a very known among most folks and there’s a lot of denial from the most devote followers on the Naaru (FAKE NEWS).

Yet, there’s a circle of priests that dabble in void magic and study from this side of the Naaru. They worked closely with astro-mages navigating the darkness during the Draenei’s voyage. They also were the priests associated with the dead, often prepare the deceased for the after life. Later when the Draenei settled on Draenor, these priests created Auchindoun and continued their work preparing the dead and their souls for the after life.

Most of this knowledge regarding this priest sect was lost when the rampaged across the planet.

Anyway it’s bit like how some folks have headcanon that shadow priest among the Night Elves are associated with the dark cycles of the moon. Draenei shadow priest are similar in that they’re associated with the void form of the Naaru and darkness between the stars.

I’ve thought about this for a Lightforged character but I think it’ll be too hard of a concept for me to RP :frowning: It really puts an interesting spin on Lightforged though and honestly wish that was more of the canon behind them to separate them a bit from the OG Draenei.

(Naiea) #46

To offer friendly counterpoints to the Lightforged-population theories, my own headcanon is that the greatest strength of the Lightforged was (key word: was, to be explained) that they were really, really, really freaking resilient. Thanks to themselves, and their healers especially, directly tapping into the power of Xe’ra, they were able to recover from grievous injuries that no healer of Azeroth would be able to heal (unless another deity-level being was giving them a boost, but that tends to be rare). If a Lightforged managed to keep themself in one piece, even after being skewered by a felguard or blasted by a pit lord, they could recover in time. Therefore the Lightforged managed to maintain a reasonable population within the Xenedar as they fought across the cosmos, as the beacon technology combined with their hit and run tactics (rather than fighting needlessly to hold any one ground…which, unfortunately, meant they would never commit fully to save an in-progress Legion invasion, as the outcome was already decided, even if it took the Legion centuries to conquer yet another world), meant that it was relatively easy for Lightforged to retreat with their injured comrades. And thus while the veteran Lightforged are certainly among the greatest of paladins and other classes, they’re still not superhuman (superdraenei?) more any other experienced mortal champion. Millennia old or not, there’s still hard limits of how fast a mortal body can move or how much magical power they can produce from their bodies. And once Xe’ra was weakened by casting her Heart to Azeroth, the Lightforged were no longer able to draw such miraculous healing Light from her, and their causalities began to mount rapidly over the course of their initial campaign to weaken Argus in preparation for the arrival of Azeroth’s champions.

And so, while the Lightforged have never let the deaths of their brethren falter them, it is a solemn occasion to note and pay respect of, at least when they have the luxury of time to mourn. Unfortunately, the war on Azeroth has reminded them all the more of their mortality as more of their kin fall even after the greatest and impossible of victories at Argus, and reinforced the regrettable need to forge more of their Exodar cousins in Light. One day, such a rite will no longer be necessary. Or at least that is what they pray for.

(Also, I too was rolling with the notion that Lightforged require less of the mortal necessities (though I went with less, not removed entirely) of food, water, and sleep. They are also more resistant to fatigue and the effects of extreme heat or cold (but limits do still exist, to be sure), to say nothing of their nigh-unbreakable morale. The power of the Light could cleanse fel tainted water from the planets they were on and meat from the beasts that managed to survive on Legion worlds, but obviously harvesting such things is a challenge nonetheless. Ultimately, the Light sustains, or at least for a decent amount of time. Basically, reinforcing the above point that the Lightforge’s greatest (and conveniently not super overpowered) strength is their resilience able to fight an endless war.

(Versca) #47

I sorta like this because honestly, I had assumed Lightforging was essentially a type of super power buff that had to come from Xe’ra or at least a prime Naaru. Which made Xe’ra’s death have a bit more weight to it, especially Turalyon’s reaction was like BRAH YOU DOOMED US ALL at Illidan. You can also see that his eye colour changed from gold back to brown? That might not mean anything thow.

Yet now it seems like anyone can just lightforge whatever they want without the aid of a prime Naaru. So it kinda loses an edge to whatever edge they may have had??

(Milladee) #48

S.E.L.F.I.E. sticks are banned at the Darkmoon Faire for safety reasons.

There are as many underwater Troll ruins as there are Kaldorei ruins, it’s just that the main points of interest lie within the latter due to frequent naga occupation.

(Ariiah) #49

Yeah Lightforging seems to be in a bit of an odd place there, doesn’t it? Though maybe it could be said that certain Lightforging techniques differ. Xe’ra was a powerful Naaru, the Prime (or A Prime Naaru) and no doubt she was able to make use of a particularly refined form of Lightforging.

The Light sustaining the Lightforged to some degree does make some sense too; it’d have made it easier for them to function on less food.

…which is why two of my Lightforged Draenei’s gained a tad more weight on reaching Azeroth. They got a taste of the fine foods! And Kuuden is rather fond of drinking Bourbon, now.

The Naaru Void form being a little known thing outside of the Draenei and even being taboo among certain circles is interesting to me …though I seem to remember a time when there were RP circles out there dedicated to talking about Light and Void philosophies and most seemed to come to some agreement on there being good in there being both Light and Void states; something about a balance?

Balance is something I tend to try to center my own magic headcanons on, and certainly it seems to be the case with what Blizzard is doing with the story in so far as too much of any magic seems to have negative effects.


Death Knights can aid allies in ways that don’t involve slaughtering enemies left and right, though few acknowledge or bother to do so.

Say you’re in a dire situation where someone among your group is dealt a grievous wound, but there’s no healer readily available who can save them in time. A Frost Death Knight could chill their bodies, lowering the temperature enough to slow heart and breathing, and stabilize them for a period until proper menders can assist.

“Blood” Death Knights may be even more proficient at this, if you consider their haemokinetic abilities ( The “Blood Drinker” attack draws blood straight out of the target to replenish the caster’s health ). Halting blood-loss? Perhaps an exceptional Blood DK with a greater medical knowledge could even perform transfusions between a donor and recipient.

(Jakkø) #51

There is a subspecies of naga who practice a type of “druidism” that venerates life in the ocean. They dwell in coral reefs, hang out with sea creatures, and generally don’t like to affiliate with Azshara, as they see her war against the surface world as being needlessly destructive. However, they will not hesitate to attack any surface dwellers who come into the ocean looking for a fight.

These naga more closely resemble their kal’dorei cousins, but are still basically snake-fish from the waist down.

(Milladee) #52

Elune is a fragment of Azeroth’s world soul, something akin to her sister, much in the same way the Earth’s moon was hypothesized to be formed by the debris after a collision between the Earth and a Mars-sized celestial body. Elune is a separate soul from Azeroth, yet is intrinsically linked with it and chooses to be its guardian.

Why Elune chose the night elves is anyone’s guess.

(Ellivara) #53

Oh, that reminds me of an actual headcanon I head.

Warlocks are able to use the health funnel spell in reverse - instead of draining someone’s health to heal themselves, they’re able to drain their own health to heal someone else. This can be obtained via specialized training, or rune-crafting. It’s just not seen because it’s not considered an obvious use of the spell, and most Warlocks would probably never actually -do- it.

(Enrik) #54

My head canon is that Stormwind is actually a very nice place to live for the most part and the Stormwind Guard do a good job of keeping the peace around the city.

(Nethielle) #55

Kind of a goofy one, but it makes me chuckle.

As we all know, Pandaren have the racial ‘Bouncy’ which lessens damage they take from falls. I personally headcannon that Pandaren are born with this trait. Most likely as a form of protection when the race first came into being as a means to protect their vulnerable young.

What this means is that Pandaren parents are really prone to just dropping their kids. A lot. On purpose.

Need to pick something up but got a baby in your arms? Drop it. Want to pass your kid to their mom so you can take care of some other business? Heck, just toss 'em. They don’t care.

A bouncing baby Panda is virtually unharmed when dropped on the ground from their parents arms due to this innate ability. So it’s not uncommon to see one hit the ground harmlessly and keep on giggling.

To the surprise of literally nobody, the first witnessed instance of this habit was met with terror, concern, and maybe a bit of rage because who just up and drops an infant? As a result Pandaren are kept a careful eye on when handling children not of their own race, lest they forget and slip into old habits. Then it’d really be a mess.

Asking a Pandaren if they were dropped as a child, will always be met with a chipper ‘Yes!’.


The Sisterhood of Elune and the Church of the Holy Light actually have close ties. They’ve been working together since the Third War, starting with members of the Silver Hand working alongside the priestesses of Elune to use holy magic against undead and demons. With both being faithful warriors with an emphasis on martial skill as well, the two orders got along famously.

Since joining the Alliance, their relationship has only increased. They work together to protect the Alliance and its lands from corruptive sources, such as necromancers or twilight cultists. In fact, it is not an uncommon sight in Stormwind to see a paladin and a priestess of Elune working together to oust what remains of the twilight cult in the city. This has been even more reinforced since the loss of Teldrassil, where the Church happily opened its doors to the Darnassian refugees and allowed priestesses to work from the Cathedral of the Light.

This bond has been one of the main reasons Tyrande decided to join the Alliance following the Third War.

(Jakkø) #57

As the last living Drakkari Loa, all of her brothers and sisters either dead for good or lost in the Emerald Dream, Har’koa the Snow Leopard finds herself in a curious position.

With the Drakkari all but wiped out, she had thought that she had no worshippers left. However, she still feels the power of offerings coming from Zandalar - the Frostmane and Winteraxe tribes pray to her in droves, fueled by desperation, knowing that with all the other Drakkari Loa dead, she is their last hope of salvation.

For a while, she has been ignoring these prayers - still stung by her worshippers’ betrayal all those years ago. But with the deaths of Rezan, Shadra, and Hir’eek, the situation on Zandalar is becoming increasingly dire. The trolls are running out of lights to guide them through the darkness.

In fact, her far-flung brother, Kimbul, has been pleading with Har’koa to return to her people, who need her now more than ever. Years in exile have injected what is left of the Drakkari with the necessary dose of humility, and that they have suffered enough for their crimes. And if not the Drakkari, she should at least be the Loa to the lesser frost troll tribes.

Har’koa scoffed at Kimbul’s request for aid at first. But perhaps in the near future, when the Drakkari remnants are ready to admit their fault and beg for forgiveness, perhaps then she will return to them…


Everything lore-wise past the original vanilla WoW timeline has been a (very bad) dream. Whose dream? Doesn’t matter. Probably Thrall’s.

(Jakkø) #59

Headcanon born of watching the Rastakhan’s Rumble Trailer for the umpteenth time.

You know that one part where the Drakkari Troll, like, SLAMS his totem to summon the Spirit of Akali like he’s a frigging anime character?

That’s something every troll with powerful voodoo does - they carry around totems imbued with the power of their patron loa, and if they get into a jam, they SLAM IT into the ground all theatric-like and get a power-up.


My biggest headcannon is that not all warriors are angry 24/7. Some of us are a depressed and just need a drink.

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(Fortea) #65

The Warlock ability “Unending Breath” doesn’t actually make you breathe underwater.

It uses dark magic to force your heart to continue to pump even after oxygen has left your lungs. It keeps you alive, but all the while you are suffocating for as long as you need be underwater. Because of this, few beginner Warlocks can handle the agony and sensation of drowning and maintain control of their functions. Most go into a panic.

It is an effective means of torture, as a victim will not pass out from the experience. It is essentially a worse version of water boarding.

Shadow Mend and other Void abilities do not “heal” like the Light does or like Nature magic does.

Instead of knitting wounds together by speeding up natural regrowth, Void healing just stops the wound from existing like an eraser. While the individual is “healed” the pain from the wound still remains, sometimes amplified if sensitive to the magic type. The pain can last hours after the healing, sometimes longer than it would normally be. Careless use of it can also lead to amputation or accidentally “deleting” limbs off or fingers away, hence why Light and Nature are sought after for healing far more than Void.

(Jakkø) #66

During the Mag’har Recruitment Scenario, I found it suspect that the Bronze Dragonflight to aid the Horde so readily. Dragons rarely get involved in the petty wars between mortals, and when they do, they usually side with the Alliance. So why is Anachronos helping the Horde so eagerly? Furthermore, why do they seem content with all these AU mag’har running about Azeroth, as they are basically walking talking time pollution?

Answer - he needs the mag’har for something.

The moment he sees the Horde PC walk into his cavern, he thinks to himself “Ah - so we’re in THIS timeline then.” The timeline in which an army of mag’har will become necessary to defend Azeroth at some point. Perhaps the mag’har will be Nozdormu’s chief weapon against the Infinite Dragonflight.

For their part, many mag’har confess a fascination with the Bronze Dragonflight. A few even believe their people owe the Bronze Dragons a debt - though it was the Horde who rescued their people, it was the Bronze Dragons who made that rescue possible in the first place.

The mag’har are aware that the Bronze Dragonflight may need their aid sometime in the future. And they will stand ready to settle their debt.