Have the dev's mentioned

if there is any possibility of additional content added to the classic server that continues the feel of classic? I think BC was a great addition to the game and mostly kept the same feeling as classic.

Classic will no doubt be extremely popular but there is only so much you can do in the game. If nothing is added it will eventually fizzle out. I’m hoping the huge popularity will bring some new content in the same direction as the original.

I’m sure this has been talked about over and over but I personally haven’t been around for everything the dev’s has said about it.

Can someone fill me in on the dev’s team stance?


Ion has said no. Dev team has said could be a possibility way into the future but probably not.



Pretty disappointing to hear that though. Especially considering classic is going to be more popular than the live version right now. Maybe they will change their minds.

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He didn’t say no. He said there are no plans for it at this time. But when that time comes, the company will evaluate the community and make a hard yes/no then.

I can find a link for it if you want, but a quick search for Classic+ should do it for you


You know …

PVP+Additional content server.

Easy fix for everyone(but that would devide the community a tiny bit)

If they did it would probably happen at least 2 years after release

Ion specifically said no.

But as others have noted, Brian and Omar said maybe. So there’s some conflict there.

Everyone, however, was open to TBC or maybe Wrath servers eventually.


I trust what you guys are telling me.

The big thing is always money and we can all see how huge classic is going to be. It’s going to bring back lots of subscribers and if those numbers start to bleed months after classic launch I think there is a good chance for more content.

This is one of those “There are no current plans for it” type of deals.

Fine, here:

“We had a chat with Ion Hazzikostas and Calia Shie at Warcraft Summit and they both explained how changes to the overall concept and the addition of new content were out of the question since once altered that would make a Classic server something else entirely, and we agree. After all, fans want that old-school experience.”

Out of the question, he said.


But one of the other dev said it could be a possibility.

There is need of clarification.

But if SOMEHOW there ould be additional content … then it shouldn’t be ANY content, but the content that got removed/planned but scrapped. (like the Dragon raid zone above tirisfal glade.

But then, i’m fine with either decision

The problem with adding xpacs is where do you stop? Eventually you just end up with retail all over again.


It’s a valid concern. I would apply simple supply and demand. If there’s a demand, Blizz would be foolish not to take advantage of it. I would assume that demand would fall off after Wrath.

What do they do though? Apply the xpacs and too bad if you just want to play vanilla? Make separate servers for BC and WotLK? That just splits the community.

That’s not what was said at all lol they said it’s a possibility they will share more after classics launch exactly in those words.

Read. I said the dev team said it was a possibility and that ion said no. Read. Which is same as what you said exept excluding the ion part

That’s talking about changes with the classic content aka skills balancing new abilities not any expansions talk about mixing words to fit your thinking. There was a video with Ion just last month when asked about Bc or wrath he said it’s not out of the question they will evaluate after classic releases and go from there.

That’s an easy question to answer. It stops at WotLK. If Blizzard were to make a WotLK server, I would hand over my wallet to them instantly. Think about it…

  • Subscription numbers were at the highest peak (10 million)
  • Northrend zones are epic
  • Northrend music is just as epic
  • Wintergrasp
  • Class changes, including the introduction of Death Knights
  • New professions
  • Naxx, Ulduar, OS, EoE, RS, ICC, ToC, VoA
  • Northrend dungeons
  • PvP
  • Epic story and lore
  • Server community

The answer is always WotLK. Always.

I agree stops before cata can ruin it every so often they roll a fresh server with phases from vanilla all the way thru wrath would be awesome.

Read ion didn’t say no lol