Have the dev's mentioned

Well maybe they should change the spells back to how they used to be made then.

The way I look at it is this: each game needs its own identity. The more muddled they become, the worse for both of them.

You need to remember that “p0w3r 64m3rz” have always been about poly counts and how realistic things can appear. They still live on to this day. It just isn’t the same people getting hyped about it now as it was 10 years ago, 20 years ago, 30 years ago, or even 40 years ago.

Admittedly, graphics updates/upgrades going from PacMan on up through the PS3/XBox generation(and WoW) of gaming were very significant. But since then things have kind of flattened out, and some people just want to be obtuse about it. Their loss.

I don’t think realistic is the way to go. Stylized always ages better. They’d be better served to go with a timeless approach. The more ‘realistic’ it looks the worse it ages. Believe me, after playing the Stress Test I was amazed how much I missed the old models, animations, and spell effects. There’s a quality to them that’s simply timeless.

By contrast when I played BfA I was never impressed with the look of the game. It just…didn’t feel like Warcraft anymore. So pixels aren’t everything.

BFA’s problem with high population concentrations and their servers likely has more to do with passive abilities that are “on hit chance of ___” procs which can in turn trigger their own AOE effect, which can then proc something for somebody else(or even the same player), and on and on it goes, and the server has to check EVERY possible iteration of that for every person there.

Since Classic WoW doesn’t have much of that going on, the overhead is much lower.

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well actually that’s the whole thing in a nutshell. the original models for vanilla were based on real people. human males with hair lips, human females wide noses and wide set apart eyes. some with close set eyes and thin noses and so on. those are taken from photo scans of real people and turned into textures. whereas new models are based on computer generated ideal facial features. real people, living things, are just not that precise.

example, they say if you were to divide a person in half, you would not recognize them. because the two sides of our faces are that different from each. people who have perfectly symmetrical faces are super rare and usually end up as top fashion models.


True what he said about arena ruining the game! If we could go back in time and get rid of arena we would also eliminate about a million hurtful, useless, resource sucking, “pew pew” additions to the game that came with it. All the crap we’ve forgotten about that was meant to make little johnny arena head more immersed in such an insignificant side game that arena was / is in wow. I went to rank 13 second for my class on my server and my awesome pvp guild got destroyed by the arena, cross server, battle group system. Each previously known warlord in our guild was pimped out for personal comp rating like a flavor of the month, cookie cutter, play the patch not the expansion hoe and that was that. No more power gamers! Never more! I curse Areeeenah! And take the spell effects with it!! [ZHC + TOeP + PoM + Pyro]

I’d hate to have been a model for the undead.

I know that, you know that, to some degree Blizzard also knows(or knew) that. Many others know that as well. The power gamers don’t care about that though, they want to be dazzled with visual effects.

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yah they talked about doing something about it, it was in the Staysafe and Esfand video.

yah thats what they said:O)

I’m still trying to decide if you’re trolling with this or not. It appears to be enthusiastic, so I can appreciate the energy, but that is about the most positive I could be about it.

Well, I would say those power gamers who want to be dazzled by Classic’s visual effects probably should appreciate the game for its other aspects. Not every game needs to be Crysis and graphical accessibility was always one of WoW’s strengths. Classic has the added benefit of calling itself a piece of history, and recapturing the past. Hence, there’s a built-in reason not to ‘upgrade’ the models…

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well the idea is that classic+ would be an alternate version of azeroth and the timeline could skew off into something other than tbc. by adding a 4th spec with a form that incorporates a former race we may never encounter on a different timeline, they still get to come along for the journey, just in an idealized state. cause we’re still working strictly with vanilla’s 8 starter races and the 4th spec forms, are simply that - forms only. it sounds bigger than it actually is

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press the button. i’ve timemarked it so it’ll hop right to the spot. the guy on the left is supposed to be dr. strange from comic book lore. i think that floating meditation position would make the perfect wizard form for mages, just with high elf models, and the wizard spec would be all about manipulating time. for example you create a time bubble and pre-load it with spells from your other spell trees and when the bubble expires the spells fire off in the order you loaded them into the bubble. just have the model in magister’s regalia, always in same pre-set gear. maybe tinted blue for alliance and red for horde.

Honestly, if I was the lead dev for “Classic+” Classic actually wouldn’t be the start point.

So the 8 starting races, and the 8 classes per faction get to be the first casualty. But then, that’s part of why I’m a bigger fan of the “Walled Garden” idea and Classic+ seeing implementation through retail(and ostensibly the Bronze Dragonflight). We bring anything we want from the future back to “the Classic Era” while trying to maintain as much of Classic’s core gameplay as possible.

This means Shaman is playable for Alliance, and Paladin is playable for the Horde in Classic+.

While Bagspace management was a memorable aspect of Vanilla, and should be replicated in Classic. I don’t see a reason for it to persist in a Classic+ iteration. This means Guild Banks would be viable options, as would be the collection tabs, as initially implemented in Wrath. That means per character, not per account.

The BattlePet system is a little weird in my book, but I don’t see any particular reason to kill it with fire either. It could be brought across, or left behind, I honestly don’t care. As a mini-game within the game, it has its merits. Don’t like it? Play Classic, not Classic+.

It also means I’m able to pick and choose on some other items. Stormwind Harbor would likely be present in Classic+ from the start, as initially implemented in Wrath, complete with the undestroyed Park District.

Stormwind Keep would get an upgrade to its current form, complete with accompanying park that was used as a nexus for Cataclysm and MoP. Orgrimmar would likely see selective upgrades to it as well. If you want to see them in their original form, play Classic not Classic+.

The Classic Game mechanics are in full force, Classic Talent trees are the starting point. Any additional classes/races brought into the mix will have their trees adjusted to conform to the game mechanics paradigm of Classic(+). Talent tress will however, not be static, so re-balancing can, and probably will, happen. But every effort will be made to keep it within the bounds that the devs demonstrated up through patch 2.0 as it basically is a “bridge” between Vanilla and what TBC ultimately became in 2.4, because honestly, 1.12 is basically 2.0’s talent trees scaled to level 60 anyway.

I would likely allow many of the additional Flightpoints added to the old world in 2.x(not Cataclysm) to be brought into Classic+ that said, you’re still waiting for level 40 to get your first mount.

Phasing would get an overhaul, with some rules tweaked along the way. In many respects, it becomes war mode meets layering. Because yes, I would be using the ever-living daylights out of phasing, but only after some of its more annoying quirks(Especially for PvP) get sorted out.

Group content is going to be retuned as well because of these changes as well.

No (player controlled) flight in Azeroth.

LFG might be allowed on a per realm basis, or collection of realms in the event of low populations. But no LFG selection pools numbering in the tens of thousands.

The list would keep growing from there as other systems are considered and evaluated.

For now, it hinges on Classic’s success. Blizzard has stated they’ll go through Classic’s patch cycles as it were in the beginning, but anything more is up in the air. Blizzard will see how Classic servers go and judging how much fun they’ve been having with the Beta… I think we could see some activities that might engage the playerbase…

They have said that they are looking at legacy servers for other expansions if Classic goes as planned as well.

No offense to any of that, but it makes me feel a little bit physically ill if Classic went that route. Just leave it alone. It’s meant to recapture Vanilla, so let it do that. TBC and Wrath servers as separate options, fine. But I didn’t wait 12 years for Classic just to see it mutilated again.

What you and many seem to want is…well, WoW 2. So ask Blizz for that.

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Calling it now, they are going to do a TBC and WotLK server as seperate realms. Probably with payed transfers to allow progression from vanilla to WotLK. They already have all the assets and i would bet that in the process of creating “classic” they have made it relatively easy to transfer the old data onto the new sever architecture.

Not to mention that TBC and WotLK patches are well documented when compared to vanilla and there is a plethora of recorded video to serve as a reference.

I think classic+ is a horrible idea, especially if it meant that classic as it was became no longer playable. I would rather they work on making retail more like classic than classic more like retail.

Subs flatlined at the beginning of wrath and the high point only came in the pre-cata sub boost. Any new players wrath brought in were matched by people leaving.

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Yes, they said they will add more stuff if there is community interest.

If community wants TBC, they’ll add TBC. If community says they want more content in Classic(like I do), im sure the devs will be more than happy to deliver.

They’ll probably talk about this in some Blizzcon. You could even ask them to get a concrete answer if you want, if their answer on expansions wasn’t enough for you.

That’s not true at all.

Classic is intended to appeal to people miss the old gameplay(not nostalgia) who can no longer play live WoW. Us OG Vanilla fans, as well as the people who fought for it on the private servers.

To these kind people, Classic is literally the only WoW game they can play. Not because it is perfect, or that it couldn’t be improved, but because nothing like it no longer exists on live.

Classic is NOT intended for tourists who want no changes and will play Classic once or twice for nostalgia and then quit. It’s intended for people who literally prefer the old gameplay to the new one.

If you don’t understand this, you’re clearly not in the target audience of Classic.