Have the dev's mentioned

Yea I just miss the ignore button funny thing is I’ve been playing since the tail end of vanilla and now all the sudden they put these features in 2019 lol I also think that they should make it sub only like it used to be save time on a ton of trolling and arguing. It is nice that they aren’t broken all the time or timing out.

Yea your a self hating we get it you can say all you want you have never been reported banned etc nobody cares it’s no way to prove otherwise. Just the some I can say I’m some random celebrity I mean what’s that prove.

Self hating? Care to elaborate?

You abhor trolls while at the same time being one is rich and hypocritical I think you meant you adore them.

Legacy servers for TBC and Wrath would split the ‘classic’ playerbase.

Also, I said if they were to add content, it has to be the same design as vanilla. If they aren’t gonna follow the vanilla design all the way through then I’d rather not split the base with TBC and wrath servers (though i started in wrath and it still is the best time I’ve had in WoW to date). That is my personal opinion.

I also think once Nax is out Blizz should follow Jagex style of development on classic and institute a poll for players to vote on the future. The base that fought for classic should vote on its future.

You let players vote and you’ll have every convenience you can think of. Players don’t know what they want. They’ll ask for something and then complain about the ramifications. See: Current WoW.

Of those four options only #3 and #4 would fall under “Classic+” Options 1 and 2 would be “WoW2” all things considered.

Option 1 has other issues that make viability questionable(no humans, no orcs, no tauren, no gnomes, etc).
Option 2 is intriguing, but presents “lore problems” among other things. It would potentially be a fascinating game to play, but it would also not be particularly easy to balance out PvP wise, among other things. The Alliance basically HAS to lose up to a point, after which the Horde HAS to lose instead.(and be evil)

It would be a fascinating story to see play out, but they’d need to redesign zones from the ground up. (Continuity problems) And they’d also need to phase the ever-living daylights out of it. And given how much players just love phasing, that’s not going to go over very well.

Honestly, I think the 10/25 man dynamic saved WoW. I think WotLK was a bridge too far, but TBC was a good middle ground. I don’t think the 40 man dynamic was long-term viable for the game. 25 was far more sustainable.

From a PvP standpoint, the only major complaint I had with TBC was flying mounts. There were some other minor “simplification” that happened (largely due to arenas, but not entirely) which should have been avoided. But those were overall minor. In that respect, BFA ultimately DID do something they should have back in TBC. They split the game and introduced mechanics that work one way for PvE and ones that work a very different way for PvP (or only in PvP)

i keep forgetting to add the pretense that spawns classic+ . its a bit goofy but basically, chromie has the temporal discombobulator dialed to vanilla timeline for classic and accidentally drops it, after creating the timeline for classic players. when she drops it, it creates an alternate timeline that can literally start and stop whereever, whenever, future, past, alternate present.

no humans or taurens? i thought azeroth was the homeworld of taurens. and are you saying humans were still …titans or whatever they are before the “curse of flesh” and when does that happen? same question for gnomes.

remember if its an alternate timeline, events do not have to unfold precisely as they do in the lore. you’d basically have all kinds of wiggle room for writing. the current lore is for retail’s timeline atm.

Humans are descended from Vrykul(sp?) in Northrend. They didn’t begin to emerge until after the sundering. I don’t recall the gnome origin story, but pretty sure they’re after the fact as well. As to the Tauren, I don’t lore has established what they were doing, or where they were doing it, at the time.

They do have the Trolls though.

But if you’re using Chromie as a basis, no humans/no gnomes/no dwarves/no orcs/etc is less of an issue. If they’re travelers from the future(as in WoD) then they’re simply adventurers from another time/place(/dimension) and they can simply try to make their way into this strange world.

Revisiting the WarCraft 1 and WarCraft 2 campaigns as an alternate history MMO (expansion) would pose interesting challenges all the same though. One that would be particularly challenging to address from the Horde’s side of things though. Alliance is pretty straight forward.

did you ever see that fan made movie, war of the ancients: well of eternity? some interesting events transpire

I hope they progress the game. Add arena, new areas, new raids. Also I want the new models.
What they should’t do is add flying since that would ruin the game. They also shouldn’t try to balance the classes cuz clearly they don’t know how without making everything boring. Also no LFR.
Wouldn’t care if they added new races. As long as the core gameplay stays same I am fine with stuff being added.

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But until Blizzard “has numbers of their own” to compare their metrics against, they don’t KNOW that in any kind of official or reliable way. They have anecdotal evidence to support that.

I’d be inclined to suspect that TBC Classic would be next on the “Classic Itinerary” before much happens for Classic+, aside from them possibly trying to find a way to integrate what they’ve already done for Classic back into the retail client as bonus content. Which very well could morph into “Classic+ within retail,” rather than as its own product.

Because honestly, nearly all of the heavy lifting for TBC Classic is done already by WoW Classic. Most of the things they’d need to address for a TBC Classic client have been handled by Classic itself. That virtually all of TBC’s (Outland) terrain and quests remain in the game to this day also factor into it being a much easier undertaking.

The Classic team will likely work another, different, project within WoW before returning to (TBC) Classic. I doubt they’ll need 2 years to make TBC Classic happen. That’s probably closer to a 1 year project if you minimally staff it.

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Arenas were the death of WoW pvp and would destroy Classic’s pvp as well. Suddenly instead of fun, it was attempted to turn pvp in an e-sport. Everything was balanced around that, and we see how harmful that was. Arenas are one of the things I hate most about TBC.

As far as new models. Why? Classic looks amazing. And guess what: it runs WAY better than BfA. So why remove that capability? If Blizz wants hundreds and hundreds of players to be able to congregate and yet not have terrible frames and/or crash the server, then ‘sacrifices’ must be made. You can’t have it both ways. There’s a reason Current servers are sharded at so few players. The servers, and players’ computers can’t handle it otherwise.

But even the technical stuff aside…I really thought we were past the days where graphics are given so much importance. I’ve lived through the Commodore 64 days, the NES days, and everything between then and now. I’ve seen story and gameplay set aside for graphics. Yet recently there’s been a resurgence of simple looking games…that are extremely popular. So no, keep the models the same. They look fantastic anyway. And if you want models from a different game, then go play that game.

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i personally would love classic tbc. just brainstorming ideas for classic+

dunno if you read some of the ideas, but it basically goes thusly:

give each class a 4th spec, that has amongst its abilities, a form specific to that class-spec.

example, a warlock 4th spec of necromancer with a druid like form of lich for male and banshee for female, with val’kyr pets instead of skeletons (to solve for the chinese not wanting to see bones). you’d have to put a talent point into the form to use it and could turn it off just like shadowpriests or druids turn off their forms.

a druid 4th spec of faery magic, with the form dryad for female and keeper of the glade for male.

same for all the race/classes. it would be the same 8 basic races and classes, with the big change being the 4th spec added with a potential form change. could even roll later expac races in to form changes. for example, blood elf form for horde, would be a 4th spec of wizard for mages and void elf would be the alliance version (since its a form, you wouldnt have armor changes visually). draenei form for alliance, would be a 4th spec form of templar for paladins. and so on.

then those races could still be available to play as their traditional selves (traditional in the sense that arcane magic is blood elf. holy light magic is draenei. faery magic is dryad and keeper of the glade and so on.)

You might be right about arenas. I personally don’t know. I would have liked to be able to fight players from any server because I want to know who is the best in the world, not just on my server. But if it means hurting the game than I am against it. Maybe they can vow to not try to balance anything, just implement the feature and leave it there.

As for the graphics. I really don’t think performance is that big of a deal. Graphics don’t affect server load because they are loaded on the client. If you have bad performance just turn your settings down.

my thought is provide the vanilla models, then take the single most popular of the male and female retail models from each race, and remove a bunch of pixels so its more in line with vanilla graphically but has the nuances of retail models like the braided dwarf beards. and add that to character creation options. would be a grand total of 1 new model option per gender for each of the 8 races. it’d basically work like a preset where all the options are already set - like skin/hair/hair color/face/piercings/markings

“have the devs mentioned” How forking annoying it is to still be seeing click bait titles in 2019? Not that I’m aware, OP. But I’ll go ahead and tell you:

It’s annoying.

I’m not even going to read your post because of it.

I love this idea and hope they do it. Ion rose to power in an age when it was okay to be the angry gamer who yells at the company about their game design flaws.

But he did it anyway!

It embarrassed them so badly they hired him.

Today it seems game companies reversed the polarity.

They say loudly and explicitly NO about exactly what they’re planning on doing. The saying of “NO” creates backlash from the community. Then they’re actually using the community backlash, the “Why Not” energy to build hype and promote things like Classic WoW. Newton would be impressed!

actually they said the way spells are made up now is a huge reason for all of that.