Have the dev's mentioned

  1. Just because trolls exist doesn’t mean some people aren’t serious.

  2. You can’t prove any of this either. Literally, this is just opinions.

  3. Who wanted it? I never heard of anyone even remotely asking for flying until they said it was going to be in BC. Also, even if it was requested by a majority of people does not mean it should be done. Obviously, we can see the negative impacts to the game it has had.

  4. See why does everyone seem to THINK they know what I am saying. None of you understand. I don’t think they shouldn’t have a choice. I THINK it will ruin it NO MATTER what happens. It is BAD for BOTH SIDES. The caps are for stressing what I mean and not yelling. THIS IS NOT ABOUT ME. I AM ONLY VOICING WHAT I WANT AND ALSO WHAT I THINK WILL HAPPEN. THEY ARE NOT THE SAME THING. What I want to happen… and what I think will happen are 2 different things.

Why does it feel like you are just trying to make me look like a terrible person when you clearly don’t have a grasp on what I actually mean? I do NOT infer/imply anything you say. I read your words and take what you say at face value. I don’t know how people can do that on forums that are just text.

I understand that some people want BC. COOOL GOOD FOR THEM. I think NO MATTER WHAT. If I get what I want… If they get what they want. It will divide the community up and ruin both.

I am not claiming this WILL happen. This is what I THINK will happen.

That would defeat the appeal. Most people don’t want changes.

Yes a very small amount, not some large movement

I don’t need to prove anything, you are guessing, I am stating a fact here, there are way too many reasons why people leave, and not all are game related in the least.

Alot of people, it was also something the devs talked about as well.

Most people enjoy it, sure some didn’t but most were happy with it.

and obviously we can see the positive impacts it has had as well.

Yes you do, you don’t want it to happen because of what it will do to YOUR experience and what YOU want.

Wrong, I very clearly gave you the people who it would not be ‘bad’ for, you would rather those people just leave WoW altogether when just having a Classic BC/Wrath server would have them stay subbed.

Oh i get that, typing can be tricky, no worries.

No, I already covered this too, remember, I respect why you feel this way, I am just pointing out the other side of this.

and I’ll repeat what I just said, you would rather they just leave then?

Did you care of the effect on Current that Classic will have? or just care about the effect BC/Wrath servers would have on Classic?

I think giving people more choices is a good thing, especially in this case with something that people cannot play anymore.

I think you are just trying to say the opposite of everything I do at this point.

I don’t care about retail. That IMO is a dumpster fire.

I honestly don’t see how you still don’t understand… I thought I was clear. I THINK IT WILL RUIN BOTH. BOTH BOTH BOTH BOTH. Obviously I care about classic.

If you like retail we should probably stop… because I know why you disagree on EVERYTHING. Flying ruins the community. If you can’t see that then we are done here. COMMUNITY is what makes Classic/BC/Wrath. It didn’t effect the communities much then because it was new. Anyways, have a good one. I’m done… You think one way… I think another… we’re just wasting time at this point. Maybe you know a lot of people who think your way. I know a ton who think mine.

TO be clear. I couldn’t be happier if the retail servers imploded on themselves.

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Lmao. So now what will eventually happen is 2 wow’s. One that is current and one that lags behind by 10+years. Can’t wait for classic to get the BfA expac :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Then what, classic mark 2? :rofl:

It won’t be the same design, and to think otherwise is naive. Already players’ opinions are diverging all over the place. Not to mention the goal of Classic (preserving a piece of history) will be lost. Adding additional level 60 content is just a bad idea.

Separate TBC and Wrath servers I could see though. That would be the smart move by Blizz.

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Lol no, I am pointing out what you are saying is exactly the same thing as what was told to us before
“Dont do x servers because it will split the playerbase”

You ONLY care about Classic , that’s the problem, the people who are going to want to play BC because they have already done all they want in CLassic would just quit if they did not have that option, and don’t care about them.

Of course I do, and it does not mean anything,lol.

Oh wow, not even a little bit is this true, a form of travel does not effect the community, don’t even try to bring up WpVP here as over half the pop played/plays on PvE were that is barely a consideration for ‘community’.

and you don’t need those 3 to have a community, you need people that want to be part of one. and that claim always makes me laugh since people say that and then turn around an say RcR will be so majorly abused in Classic were the Community is supposed to be so much better than CUrrent, when it hasn’t been in 12 years since its inception.

Naw, I am good, and I don’t think this is a waste of time, people can discuss and disagree respectfully all day:O)

lol see what you did there, “my side is the majority!”

yah like I said, in the end you are only worried about the effect on what you want to play, not what anyone else does. You would rather people just quit than have BC/Wrath servers

But cool, have a good one, enjoyed the discussion, respect what you feel, don’t agree, and that is cool:O)

You have got so much chill lately :O) Nice to see:o)

PvE or PvP on launch?

I like how you keep trying to tell me what I think when you couldn’t be more wrong. Have a good one. We wasted so much time today.

Again idiot I’ve said you can’t link YouTube videos on here I told you where to go and look I mean that’s all there is. No I don’t like tearing into people I do however have a problem with people crying about every thing under the sun that doesn’t involve what they want don’t like what they do with classic or whatever don’t play it simple. It’s going to be your only option as all vanilla private servers will be shutting down in August at least all of the working ones.

But that is what you are saying ! You don’t want BC/Wrath server because you are worried about its effect on Classic and a supposed effect on them(BC/Wrath servers), when I point out , what about the ones that are done with Classic and would still play if there was BC/Wrath servers and if they did not have them to go to, they would just quit, which also effects population on both Classic and a potential BC/Wrath. How is any of that wrong?

Which is exactly the same thing some Current players said to the people that wanted Classic.

“Dont do x servers because it will split the playerbase”

Nah, a civil back and forth is never wasted.

That’s funny because I have linked them before.

Sometimes I’m chill; sometimes not so much. :wink:

Overall though I’m less combative about things. I try to have more of an open mind. I’m just super excited to play Classic. And no, I’m not in the Beta. I was in the stress test though and…I’m suffering serious withdrawal.

I’m doing a pve server almost certainly. At this point in my life I don’t need the constant stress of a pvp server. :yum:

Yes, because your trust level isn’t high enough. If it is you can link videos. How mad are you right now? You seem to like slinging insults.


Quissy interviewed Ion Hazzikostas, Game Director of World of Warcraft & Calia Schie, Senior Game Producer at Blizzard Entertainment.

  • Blizzard doesn’t want people to feel pressured to play and grind fast to participate on the content unlocked with new phases, thus the speed of the releases will depend a lot on the community.
  • They don’t believe there is any eSports potential with Classic, but they are curious if anything could come out of it.

  • Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King servers are a possibility, it all depends on the community reception of Classic. However, right now their focus is getting Classic right.

Tips Out Baby

Tips interviewed Executive Producer John Hight and Senior Software Engineer Omar Gonzalez.

Conversations have already started about Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King servers, as long as there is a demand in the community.

Thats what I have been tryign to go for, makes life so much nicer:O

Dang, sorry about that, had thought i saw you got in, but I understand not wanting to re sub for a slim chance

Yah PvE for me for sure.

Not very I rarely use these forums so I’m not mad at all in fact if you look I recently joined when I can back to the game I don’t live on wow forums and personally don’t like these new forums because there’s no ignore button to eliminate the fail trolls like yourself. Why do I give a crap if my trust level is high enough on these forums? The old forums were better hands down.

I’m not trolling. I’ve been here for a very long time. If I were trolling i’d have received reports for it and been banned or timed out by now. It also doesn’t help your case that you sling insults so quickly. I abhor trolls. I don’t know why you think I am trolling but that’s fine. If you do why do you continue to reply to me?

Thats how you get the ablity to post links and videos and such, I am torn, i like some things about the new forums and some about the old, these tend to not bog down or break nearly as much.

10/10 would read again guys.