Has Blizz even addressed AV yet?

How do you send reinforcements from SPGY or best case scenario SHGY all the way to FWGY rofl??

Also horde who die at FWGY trying to retake it still respawn at the horde cave 20 at a time.

Good luck keeping FWGY for 5 minutes before it turns blue.

What a load of rubbish … if we are defending the bridge a loss is around the corner… to defend the bridge we have given up 2 bunkers. The bridge is easily negated

Why do you think Blizzard have tried a few fixes in retail AV … same deal … the map favours horde with IBT/IBGY a massive crutch for their offensive strategy…

That is not at all what he posted. The decisive factor wasn’t any response from his alliance teammates, it was the response from his horde opponents. If alliance soft capped IBGY, horde either mass recalls to take them out OR the horde continue on offense, in which case it becomes a race that alliance can win (according to his estimation) about 30% of the time.

What happens when it turns into a turtle?

The decisive factor over his wins and losses has not been decisions made by his team, but decisions made by the other team.


Scorched earth wasn’t a strategy until reinforcements were introduced in late TBC. Horde were losing the pve race so they just parked their entire team at the IB choke and grinded down reinforcements.

“Actually playing defense and recapping things when needed like a smart team” is not “scorched earth.” The alliance parking their entire team at SH GY is much closer to scorched earth than what the horde do, there just aren’t reinforcements to farm in this version of the game so it’s a fail strat.


Yes the fix was when they made it where AV premades were no longer viable therefore no more scuffing but that was AFTER they made this change so aren’t you feeling dumb now…the scuffing was happening the entire time Discord Premades were viable so don’t be dumb as you say

Which has the following…

We’re fixing a setting that allowed the battleground to start with as few as 20 players on a team.

Showing that it was a SEPARATE bug that let the game start with insufficient players.

“so aren’t you feeling dumb now…”


Nice attempt at rewriting history. Scorched earth in regard to AV is denying the other faction of all bonus honor. It doesn’t matter if you stack stone hearth or iceblood to do it. Same end result - no bonus honor for alliance.

No there point is that “scorched earth” was originally a strategy that means you are retreating so it doesn’t fit with the horde strategy.

They have a hard time grasping complex concepts like evolution of word meanings and nuance.

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It is funny to watch them try to rewrite history. If his definition actually applied, any time an alliance rogue or druid made it past iceblood to tap a tower or gy and horde had to defend it was no longer scorched earth. Just lol

I haven’t stepped in AV since February and I won’t be back unless something changes, but these horde AV Gods need to get off their high horse. They’re being carried by a broken map.

That’s not what I said at all, but if this is how you get your jollies then have at it.

Scorched earth has nothing to do with backcaps or grinding down resources. It’s about depriving the other side of honor by complete shutout, which is what happened in burning crusade and what is happening now.

Research it yourself if you don’t believe me.

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While I do not agree with you at all, I see your point. All I am saying is that it does not matter who’s at fault. It will NEVER be fixed unless Blizzard attempts to take charge of the problem. For as long as classic is around pvp will be utter crap. Too many years of perception verses reality nonsense with how superior the horde is. The alliance community will just switch to horde or quit until there is no more pvp. It’s already happening, their is more people standing around in Org on my undead rogue than I have ever seen in IF on raid night on my paladin’s server. It will only get worse. So jack wagons like yourself can post about how stupid everyone is, but that will not fix the problem. Blizzard can either fix the perception vs reality problem, or ignore it. Sometimes it does not matter what the reality is, only what the community perceives is the reality.

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You are so short sighted can you even see pasted your nose?

Perception might be “your reality.” It’s not “reality.” Blizzard has repeatedly addressed this problem of “perception vs reality.” The result is what we call Retail. The masses asked for Classic, and we got it. Blizzard did make it pretty clear when they said that Classic was launching that they were not intending to make any significant changes to how the game runs. So, unless a mechanic is being exploited, or not working as intended, they’re probably going to leave it alone.

You realize that what you see on a server does not represent what’s going on every server? That’s like saying world hunger isn’t a problem because you had lunch today. Again… perception…

I fixed that for ya. Would you mind expanding on that? I’m not sure what you mean by shortsighted in the context of what I wrote.

You are blind as a bat. You are obsessed with assuming everyone is dumb. No one asked for this version of classic. This version of classic was only around 3 months right before TBC. The private servers did a better job of balance and execution of classic wow than this. No one can separate perception from reality. It does not matter what you think. This game’s pvp is absolute garbage atm. There is no skill in farming pugs over and over. It’s boring and skill less. I already told you that Blizzard is not going to do anything. Over and over I’ve said it. You keep repeating it back to me in different tones. This game will never improve. It is what it is. People can either enjoy farming pugs or enjoy getting farmed, but for competitive pvp in a world that matters, they are going to have to find a different game. Maybe New World will get pvp right? Here’s to hoping.

I find more issue that every horde is playing defense until enough Ally simply afk.
For some reason there’s a 10 man group always defending every game.
The ally strat to bunker at the gy isn’t working at all.

This isn’t accurate. Taking a mean IQ of 100, and using the standard deviation, only 16% of the population is “below average IQ.” There are plenty of intelligent people playing who I still feel are selfish, entitled or just plain jerks. Just because their behavior is stupid, doesn’t mean they are.

Version 2.0 was the pre-launch patch. Classic is based off of 1.12, which existed largely due to player input. Blizzard had an idea of how the game should play, and players gave feedback about what should be fixed. We’re playing the most balanced version of the game from when it was released. People can whine and cry about AV all they want. But you know… they whined and cried before 1.12, as well! PvP has always been a contentious topic. I expect it’ll remain the same through the entirety of WoW.

If/when they do release TBC - Classic, I suspect it’ll be based off of one of the later 2.x patches. We’ll hear crying about that, too.

Well I say BLUE is the best COLOR!!!

Ally are still gonna lose AV 95% of the time in BC with the fixed cave and reinforcements.