Has Blizz even addressed AV yet?

There are obvious imbalance to the BG map that favorite the horde a bit, when are we gonna get some blue posts about the situation?

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probably never. I must say, both sides DID NOT benefit from the discord premades, atleast imo.

But this doesn’t mean horde couldn’t do the same. which is kinda funny that they complained about it.


Do we need them to say something?

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This just isn’t true

I play AV as the Alliance, I played way back when as Horde, it has more to to with strategy than anything else. Every game WE lose is played EXACTLY the same as the one before it …that ended in DEFEAT. Nobody wants to change because that would require NOT maxing out reputation and there is NEVER enough people willing to do that.

How to win,

All Allies go to Snowfall take and hold
Let Horde grab Stone hearth GY and then Stormpike GY
Defend the bridge (greatest Ally asset)
Then take IB gy and head south


Probably never, at this point alliance just need to keep boycotting AV and eventually horde will get the message to stop playing scorched earth.


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sCoRcHeD eArTh!!!!!!!!

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The main issue about the Alliance in AV is : they don’t even try.

They are like : “Let the horde win” after dying once because of “map disadvantage” or just because they don’t have to wait 45-1h to get into a BG it’s instant for them.

When AV was release the Horde was like this too because there was no queue : “Let the alliance win, it’s faster and profitable” and even if you were trying people were telling you that “we can’t win, they can rush Drek faster than us”.

There is no map disadvantage, just players who aren’t trying to win and searching an excuse for this behavior.


Just got out of an AV that alliance tried that exact strat. It failed at step 1. Know why? When we die at SF and SHGY has a soft cap, we rez at AS. Horde rez at IBGY. Horde just got reinforcements there faster than us. We were trapped behind SHGY just like 90% of the games.

This map is just garbage. I can’t understand why players still defend it. Blizzard gave us the worst possible version of AV.


Never. You are playing an old game. Nobody (especially not Blizzard) has EVER promised to improve it. And they never will.

Blizzard didn’t offer you a perfect game. They didn’t agree to update the game to be “better for 2020”. They offered an old, old game, and some players choose to play that old, old game.

You’re a customer. There is no company anywhere (with customers in the millions) that will give you whatever product YOU tell them you want. Where on earth did you get the crazy idea that Blizzard would?


No map disadvantage??

Wonder why literally everything Alliance are complaining about now gets fixed in TBC??

It shouldn’t be fixed tho right, since there’s no imbalance right?)

Yet it is…I wonder why??


That strat only works if horde let it work, but the same can be said about just zerging.

The real fix is to open up a second path south on the west side of the map opposite SHGY so horde can’t hold a single point on the map.

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They won’t do squat due to #nochanges. Personally, I wish the cave would be removed as a respawn unless no other graveyard is available. No one wants to respawnin the cave, NO ONE, yet the game dumps you in there when it’s “closer”. Another incredibly simple change could be a time limit so matches don’t go on for 2-3 hours.

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I understand and respect that we’re playing an old game, but there were portals inside bgs in the old game. No 5 mans in AV and bgs numbers were visible when the queue popped. Opposing groups were visible as they filled and were not delayed. Rezzing in the cave did not give an honorless debuff.

Most of these changes were made in a later expansion as was moving the horde cave. Why are those elements, that were not part of vanilla, changed but the horde cave, which is also changed in a later expansion, left unchanged? #nochanges is actually #randominconsistentchanges


several times.

they fixed a bug where alliance occasionally wins.


Yeah they addressed it when horde complained about alliance getting a fast win half the time. Bliz said “Don’t worry, we’ll fix that”. And now you have what there is today.

If this is case… where is my wanding on the run?
Originally shooting ranged weapons were all the same, press the button and the weapon fired.
There was no ‘wind up’ and guns, bows, crossbows and wands could be fired while running. That is what Vanilla had until they took it away for some unfathomable reason.

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There are people fishing.
There are people leeching on their mounts ( many on Epics) in plain sight, and then those that hide in the area.

Way too many people who want to milk reputation

This was NEVER a problem back in the day, if anything people complained about the Allies terrain advantage, because they had multiple choke point to slow the Horde.
Meanwhile the south of IBgy , it all open terrain. The fence can be jumped over easily.

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because YOU are the person who is wrong. Allies managed to win back in the day, without premades, with this version of AV.

FYI the Horde cave got moved because it was too easy to camp the Horde cave NOT because it gave an advantage to the Horde.

I can name a bunch of reasons without even have had been there. The first is probably only Half the team went to snowfall and the other half tried to milk rep out of stonehearth. Winning the game requires avoiding the big PvP battle that produces the BIG rep pay off.
OR the Horde team was just better equipped than the Ally team while keeping focused on winning the game.

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Actually, this historically-accurate March 2008 video shows AV is it was perceived by the playerbase.

If you honestly think this you have never actually looked at the map,

There are dozens of threads that clearly and simply explain just exactly how unbalanced the map is…

Assuming horde is even half as geared as the alliance, if they play correctly alliance CANNOT win.

It is up to the horde to either choose to play a strat that will end the game faster in which they might lose or misplay for alliance to win, or Alliance have to be nearly 3x as strong as the horde.