Havent received gold for wow token

I bought and sold a wow token in the AH and havent received any mail or gold 36 hours later, am I doing something wrong?

That purchase didn’t finalize, Natsocodins. Check account management on the purchase.


no, you were fine. we have some problems here too also.

when i try to click on the wow token, it won’t work. we having problems adding time to the account or battle net balance.

Just to check, you bought this token on the auction house? And in classic or retail?

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i bought it in the auction house. it was not in classic. i bought it using gold but that was it.

ours is different from here.

I see 3 unused tokens, Krestan. On your priest, pali and druid.

My first suggestion would be a full relog - both game and launcher.

If that doesn’t help, a proper reset UI may be in order.


yes. that is correct. i will try that.

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wow token was last released from warlords of draenor when that came out; but now it stopped. the developers need to rework the problem. people want to use it to add time.

I’m confused as to the issue you’re having. OP had a token they bought to sell on the auction house. You should 3 tokens on different characters to convert to game time. Depending on where you live you might not be able to convert to balance. I’d start by resetting your ui to see if the issue is local.


yes. i think they made a mistake stop using wow tokens. people were confused. this is why. once it gets resolved. the problem stops.

When you are in game can you use the token, and if not is there a error message?


Vast magority of players dont have issues with tokens ive used them both for gold and game time without issues.

However if you want a change id sugfest using the ingame suggestion feature id acoid general.

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They have not stopped using WoW Tokens. Did you check your characters that Orlyia (a Blizzard employee) told you had the Tokens in their bags?


yes i did. i have them. it won’t let me use them.

Are you seeing any type of error message when you attempt to use the Token?

yes. there was a problem with wow token last month. i saw the announcement about it when logging in.

But what error message are YOU seeing when YOU attempt to use the Tokens on your Paladin, Priest, and Druid? You say you cannot use them, why? You should see some type of error message when you click to use them and they don’t work.

Did you do the Full UI Reset as suggested by Orlyia to rule out any issues with your game files?

Please note, this is not the same as disabling addons OR doing a /reload of your UI.