Pretty high actually. OP’s story just happens to have some odd gaps and personally, I’m baffled why she’s not involving the police outright. Stalking IS a crime; has been for a decade or so.


It does not

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Once upon a time before realID and battle tag, I had someone on my friend list that changed their name; that ‘new’ name showed up in my friend list and since I did not recognize said name, I whispered the player, inquiring of their former name. Apparently they had changed their name to avoid me talking to them. (instead of just saying, I don’t want to be friends anymore, please leave me alone)
[point being, maybe this sort of thing is part of the reason OP’s ‘stalker’ may be able to find them even after a name change; I do not know how things work after the real ID and battle tag thing]

The guild issue seems to be a sticking point here, so I can only say that if OP is the guild master then they need to close up the guild to outsiders; if not, then leaving the guild is the best option. I understand this is not desired. Outside of other suggestions posted here, I would suggest to make certain that any instance of known ‘stalker’ is deleted from friend lists and a new character, unguilded, for a while may let your ‘track’ be lost. 2-4 weeks should discourage him and make certain not to contact anyone on your current guild/friend list.


I’m sorry, I just saw your comment.
THANK YOU for your suggestions. I had not thought of the leaving and rejoining queue. That’s brilliant! I just want to play and not have people abandon the dungeon in the middle of the battles. It’s ridiculous. A pattern i started experiencing. (which is why i suspect that some are in the guild i am part of).

Being a bit of a loner, I don’t seek alot of company, but i do so wish to meet a group of ppl to dungeon/raid/quest and level up with. I love my guild. I love helping too. Since i leveled up, i kick b**t in destroying the red tags. :smiley: Which is a new feeling for me. lol.

Thank you so much for your helpful response. <3

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Man, all these people picking apart someone’s story instead of focusing on the actual suggestion being presented. The OP wants stronger privacy options in game, and there are scumbags in here calling him a coward and a liar and all sorts of other crap that has nothing to do with anything. Get bent.


Thinking back…i’m not sure now.

We met inworld a couple of times, i was struggling with the interface, this was v v early on at the beginning of me joining Wow. He was very helpful in getting me familiar with the interface…so we may have connected on battle.net. hmm

Can i get a history of all my friends, chats history etc from blizzard? To see? :thinking:
Thank u.

Just press O (letter) .

Click on the Friend tab and that will bring up your Battle Tag List . If he is there right click on the tab he is in and click on remove friend .

As long as he is in there you can change your battle tag all you want and it won’t make a difference. All that does is change your name not your friends list.

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If Leyvden is on an RP realm, it would not be hard to find her in world. I play on RP realms and see the same names all of the time.

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Tell those nabs to whisper me ,

I will get a few kegs ready for the entertainment, should me great :sunglasses:


You are giving the OP a pretty hard time when it sounds to me like you truly don’t understand stalker’s mentality. That’s a good thing that you don’t because thankfully it sounds like you aren’t the stalker type, but it also explains why you are having a hard time grasping what some people will do to intimidate and try to control another person.

People seem to have a hard time understanding other behaviors when it’s very unlike their own. Especially when it’s downright psychotic and crazy behavior. I went through it personally years ago. I won’t go into on an online game forum the nightmare I went through for years long ago. I will just say that what you think is impossible and people won’t bother, you are wrong. There isn’t anything flattering about being chased and tracked down by a controlling person with obvious issues who makes it their mission to make your life a living nightmare. This was in real life, not in a game by the way.

To the OP: If it’s as bad as you are saying, here is what I would do. First off, report them to Blizzard. They don’t take these types of things lightly. You said you didn’t want to ignore them? Ignoring them would be the first thing I would do. If they continued to bother you on other characters, ignore them and then report them. If you don’t know this person in real life, hopefully getting this person out of your life won’t be too difficult. But nothing will be done if you refuse to ignore them and won’t report them. Blizzard has chat logs and can see if it’s the same person bothering you. They will ban them if they find they are harassing you.

There are things you can do, you just need to take the steps. If you know the person in real life and they are harassing you, might want to look into contacting the police and getting a restraining order.


I am very sorry for your troubles. All you can basically do is ignore each character, put in a ticket for each occurrence and I think the number of characters per server was raised, but you can only have total of 50 in the game. Someone will correct me if that last part is wrong.

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They are ignored. I had clarified later in the responses. I know my responses were disjointed. I was coming from a space of frustration when i initially posted.

No, I do not know him in RL…thank goodness.
Thank you so much for your response. <3

To others that replied:
I will respond when i can…the posting is odd here. I keep getting an error to wait. sigh…So step by step i will get to more . TY all.

This is outrageous!

Seriously, in RL, you could make them eat their teeth, but in an MMO, there is not much you can do other than: report and ignore them.

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This isn’t uncommon. I have a psychopath who’s been stalking me for 6 years over playing internet pretend in a way he didn’t like.

Blizzard doesn’t do anything about it. Especially when they pay lots of money to change names and whatever to get around ignore.


That is what i suspect on some. TY.
An account can have up to 50 alts? :open_mouth: That just blows my mind. I can barely keep up with 2. lol. This player has been in WoW almost since the beginning.

weird… because i’ve seen quite a lot of highly distressed people finally get the closure they needed by following instruction given to them by blizzard.

your claims just don’t add up, a name change doesn’t remove that person from your ignore list.


Agree with Bully, Blizzard always enforces harassment of the type you mention.

This. I’ve had this happen to me and I’m a 6’6 240 lb guy who is in pretty good shape & when it was happening, it was my 5’4 ex GF who caused physical harm to me the that sent me to the hospital for almost a month the day I broke up with her. I moved two different times after the break up and when I was in the 2nd place years later, out of the blue I saw her driving slowly past the place I was living in and just staring at it while driving past. I’ll also note I’ve no clue how she knew I was there since I don’t use any form of social media and I’m very private about stuff & giving my real name out online.


They absolutely do something about harassment if the harasser is following the rules. If you have been arguing with this guy for 6 years then no, they won’t do anything about it.

I put him on ignore but that doesn’t stop him from following me around in game. He keeps falling off ignore, too. I block his alts. They fall off ignore.

I block him on social media. He creates a new account. I blocked that account he create a new account.

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